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David Murray Cuban Ensemble - Plays Nat King Cole In Spanish (2010)

To make a record like this should be enforced. To do well, I say. I would almost say that to make a record like this, you must be David Murray. And not just because it is one of the best saxophonists alive or because, throughout his career, he has dared to work with very different music, almost always with success. The main reason that Murray to develop concepts as risky (almost delusional) as these and create a great work is that its approach to different styles is always respectful and personal. The result is 100% music Murray, at the same time, honor the origins of the inspiration of the saxophonist.

Plays Nat King Cole In English is signed by the Cuban Ensemble of Murray, a group of musicians that we should mention Bringuez Ariel, Roman Filiú , Pepe Rivero and Elizarde Reiner (all active in the Madrid scene.) The first "Black Nat" and the second in "Cachito" are outstanding solos. Also, do not forget that it is not the first time that Murray works with Filiú and Elizarde , which appeared on albums by the saxophonist and or Waltz Again Now Is Another Time . Precisely

this recording with his Murray Latin Big Band is one of the few precedents that show the saxophonist in a Latino context. Although arrangements at Plays Nat King Cole is not an album as ambitious, mixing Cuban Ensemble with the strings of the Sinfonietta Sines is written with taste and, more importantly, it works.

Another difference is that Now Is Another Time had more soloists (some titans like Hugh Ragin, Craig Harris or Hamiet Bluiett ) that Nat King Cole Plays , which is in Murray its main protagonist. Of course, a protagonist who is perfect in every improvisation. Perfect.

The only thing you can complain that the album is the haunting vocals Argentine Daniel Melingo involved only two subjects. His style and cavernous dragged one of the highlights of recording, their version of "Perhaps, perhaps, one of the themes of the year.

Plays Nat King Cole In English maintains the high level of the career of David Murray not stop recording great albums (something very serious to him as said in the interview published recently in Cuadernos de Jazz ). This in particular is also a multicultural marvel at the technical level, recorded in Buenos Aires and in Sines (Portugal), Paris mixed and mastered in London. The rock is common, but what in jazz? That's taking it very seriously.

Note: Clicking on the cover of the album you can listen to Spotify (by country of residence).

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Kaulakau - Bernoiver (2007)

Extracted from my review for Tomajazz :

"(...) on this record there is folklore and jazz, as there are medieval music, experimentation and dozens of nuances that enrich every second of recording. Nor do I give the wrong impression, presenting Bernoiver trends as a jumble of haphazardly. On the contrary, the music featured here is worthy of being among the best recent recordings that combine jazz with any world's folklore. "

"On the other hand, Jordi Molina is a virtuoso of the tenor (instrument Traditional Catalan with a sound close to the oboe, but with a more serious record), who used to improvise some chilling alone. Listening one can not help thinking that if Coltrane was still alive, after hearing this Bernoiver , would poach one tenora soon. "

can read the full review by clicking HERE.

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Best Intermediate Tennis Racquet 2010

AL # 487 27/03 to 02/04/2011 HOROSCOPE


responsibility represent the beginning of any action that may lead to personal fulfillment and start this article with the word.

In the long process of spiritual and personal development since 96 undertook concluded in this new stage of my growth with the completion of a technique that allows a person to receive counseling herself its decision to initiate a process of personal, spiritual, conscience, etc..

This paper has several antecedents. The first appears in 2002 through a tarot manual focusing as a tool for self-help and I started doing in 2001. Subsequently, between the years 2002-2004 made a proposal called "how to make a life plan based on the development of emotional competence" that integrates personal growth tools and strategies implemented in the organization. This proposal included a guide to emotional competencies for a proposed recruitment and selection I made in an MNC in the year 99 while working there.

from 2003 to acquire another business tool that I practiced before me two years until another colleague asked me to show you how to use the pendulum. From then start applying Spiritual Response Therapy (ERT) with others. After two years working with therapy, a patient started a research on how to better work with the pendulum. Initially the intention was to create a methodology for people who made them therapy that would allow them to be in harmony without having to depend on me continuously but yet we use it only between us.

it lasted all through the year 2004 to 2007, the year which had already changed my method of working with the TRE but using the same graphics. Between 2007 and 2009 I was experiencing the reactions to the process that opened during all these years of working with me. Although in 2009 I had an emotional breakdown which led me to think that maybe it was time to quit this job, it was not until late this year again I returned to take the decision to continue and to continue to update.

