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Cannes, rather than a festival ....

So ...... I was when I was about pesetínes!

Cannes fest
Big names in world cinema will vie for the Palme d'

Carlos Reviriego claim of European cinema from the world's largest festival is particularly evident this year. Of the 20 films in competition, two-thirds are headed by European authors, while the Asian American presence and share the remaining third. The following breakdown of the new works of great authors would have to add the pieces of two rookies-Markys Schleinzer (Michael) and Julia Leigh (Sleeping Beauty) - and the contributions of Lynne Ramsay (We Need to Talk About Kevin), Nicolas Winding ( Refn Drive), Radu Mihaileanu (The Source) and Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist).

Woody Allen New Yorker Festival opens with Paris Midnight, screening out of competition two days before its premiere in Spain. Irregular in its European leg, the author returns to Paris Match Point fifteen years after all say I love you to orchestrate a romantic comedy with the very first lady Carla Bruni escorted by Owen Wilson (yet another alter-ego of Woody), Marion Cotillard and Adrien Brody. The lightness and nervousness has gained narrative cinema of the author of Manhattan in recent years, as if I practiced a kind of automatic writing, will meet in this new tale about the fickle passions urbanites. Pedro Almodóvar

When manchego announced that premiered The skin I live in September seemed unlikely that the present in La Croisette, where he has traveled all his movies from Bad Education. Rumors were fired had been a last minute inclusion by Thierry Fremaux, director of the event, at the unexpected fall of great filmmakers of the program: Cronenberg, Wong Kar-Wai, Sokurov, etc. Either way, Almodóvar always among the favorites part in a festival revered, especially when, after having gone four times (three to competition) collects almost all the awards possible exception of the Palme d'Or "I will come time? The creative splendor it goes across the filmmaker in recent years and adaptation of the French novel Tarantula, Elena Anaya and Antonio Banderas to front-up is certainly a great asset. Alain Cavalier

Legendary French filmmaker, who began in the shadow of Louis Malle, explored the commercial cinema, cleansed his art with the camera part Thérèse (awarded in Cannes) and entered in the autobiographical film in the digital age. The "videographer" who portrayed himself in his battle against cancer (Le Filmeur, 2005), or retrospective in their grief over the tragic death of his first wife (Irene, 2009, also presented at La Croisette), now competes Pater, observational film experiment in which over a year, director and actor, Alain Cavalier and Vincent Lindon, old and good friends, are shot each other to build a hybrid between fiction and reality, in which they fantasize about the limits of plausibility of the film. Joseph Cedar

Although born in New York, Cedar is one of the Israeli filmmakers (he moved to Jerusalem with six years of age) most interesting time. Over the past decade has brought to the screen several stories inspired by his military experience in the Israeli military and religious conflicts, political and territorial nation. In Beaufort, striking key chronic overproduction about the invasion of Lebanon, won the Oscar for best foreign film. Compete for the Palme d'Or with Footnote, the story of the rivalry between a father and son, both eccentric professors at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem defending irreconcilable ideas about the Talmud. Nuri Bilge Ceylan

Few filmmakers have so successfully explored the chromatic possibilities of digital imaging. Along with Pedro Costa and Michael Mann, Turkish Ceylan has forced the limits of liquid quality high definition, and works such as Three Monkeys or climates, apart from making him an accomplished portraitist of urban anonymity, fascinated by its beautiful landscapes and aesthetic richness. Everything indicates that in his new job, Once Upon a Time in Anatolia, will continue to explore the quiet poetry of his own movie, in the best tradition of Antonioni, through the portrayal of life in this region that separates the Mediterranean from the Black Sea and covers most of Turkey. Stories that take place between the sense of expectation and isolation.

Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne
are one of the "paid" to Cannes since they won the Palme d'Or for Rosetta (1999). Also in The Silence of Lorna collected the award for Best Screenplay in 2008. Belgian brothers once again compete for the coveted prize of the festival with the child on the bike. Drives of his films are as firm as unchanged, camera in hand, objective narrative and lumpen characters facing an impossible moral dilemma. The rigor and social protest film organically weaved into a poetics of realism that has become a mainstay of European cinema. In his new job, Dardenne follow the path of Cyril, a young man of 12 years with the sole purpose of finding her father who abandoned him in an orphanage. Aki Kaurismäki

