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What Does I Have Beaver Fever Mean?

HOROSCOPE # 469 from 01/11 to 07/11/2010

I want to start telling article this week a story.
Empress is a girl as anyone who lives in this world. In his youth, although it should be, was swept away by the illusion of going in search of their dreams. A native of his hometown of Maracaibo, when I met nine years ago, reflecting the pride of those who hold land to be children of Maracaibo.
began to work in consultation with the letters, I was wondering what a literate person as I was reading the destination to others for advice from someone who said he had to develop something.
that day like all the others struggled to prove that everything I said was not true. In this context came the girl, accompanied an old man and ungainly. After I read the letters, she sighed into the air and said, "think I'm going to meet someone where I'm out of there, a lady who read my snuff in Maracaibo told me" I asked him where you are. And during the short time remaining I did a story at the time puzzled me, naivety, inexperience, ignorance, yet the size of the world, all together.
year and a half before had warmed to the idea of \u200b\u200bcoming to the capital, a friend told him that someone gave an advertisement about a job where they gave food and lodging in addition to paying a weekly salary.
She do not know if innocent, ignorant or some of these things came. There he left his family living in one house, had hoped to get his mother and siblings in this situation, she said. He also left his integrity and decency, which she did not take much notice because I knew that was it.
When he reached the capital, he discouraged the hut in a ramshackle neighborhood of the city teeming with homeless and drug addicts sleeping on the streets. But that's the part of town where people look for these things, they said. What I have to do: serve customers only when they drink, but soon learned that the focus was to accompany them during the drinks. Empress
So he spent a year and a half until that day driven by something or other, decided to get out of the suburbs and go to consult. I heard a radio program on Sunday. And several days was undecided until the decision.
Empress was a prostitute at 22. I thought someone would fall for it because if it was nice and take her out of the way there and help her get her family ahead. I do not know who told you that. My mind went blank when I heard his story, not told as I do here. And in the last minute before they touch the door because someone else came, I said, no one is coming Empress, please come back, I can help, while the old man turned out to be the one in charge of cleaning the house I said, I tell you, here has no life.
That day I thought about it, this week also, and during that month time, then spent years and when I decided first to make this activity my new profession, since I'm administrator, I came to think of it. Then over the years think about it. Every time I do think, I can help.
I have not succumbed to their destination and that the prince had appeared to pull her out of his misery, but I do not.
write about it if you also happen to get my horoscope I know I want to help for nine years.
Not many know I research on spirituality and its manifestation at the level that we recognize. After many years of work came to a term which I'm sure I worked in many ways without having the accuracy of their meaning and dimension. Now I can explain it at length and make a recommendation on how to release.
verbal aggression or desire to suffer the soul.
verbal aggression is a master schedule that is in the soul and there is a level of the conscious mind a connection with multiple entities of dark forces, disembodied, which generate a demonstration in relationships interpersonal hidden energies that prevent rejection have harmonious relationships or health. This happens in any relationship and will affect the Christian, the way people communicate, creating a distortion in communications.
Any situation where a conflict of communication and where there is more mental than physical connection in the relationship will become affected by this condition, besides being a master program we will all be available.
Those working with techniques that use the pendulum can release it using the following protocol. They can also make releasing the connection in the chakras. Identify
programs of the soul through which entities are connected and their energies and what are the challenges or learning for the individual. Identify
few entities exist and what their energies in the body that occur with programs of the body and minds, because in the first part of the soul is released.

HOROSCOPE # 469 from 01/11 to 07/11/2010
This horoscope is channeled by a conscience recommend reading everything. ARIES

Their destiny is looking but it's up to you to check if you are on track. Some things can not be easy because you finally come to the conclusion that has been where you've always wanted and therefore did not want to go there. It is likely that from there you start making changes. TAURUS

His vision leads him now to open new doors that will lead initially to a partial replacement of their current circumstances but later you will prosecute the same circumstances as the way you want to create. That is what learning on the planet. GEMINI

The slow process is due is a waiting periods between processes. However you still can not come the latter. No need to fret because you are experiencing only processes must be patient to see what you need to understand when you have to understand. CANCER

There is a similarity between what is living now and what has gone before. That is because it is in the same frequency of vibration, ie you have not closed a cycle that must be at least nine years. Evaluate your past experience and close what was left pending. LEO

If you listen to your inner voice starts with self observed. You'll notice that there is a discrepancy between what you promulgated and what you do. It is not that question is to recover congruence between what your mind thinks and what he says his mouth for the universe to understand what you are asking. VIRGO

To fix the world must first begin with fixing what is closest to you. It is likely that your condition you may not realize what can be exorbitant but although this does not excuse it if it serves as an argument while leaving mental disorganization and try again to make peace with you. LIBRA

Follow the recommendations that continually insists that others make. They are very successful but it seems that you do not think so. There are situations that will drain into another and only include what you want when you have taken liability for other circumstances generated by you. SCORPIO

lethargy which add from time to time a form of internal fears still not reveal the cause. It is time to end to overcome their fears hidden but do not know them and provide the important step in his mind. SAGITTARIUS

Your beliefs are ephemeral that would not have much relevance if it insists rely on them. Now you are certain that what he believes will generate the desired results follow that path. There is a very important aspect that we now have to face the idea that you have about yourself that leads him to enter into a consciousness of change of vision cause it reaches high levels of esteem. CAPRICORN

always looking for security is and has been closed to them just have not recognized until now. Maybe now not recognizing end because basically confuses security with certainty that they are two different things, but similar in how they fluctuate. One is derived from the experience and the other to live the experience before. But it is the certainty that eventually produce safety. AQUARIUS

Enter a mature stage where ideas about your life so far and his life after now. I can interpret this as a power in you to understand other people what leads to undertake experiments involving is the social aspect of life. Integrate all that has experienced so far, and check the results. PISCES

Everything in its place. Means it must act now not later or earlier. Has thought a lot this year about his actions but not about the acts think about thinking before acting. His performance will improve to the extent that assume responsibility for their actions to come.


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