Pass all of 2009 by reformulating the I did the first manual in 2001 of Tarot as a Tool for Self Help and rename it to Tarot as a tool for self-realization because I think the tarot is in many things a tool for initiation of processes of consciousness. I decided to open a first course in order to test the response in people and their effectiveness before starting to teach it in various ways including online.

This year I took two more on learning tools that apply the pendulum which were very effective but kept working with my own methodology.

same earlier this year began to gather all the information they had researched and worked since 2002 when I start using the TRE in me and create a technique that summarizes the work I've done over the years.

I have to say that the work I have investigated and down through the pipes only 20% have applied to others, otherwise I only have applied to myself, considering the magnitude of the processes experienced only ends should be carried by the person directly.

The intention of this technique was to improve my own work and suit my needs in my work and personal work that applied to those who ask me to start the healing process was in May after a trip abroad I decided to spread the technique and teach those who want to learn.

end this little retrospective of my personal work with a confession:

I invite you to learn the art of self healing aware

* Upcoming courses in April and May

I opened another blog, the intention is to share my experiences with high ESP. I hope that in this way can give me full acceptance of this ability and let whatever has to happen.

HOROSCOPE # 487 27/03 to 02/04/2011


these days feel that race against time. Do not worry so much and stop to watch. Hear things that are not true and your challenge will be to discern between truth and what is not . Face your greatest fears and feel that everything will be easier.


fight with something you can not stop. This struggle is not new but now what will happen is inevitable. Give yourself the confidence of those who hoped that the good is a premise of the universe. You feel released into the air without having control but control is what you have to drop. GEMINI

Difficulties in undertaking new tasks. The reason is that lack definition where you want to go. Not everyone around you agree and this is favorable if you learn to handle it. Environment that supports you to break up with preset patterns.


you afraid of change. Fear is a way to enter land you do not know how to manage to learn to handle them. At this point the relationships that support you in making sure you're not wanting to take on alone. Position leadership that looks like it will be a source of conflict.


It requires much strength to do what you do. Recognize your strengths so you can accept yourself and others will accept you. There are changes in the environment while not directly affect you if you could move your foundation for your insecurities.


The moment you tell yourself that you launch into the adventure. Adventure tells you to assume risks that are out of the ordinary and it is here that strangely get what you want. Health needs to be appropriate and well put visit the doctor need to ask that reflex through those states.


let you influence by third parties that are mostly intended that claudiques. Take the opportunity to bring the things that generate insecurity to finally expire. Believe in yourself primarily and supports your views but then check your assertiveness. Is on trial and error is your growth.


the pain you feel is the fear of experiencing love. The fear of experiencing love is in memory of the past. These reports even though they shoot your biggest fears are also healing because it's time.


Behind your quiet hide your true demons. These demons are known only by you and if you think that if anyone knows what gives you peace of mind, the truth is that everyone lives with leading inside and the other to a greater or lesser extent engaged in the same measure that may be affected by what happens to you.


Let the source of knowledge will reveal what it is trying to tell over that reflex. Looking for answers and not finding them frustrates you and it turns out continuously within your reach. Handle the possibility of opening new expectations based on new possibilities.


The confusion does not lie in not knowing what to choose is that nothing is there you want more. You're not being true to yourself and believe others do not. If you connect with your inner certainty begins to recognize your decisions so far and the consequences.


maturity comes from the hand of situations where you start to close cycles to open new ones. You will feel a slow but this will be a factor in development representing consciousnesses will you finally let mistakes.

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March Of Dime Team Names

El blues de Gregg Allman (27 de enero de 2011)

Extracted from my article for Wall of Sound, Music Blog :

" Almost all the old glories of 60 and 70 end up doing an album of blues. Looks like some kind of process maturity, a touch of class in races sometimes have stalled. This type of project is more natural in musicians as Gregg Allman, someone who has nurtured his career ramifications of blues and a infested southern rock pentatonic, simple structures and particularly guitarists working in the field.