Perhaps this is the year that Cannes finally pay off their debts to the Finnish master, who competes for the fourth time for the Palme. And it will do with his second film shot in France after Bohemian Life (1992), Le Havre, the story of a shoeshine boy who tries to save an African immigrant child in the port city that gives the film its title. Able to condense the feeling Chaplin's film, De Sica, Renoir, Bresson and Buñuel and also clinch an unmistakable voice, the silent and comical, bittersweet and melancholy look Kaurismaki partly no doubt as a favorite to collect prize. Naomi Kawase

Now that the world is witnessing helplessly as the Japanese cataclysms, now that its population is reconstituted, the work of Naomi Kawase, author of The Mourning Forest, takes on added depth. His films breathe a constant sense of loss and absence, while beautiful are offered as links between ancient tradition and the overwhelming modern Japan. In his new job, Hanezu, travels to the Asuka period, 500 years a. C., the same origin in Japan, where according to the archaic belief in the mountains inhabited by the gods, to bring the story of Takumi crisis and Kayoko. Terrence Malick

The festival's most anticipated presence, although we know that the author of The Thin Red Line, the Salinger of movies, did not appear on the Croisette, it maintains strict anonymity (no interviews, no public appearances or photographs) for over thirty years. But the important thing is his work, a continent in itself, only a handful of films in almost forty years. And are two issues in which there was speculation in Cannes presentation of his mammoth project The Tree of Life, an epic family in America in the fifties that expands on the origins and limits of time, with Brad Pitt and Sean Penn the deal. It's finally here, preceded by a trailer of dazzling beauty that sets very high expectations. Takashi Miike

Shortly after her remake of 13 murderers (1963) projected in Venice and Toronto, the energetic head was immersed in Japanese 3D reworking of another classic, Hara-kiri of Kobayashi. Mannerist finished the ultraviolence, provocative fan born and treat all sexual taboos in their work, Japanese Takashi Miike takes over this year to filmmakers like Johnnie To and Zhang Yimou to add the item chambara (samurai film) to the programming contest. Featuring a picture of kabuki theater, Ebiz Ichikawa, Hari-Kiri: Death of a Samurai will stage the reckoning of a disillusioned samurai with leaders who forced his son to commit Japanese ritual suicide. Nanni Moretti

premiere in Italy of Habemus Papam has left something cold to the press, not found in the film the same reasons for the controversy surrounding Il alligators. Portrait Berlusconi bitingly satirical and moderate, say reactionary, Moretti immersion in the corridors of the Vatican. With the legendary Michel Picolli in a Leading Role, Habemus Papam recounts Pope's decision not to accept a job as elected leader of the Catholic Church. Moretti's film, which picked up the Palme d'Or for the relentless The Son's Room (2001), is well as the speaker offered some uncomfortable truths of Italian consciousness. Paolo Sorrentino

There are very few actual figures of Italian cinema, devoured by a resounding industrial crisis and creative, able to rub shoulders with the greats of European cinema. Along with Moretti and Gudagnino, the celebrated author of Il Divo is one of them. The new work of the Neapolitan Sorrentino change the political third Giullio his portrayal of Andreotti, the Music, and the Italian scene to America to film at key road movie in the history of Cheyenne, an old rock legend played by Sean Penn after the death of his father, embarks on an important trip for the American landscape. Lars von Trier

After his fiery press conference Antichrist (which was declared "the best director of the World") returns to Cannes to plant the controversy and comment upon their vision of the Apocalypse. Melancholia promises to transcend cultural phenomenon. A Danish production that the author defines as "a film psychological disaster ", in which Kirsten Dunst (a lack of Penelope Cruz, who turned down the role) joins the extensive list of tortured female characters in the work of Von Trier. With his usual irony, the author of Breaking the Waves (Palme 1996) stated that "the film does have a happy ending." Everything that comes out of the tortured mind of this career of imposture seems destined to push the visual boundaries of contemporary cinema, that elusive territory where the game takes place in Cannes.

The other great directors I would like many festivals
for competitive section to have a small percentage of content of the parallel sections of Cannes-that is, 'Un Certain Regard', 'Fortnight' and 'Crítica' Week, "where they always are displaced some proposals that do not detract nothing compared to the films that will compete for Palme d'Or this year, for example, participate in the prestigious 'Un Certain Regard' the latest film from Gus Van Sant, Restless, with the most influential of American indies still tacking adolescence and death. Korean cinema has been cornered in the same section, and the prolific Hong Sang-soo and Kim Ki-duk will present respectively The Day He Arrives and Arirang. One of the most genuinely radical voices of French cinema Bruno Dumont, will attend his sixth feature film, Hors Satan, while compatriot Robert Guédiguian premiere The Snows of Kilimanjaro, based on a poem by Victor Hugo. The only Latin American participation in "Un Certain Regard" will be the debut of Brazilian fonctionner tired, measured with the works of other renowned filmmakers such as Andreas Dresen (Halt auf freier Strecke), Eric Khoo (Tatsumi) and Andrei Zviaginstev ( Elena), closing the section. The programmer 'Fortnight' Frederic Boyer faces its revalidation after a disappointing first year, and among the twenty selected titles can be seen André úiltimos Techiné jobs (Impardonnables), Kamen Kalev (The Island) or Ruben Ostlund (Play). It also raises high expectations, opening the 'Critics' Week', the film Walk Away Reeney, second feature by Jonathan Caouette, who in 2003 debuted with Tarnation, confessional cinematic masterpiece.