With 63 years back and still leading one of the best versions of the Allman Brothers Band , the brother who was always in the shadow of the legendary Duane Allman made his best move in decades: to recruit T-Bone Burnett to pull out a great album sleeve in which, by now, did not seem to have nothing left. "


" Whether for whatever reason, the latest from Gregg Allman
could be the best he has done since that " Laid Back " who recorded the same year came the first disc Allman Brothers Band without his brother Duane . Gregg never have the talent or the charisma of it, or will develop a great personality, but there is something you can not deny: it is the authenticity of those who have been there for decades, witnessing at first hand the growth and evolution of American rock. There will be great, but it is history. "

clicking HERE or on the image you can read the full article.

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Javon Jackson - Good People (1997)

I've always had a certain dislike to Javon Jackson, for reasons irrelevant and completely irrational . Today, by chance, I decided reescuchar any of his albums I have at home gathering dust for years between titles busiest.

Well, it turns out that this Good People is a remarkable album, with several things of interest. For starters, Craig Street is production. Furthermore, the rhythm is Billy Drummond, Peter Washington and Cyro Baptista . And to complete the list, John Medeski on Hammond and Fareed Haque and Vernon Reid on guitar alternating . Tela.

With these musicians is hard not to do something meaningful, and takes advantage Jackson. He in particular has good moments and some more blah but thanks an interesting repertoire and different combinations of musicians in each other's themes, the album is very enjoyable.

will have to continue rediscovering Jackson.

Note: clicking on the cover of the album you can listen to Spotify (by country of residence). Particularly recommend the title track to the album, "Good People".

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Why Do Legs Itch All Of A Sudden


Time is something that does not stop from cradle to grave. Sometimes it seems to happen very quickly, sometimes going very slow but the reality is that the days pass, weeks pass, the years pass and so on until it ends the life span and go and stops for that goes.

Despite all that, chances are in that period that lies between life and death. By the time anyone realizes ... it's time ...

We grow

determined by stereotypes and paradigms that often frustrate us and cause us to limit ourselves in the experiences that come to experience. Although this is not an absolute condition, until we realize we are stuck in patterns and false beliefs.

all have the potential to grow and renew. It is a decision staff open to change and get what we have. It is the responsibility of each person know why and what to do.

We are experiencing unusual moments. From my perception, this is a stage where the vibration is going to rise and creates the changes we see in all areas.

Now the question I ask is to where this takes us.

Well, I think to a real change of consciousness, this change involves taking a leadership consciousness of every person on the planet. Transformed into something not seen before to make changes in the planet.

Now what

I think the goal should be very simple, so simple that we do not see or do not understand. But I feel that this is a way inexorably all take now in this life or another.

would happen to those who did not become aware

I feel is not something that would happen, but it is happening. In my own personal experience, energy led me to become something they never expected and which fought most of the time I have lived. The acceptance has led to Therefore peace and quiet, a state of harmony and inner certainty regardless of what happens around me. Not all the time was well and I have to say it has been difficult because we still see it.

Now it is important to recognize that our body is breaking down more power than it has been breaking down since we were born, this can be considered abrupt and that after a decade has exponentiated energy.

So it is imperative that we change our eating habits, our thought patterns, our beliefs to facilitate this process of consciousness that takes can be avoided.


face our emotions for the most part have been suppressed because of our past experience and we carry mostly children. All this is now before us, suddenly, and can be very overwhelming to feel.

And that is what ultimately leads a person to seek support if you are looking for their life circumstances.

should we do

That is the question to be asked. In principle approaches us to challenge the mind to come out of their structures. Second face our emotions. This is something that can be addressed but in general we do because we have no choice. The nature of what we are always going to determine what we think and do. So finally I think that even now think about it, everyone will or living circumstances now or later lead him to face himself.

HOROSCOPE 21/03 # 486 OF AL27/03/11


Moment of too much introspection. You can find some difficulties to realize things you want but in reality representa el reto que en este momento estas enfrentando. Si lo ves desde esta perspectiva las cosas se facilitaran. En otro aspecto, existen en promedio tres situaciones que requieren que manejes con mucho tacto.


Congestionamiento mental que no te deja ver con claridad. Muchas circunstancias están en relación a lo que te propones ahora y serán definidas en la medida en que tu mente se aclare. Pasaras por un estado de rabia súbita que no corresponderá con lo que lo dispare pero si será un elemento catalizador de todo lo que estés viviendo.


We present a series of circumstances surrounding the professional look and work. This will be very controversial for you because you want to stay in comfort. Emotions can be a little confusing now but it will not be an obstacle to living all this emotional process. You do not have much faith in anything but the same situation you will give.


repressions not now, let everything take its natural rhythm. These days you will see and feel that things are blurred but it is in the way you see it. The weather could have you under pressure because the delays will not be clear. Almost medieval love story.


habits that keep you from breaking a routine, the positive is that you already noticed. Consider the option of seeking support if you can not. For the time being but will be there for long. Try to keep the project quiet until they appear.


something you bring from a year ago is nearing completion. It is likely that the results are not entirely as expected for you but one thing is certain is that this will not be an obstacle. Think carefully what you do in the sentimental aspect because although things are manageable are not satisfied.


This period will be of great agitation. You will have to decide quickly if you want things to be how you want. In this latter respect, things are not as expected and has to do with the energies of the moment. Many circumstances in the environment that will cause disturbance.


Many mental disturbance, are the energies of the moment. It is important that you learn to handle this because it will be commonplace. With great dilemmas about something you want to happen is that you feel you things cost.


Your heart is felt. Suppressed emotions that need to be freed. Trying to prove a strength you have in your weakness but that otherwise express. Circumstances with the money flowing, but do not complement the dissatisfaction that has grown over time but try to replace it.


when creating a new world from the ashes. Every time you fall you have the chance better and starting. Perspectives that change when you start to see things differently. Someone who lies and does not want to accept it.


profound changes and transformations. Really materialized something that seems incredible. Strong spiritual connection with someone died. Communication with women representing a very important meeting. Association will not be advantageous in any material respect but in the aspect of public relations.

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White Blister On My Gum And It Is Receading

Paal Nilssen-Love / Ken Vandermark - Chicago Volume (2007; ed. 2009)

As much as I like (much), when a new disc to Duo Ken Vandermark and Paal Nilssen-Love , I tend to think that I will face more of the same. Great, yes, but no surprises. Just over

one year there were two new albums as a duo of these two giants of improvisation: Volume Milwaukee and Chicago this Volume . Like Seven and two volumes of Dual Pleasure , were released by Smalltown Superjazz .

With only three tracks recorded live at the Hideout of Chicago, this album confirms that what we do together Vandermark and Nilssen-Love is pure magic. Over sixty minutes of high intensity maximum creativity speaks for itself.

I said, moving away may seem like you're going to find business as usual with this couple, but once they start playing, it's as if for the first time.
them come all the necessary components.

Note: Clicking on the cover can, and should, play the disc in Spotify (by country of residence).

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The Keystone Quartet - A Love Story (1998)

I always forget how damned good it is Cyrus Chestnut. Not much seems to stand out among pianists of his generation, but there is no doubt that is one of the best. It also is among the few who have taken less common influences (moving comfortably between tradition and modernity) and one that sounds more "black."

The Keystone Quartet is a group assembled by producer Todd Barkan for this recording, which was intended for the Japanese market (later released in the U.S. the 32 Jazz label ). What's "quartet " is only for half of the disc, as the saxophonist Eric Alexander appears only on odd subjects. The rest is played by the trio of Chestnut , George Mraz and Lewis Nash , all perfect.

Alexander is one of the most traditionalist of his instrument and does it very well, but on issues Chestnut trio shines. I do not know if it's because the peace of mind the lack of leadership, but the pianist plays with great relaxation, keeping the listener's attention without problem.

The cover is ... Well, the disc is fine.

Note: Recently reissued the album with another cover less embarrassing than the original but somewhat unfortunate: it shows the hands of a pianist ... white. Anyway ...

Note 2: Clicking on the cover of the album you can listen to Spotify (by country of residence).

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Laser Sailboat Versus Impulse Sailboat