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Manualillos for a crisis (1)

I do not see themselves ... Greece
Expansió 5

06.05.2011 The Government of Greece may be considering the possibility of abandoning the euro zone, according to Spiegel Online's daily quoting sources German government.
[Photo story]

Specifically, states: "Spiegel Online has obtained information from German government sources familiar with the situation in Athens, claiming that the Papandreou government is considering abandoning the euro and re-introduce its own currency."

According to the Ministry of Finance to the cited Spiegel Germany, the Greek currency would have 50% of its value, due to the drastic increase in public debt helena (which last year was 142.8% of GDP the country). Their level of government deficit in 2010 stood at 10.5% of GDP, as confirmed a few days ago the European Commission.

also the article says is also considering a possible restructuring of the Greek short-term debt.

In this regard, Spiegel notes that the German government would oppose such a debate.

According to this information, the Commission had convened a crisis meeting in Luxembourg on Friday night. However, Reuters notes that the president's spokesman Guy Schuller Eurogroup has denied "categorically".

The Greek deputy finance minister joins the denial and denied reports that Greece has raised the possibility of leaving the euro.

euro zone sources have acknowledged that some Ministers are meeting in Luxembourg to review the problems of Portugal and Greece and to address the succession of the European Central Bank but nothing else, according to Reuters.

The reaction of the euro
The possibility that Greece out of the euro area has fallen like a bucket of cold water in the currency market. Nothing else on the news, investors accelerated their divestitures in the European currency. The euro, which had hitherto remained at $ 1.45, is now down 1.03%, to $ 1.438.

The new fall away even more to the euro for three-year highs reached on Wednesday. After arriving in touch $ 1.49, yesterday's meeting of the ECB and the subsequent press conference the president of the monetary institution, Jean Claude Trichet, cooled trading.

concluded market Trichet's words that the central bank rate hikes postponed until late summer, prompting yesterday a vertical drop of the euro from $ 1.49 to 1.45. Now, rumors about a possible departure from Greece in the euro added further pressure to the single-currency, which had recovered strongly in recent weeks with increasing interest rates in the euro area in early April by the ECB. Same

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will have beds?

one hundred ....
06.05.2011 JO / SG 0

two helipads, two pools, a ballroom and a mini-submarine that can dive to 50 meters deep. Here are some of the surprises hidden Eclipse, considered one of the largest megayachts in the world, with 170 meters and a crew consisting of about seventy people.
Photo: Elena Ramon

Photo: Elena Ramon

It is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, whose fortune is estimated at 13,400 million dollars, according to Forbes. The billionaire owner of Chelsea is one of the greats of English football.
newly built by Blohm + Voss in Hamburg (Germany), these days is docked in the waters of the Port of Barcelona, \u200b\u200bin the space it occupied until a few months Union Naval de Barcelona (UNB), Boluda group company. These facilities have been transferred to the company's repair and maintenance of superyachts and megayachts Marina Barcelona '92 (MB'92), which will double its surface after winning the award had UNB, by investing 40 million euros (see EXPANSION February 1).

port sources said, Eclipse, one of the four mega yachts, Abramovich would have traveled to Barcelona undergo a review MB'92 workshops. The Russian magnate is one of the clients of the firm, although, according to the same sources, this is the first time that most of its luxury vessels calling at the facility.

each year pass through a dozen workshops MB'92 of superyachts and megayachts, mostly owned by wealthy Arab sheiks and the United States and Russia.


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The Chnítos get tough ..... Manualillos

controlled foreign MNCs. Tags: economics, business

EFE 07/05/2011 Beijing, May 7 (EFE) .- China fined the multinational cosmetics Anglo-Dutch Unilever with two million yuan (215,204 euros, 308,000 U.S. dollars) for suggesting an increase in prices of their products which "disturbed the market order," local media reported Wednesday.