14/03 # 485 OF THE

to 2012
is hard to ignore those who inhabit this planet are experiencing directly and indirectly. In my personal opinion I think that impacts both the force that can take from nature because I'm going to school, I learned that this planet has gone through many natural changes before humanity existed, so I think that if it happens something that changes would occur again normal.
Now in my case, what struck me most is to observe how nature is shaped the identity of the man and how a parent who corrects without whip, when it occurs, shows its power and helpless we can be at this.
definitely convinced me that the world can change, that there are forces greater than ourselves that determine our existence and that each one is conditioned to it often without awareness of reality.
This has led me to wonder, what many are asking for all the information there about what would happen in 2012.
"Then, I took my tool and started to wonder.
"The world will disappear in 2012
" No
"Humanity will disappear in 2012
-natural phenomena will occur that will change the geography
" If
"This is what the man will experience
this is not there something else that will transform the man
-is related to their spiritual condition
" If
"This change has happened before
" The man is ready
-Man This change will take
-How do you take
" With a change in its nature to take you to wake up and see how it is.
"This would generate in a person
" A crisis
"This crisis will generate
" The change of consciousness to the extent that it assimilates or pain in different dimensions
"How can a person do to cope
-Starting to loose your mind assuming your reality is intangible and it is she who believed that their reality is a perspective from their point of view.
-does this mean
-do not all you see is true
not understand much, but I realized that I was not really what I believed 16 years ago and start a process of change. I'm not sure how to assume this change but I am sure my mind is open to accept other possibilities. I was almost 10 years unlearning what I had learned and I'm starting to learn again, the funny thing is that every day I find that unless the previous day.

HOROSCOPE # 485 THE 14/03 TO 20/03/2011
situation that is disruptive. Discover deception. Something that can hurt you if you keep allowing it. Conversation where you can clearly see the other point of view. These between good and evil. The bad can be good and vice versa.
control situation. You get what you have sown. Peace of mind for action. Development of new ideas that are implemented quickly. Although everything is under control, always has a plan b. do not make decisions by others or assume responsibilities that you are responsible.
Something about long-term. Conflict management. You'll be waiting about something is about to happen. Has long been separated from something and you finally realize. Continue with your project.
solutions that come just in time. Move to time something is bothering you. Sales of debt rather onerous. Anything related to finances well aspected. Make sure you can have a greater benefit before making the risk decision involves negotiation.
The family is a fundamental factor now. You might take a break in the company of loved ones. On the other hand, believes that events are circumstantial and that is something that daily lives and are looking to change the perspective.
can be in the midst of a major crisis that is unexpected but despite that there are factors that determined the past. Situation where there has been no real consciousness even though you did promise to make a change. The question is to ask what is the lesson.
New approaches, new roads, new circumstances, change of mindset. Rethinking situations this may be from a change you decide. Involves taking risks because you have all variables controlled.
Not everything is as it looks but you have already checked in your own experience. Perhaps the experience will be repeated again and you are like the first time it happened. Solutions coming from the hand of women. Someone who looks insistently.
need be firm about your intentions and approaches. Are opportunities that open a path to financial stability but also represent a choice between the past and the future.
Much clutter in your subconscious. This leaves room for disharmony is the one that dominates the situation. Even if you have handled it very well right now is definitely important to eradicate them. Put final order to your life.
Many dispersion. Going from one place to another and would not be so difficult but your mind is in constant motion without setting an idea. It may be that in this condition find the explanation of what happens to you. Consultation for orientation.
Often these focus on the details of the situation rather than what is actually happening in the situation that might arise when you miss things. Lets then what is elemental and ends to take a reality that has been avoided.

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Capillaries Breasts Showing

Johnny Griffin - NYC Underground (1979)

Listening now this album Johnny Griffin I recalled a concert in which I was years ago, which I keep good memories.

At the same time, a couple of days I reescuchando to Ronnie Mathews (Griffin pianist in NYC Underground ) , another musician I have great memories live. Both died in less than a month apart during the summer of 2008.

While NYC Underground sounded this afternoon, I thought of them and the times I've seen Ray Drummond and Idris Muhammad (completing the quartet recording Griffin), a who, fortunately, I have still time to see live.

The record is what it is, neither more nor less. Pure jazz recorded in Village Vanguard in the late seventies, by a quartet of top musicians. Not great, but it is authentic.

And thirty years later, it sounds fresher than most of the hard bop being recorded today.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Water After Listerine

Robyn Hitchcock - Propellor Time (2010)

Extracted from my article for the Wall of Sound , Music blog :

"Albums like Propellor Time are a real blow fresh air. In a way, serves to return faith in the songs and music that sounds simple, but has complicated things inside.

Robyn Hitchcock published in 2010 one of his best work and, incidentally, one of the jewels record of the year.

stellar guests ( Johnny Marr, John Paul Jones , Chris Ballew, Nick Lowe ...) are only a supplement to their faithful Venus 3.

These, in turn, are a kind of division of REM
or even a split of a split, as both as Peter Buck Scott McCaughey ( Young Fresh Fellows) and Bill Rieflin (ex-Ministry ) also agree The Minus 5 , another side project to the legendary band.

That familiarity is transmitted completely the listener, which has the feeling of being in a recorded disc, especially between friends . That's why it sounds so natural and relaxed. And besides, does not contain a single topic not worth it. "

clicking HERE you can read the full article.

Note: Clicking on the cover of the album you can listen to Spotify (by country of residence).

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How To Masterbat In The Car

David Murray and friends - MX (1992)

This tribute to Malcolm X is one of the disks that David Murray recorded for Red Baron , the last label founded by Bob Thiele.

The group could not be more interesting: the quartet of Murray with John Hicks, Fred Hopkins and Victor Lewis , join the great trumpeter Bobby Bradford and almost debutant Ravi Coltrane .

should be surnamed to Coltrane, one of the first session of his career, playing the tenor closely with David Murray and emerge unscathed. The styles of the two saxophonists are quite the opposite, so it works perfectly.

The repertoire is based on simple themes and some blues, with the suspicious authoring Thiele hovering above some of them. Anyway, with soloists such as these, the compositions are not important.

Like many of the discs Red Baron, the recording is quite unique, with the saxes sharply separated by channels and a strange mixture, typical of early 90's. Both

da, music worthwhile. Murray always a guarantee.

Monday, March 7, 2011

How To Wash A Pocket Book

Scott Colley - Empire (2009, ed. 2010)

Extracted from my review for Notebooks Jazz :

" Empire is an excellent album, but the issue of which party has been treated many times by Frisell with groups that sometimes and heard sounds. Taborn, Alessi and Blade are what make things really remarkable, but, overall, Empire not have the strength of other albums as bassist or Portable Universe Architect of the Silent Moment . Still, it's a great record. "

can read the full review by clicking HERE.

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Rose Under Water Table Centerpiece

John Hicks with David Murray - Sketches Of Tokyo (1985)

Saxophonist David Murray has lavished much in the duets with piano, format that seems to feel very comfortable. In his discography can find several memorable albums with Dave Burrell or Aki Takase and, more specifically, with Mal Waldron , Randy Weston , Georges or Arvanitas Donald Fox.

Interestingly, one of the pianists who have worked most with Murray, John Hicks , is the host of the saxophonist in this Sketches Of Tokyo. Both musicians had recorded together in Morning Song, an album of published by David Murray Black Saint little earlier.

Since that time, Hicks was the regular pianist quartets Murray for years and together produced more a dozen great albums for different labels.

Sketches Of Tokyo is one of the best duos ever recorded Murray. Both tools are seen perfectly from the start, reaching moments of real beauty. Listening, one gets the feeling that life are playing together.

The album opens with "Epistrophy" a piano solo and continues with a pair of originals, an extensive reinterpretation of "Naima" and the most prominent theme of the album: a beautiful rendition of "God Bless The Child."

only thing wrong with Sketches Of Tokyo is that there was a sequel. Fortunately, we have a few recordings and Murray Hicks a quartet.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free Kate's Playground Sets

Matthew Shipp - Nu Bop Live (2004; ed. 2009)

I owe an apology to the album.

Matthew Shipp is one of the musicians who still fairly absolute and remove what they put on the market, try me with it soon.
heard Nu Bop Live part when I bought it and I was struck, making it directly had an insignificant (which is unusual with these issues Rai Trade) and a minor work in the career of Shipp .

The album, as its title suggests, is a direct tour Nu Bop, a very interesting album released by Thirsty Ear . The group is incontestable: Shipp, William Parker , William E. Brown and the great Daniel Carter . Nothing to say, all first class.

Reescuchándolo I have now discovered a great album and a live vibrant documents and complements an important project Shipp. The pieces are strong, that opens the concert, "Nu Bop", and 25 minutes of "Nu Abstract" in which the group is currently reeling really good.

Interspersed among these issues is some solos of one or another member, between which we must mention "From The Otherside Of Anywhere", a real tour de force of Brown in skillfully blending loops battery and electronics.

A good album, there was no other choice. I should not doubt him.

Gift For Friends Announcing They Having A Baby

20/03/2011 HOROSCOPE 28/02 # 484 OF THE


A partner is someone with whom we are fully identified at all levels. Although different from us. Which gives us the opportunity to grow individually and carry out our mission in life because it represents a supplement.

The relationship is intended to ensure that its members transcend through love and the merging of their bodies and souls, their own personality.

This relationship allows us to learn about ourselves and develop our potential.

Love allows us to improve our quality of life, and is a catalyst that heals wounds through forgiveness. If you can not heal, not love.

emotional deficiencies cause confusion, creating false expectations of the people who are on our side.

A relationship is an energy around it, contributing to strengthening the individuals comprising it, leading to realize their individual and collective projects, and expanding everything that is created within it.

The relationships lead us to experience different roles. Involves relationships of friendship, fellowship, family, marriage, etc.

In life we \u200b\u200bhave patterned several relationships, and in each we're going to find features that will have our match.

separations generated by the need to project on people our own shortcomings, schemes and stereotypes for the environment, and by the end of the cycle of the relationship or individual.

The relationship involves to an engagement capability that includes any adversity that may arise during the duration of the relationship.

Life is a temporary measure whose moments are common elements of space, time and all represent a continuous learning process.

Transience generates cycles, which are levels of consciousness that will eventually produce a full understanding of the moment that we are experiencing.

Continued choices made through thought, emotion and action, be aware or unconscious, make possible this time or cycles.

The circumstances that bind two people in a given moment, unstoppable, are changing and everyone is going to be assimilated as their own perspective, if these changes leads to internal changes, resulting in change its current view on this relationship, is likely to emerge that separate elements, changing the expectations we have of the relationship or themselves. This is where it requires sincerity and honesty to face this reality and not evade it through another relationship, or different poses.

have to do a thorough analysis of the relationship and assess whether there are elements that can provide continuity to it.

relationship is continually renewed because its members are mature, although individual cycles are not equal, is that matured enough to understand each other and trying to overcome all times.

is far from reality, believe it will last until the death with someone since you are young. End beliefs influence the ways in which each person relates to others. Without ceasing to be unstable emotionally, it is imperative that each person herself and is known know what are the values \u200b\u200bthat she needs in a relationship.

Love is one, just in a range where each state is experienced and expressed differently.

Compréndete yourself and be understanding to others.

HOROSCOPE # 484 THE 28/02 TO 06/03/2011


There is much confusion in your environment. This can generarte some instabilities deciding to do something or not. Chocking proposal but will be temporarily. It is important to keep your base fairly stable so it does not lose the thread of what you do.


These focus on productivity. This is good because it makes being in the here and now and focus you energy on an issue which you are working. In another aspect it is important to reflect on the benefit to you in whatever you do, it does not get frustrated or feel a victim of the situation.


Changes and changes around you. Complaints about things that have no justification. Uncertainty to determine what you want in the medium to long term. This situation is continually fluctuating. You let yourself be guided by what others believe.


Still a line of ideas that will pay off but sometimes are not very consistent with your goals. Lack of real intention in what you decide to do and it is likely that the limitations here. People who commit you and your commitment level is not the same as yours.


The family is an aspect that needs work. It is healthy to postpone situations that are important but can be put aside while or a time for you to devote to family. On the other hand there is someone who needs your assistance.


These bound by your own thoughts. They connect you to situations that have expired long ago. Anger and disappointment that have a motive but may be exaggerated for reasons. Situation that allows you to rest well.


Time to renew

. Accept the situation and find a real change. Many situations are generated from the changes that are created at the last minute. Journey to develop events that connect you to a future expansion.


abandon a state where the other brought some ownership in your events. New opportunities through someone coming back to your life and gives a twist to your projects. Accept things as they are unfolding.


Your decision is critical at the time of forming new aspect in your life. Those in search of that change but you realize you're still sustaining and nurturing old patterns. Remember that everything is a learning and you are your own experiment.


Emergence of a new development model. This holds in particular opportunities that are based on what you're doing. Associations will not be advantageous to you to determine the critical points which should be based.


discomfort, malaise, listlessness, apathy. Nothing connects you to the world. It's just a moment but can be very unpleasant. It is recommended that you take decisions and would need to take a temporary break or walk away from daily life. Things are changing and even now is not soon see.


Finally, everything starts to starts. Solutions to arrive but are conditional upon closing cycles. So if this will get money to solvents commitments. Doors open but to let all settled. The reason is that it is a change that will last all year in that process.