According to the National Development and Reform (NDRC), the top Chinese planning body, Unilever warned of increased prices at supermarkets and gave interviews to media to discuss the alleged rise, causing their prices multiply products up to 10 stores.

The committee could be fined up to three million yuan to Unilever, but reduced the punishment for their cooperation, picked up the newspaper "South China Morning Post.

The company posted a statement on its website in which he stated that "as a multinational company with a long-term commitment to China, we fully understand the local environment and respect the decision."

The Chinese government has months trying to contain inflation, which last March at 5.4 percent, reached its highest level in 32 months.

On 13 April the European Commission (EC) also fined Unilever and Procter & Gamble with 315.2 million euros for Henkel pact with an agreement to stabilize its position in the market and coordinate prices, contrary to antitrust rules the European Union. EFE Securities

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Investment (1) The dangers of the syndrome

[Photo News]

IAG, ready to take flight
The company resulting from the merger of British Airways Iberia , IAG, is ready to resume the flight on the floor. The accumulated value down 13.2% since Jan. 24, when started trading under the new name.

"While it is true that in 2010, before integration, Iberia had traded in positive all the benefits of integration (ended with a rise of 68.2% that year) and needed a break," said Alberto Roldan of Inverseguros. Now the company is quoting a 21.16% below its target price given by the experts polled by Factset.

"In recent weeks he has penalized the escalation of oil (Brent scores a 15% this year, up to $ 109) but has an attractive business model and its accounts showed yesterday in the first quarter (see page . 4) and with strong growth potential that will highlight the short term, "said Pedro Cubillo, M & G Securities. IAG believes that Banco Sabadell could save $ 400 million in synergies from the merger within five years provided by the company. Estimated to be worth 19.6% climb medium term.
[Photo story]

Telefónica Telefónica will begin its climb
made history in 2010 to a profit of 10.167 million euros, the largest ever for a English company that allows you to dream of ousting the top European income Deutsche Telekom. These results support the smooth running of the company on the floor, according to experts. "Their strong market position in Latin America, particularly in Brazil, suggests that these benefits remain succulent," says Pedro Cubillo, M & G Securities.

economic recovery, which began to be felt in countries like Britain and Germany, also hold the smooth running of the company. Therefore, Telefónica is still one of the most attractive stocks in the Ibex. In fact, maintaining a 15.5% upside potential and more than 57% of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg consensus recommends the purchase of shares.

Its high dividend yield of 9.09% for 2011, is one of the highest values \u200b\u200bof India and is one of the tricks that will keep climbing in the park. The operator gained a slight 0.88% in 2011 and BBVA Bolsa believes it could reach up to 24 euros.
[Photo story]

Amadeus, Amadeus
reason to climb, a technology provider leader in the tourism sector faces the coming months with optimism. The gradual recovery in tourism, good data reflected in the hotel occupancy last Easter (it was 90%), opens a horizon of trust for all companies involved in the sector. Over 90% of analysts polled by Bloomberg agreed to recommend the purchase of shares in Amadeus.

Yet their titles give 11% in 2011 and is the penalty value of India in the year. The company returned to the park on 28 April last year after five years out of the stock market, and in 2010 amounted to 42%. Experts believe that after the break in recent months, it's up to trace.

The Amadeus yielded good results in 2010 (its net profit rose by 24% compared to 2009) and the contracts announced in recent months, with the Cuban company Havanatur Turkish and Turkish Airlines, suggest that the company will give joy on Monday, its first-quarter accounts. Amadeus titles could overturn a 20.28%, according to the consensus of analysts Factset. Sponsored Link

OREYE FINANCIAL. Revalue their portfolios to commodities.

Tamias Sibiricus- Protection

Mou ....

Out of their boxes both ....
Casillas and Ronaldo, the next to be punished by UEFA after Mourinho and Pepe

Sports José Mourinho tax. The Portuguese coach was banned for five matches, an exemplary punishment, even though there was talk of a temporary ban of up to six months finally was in limbo.
Now's the turn of the captain of Real Madrid and its big star. Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo, almost certainly, will also be punished by UEFA. The European body thinks not tolerate words and actions of both players, a case study on Friday.

Casillas's case may be more severe. In addition to his statements in which he complained bitterly about the refereeing decisions during the second leg of semi-final he was seen repeatedly beating his face as he exclaimed "What a face you have!".

As for Ronaldo, UEFA will consider only his words about the members, and no gestures, similar to Mourinho, with which stated that Real Madrid had won the match. The European body not deemed to have occurred outside the rectangle of the game.

Three parties to a Pinto and Pepe
The expulsion of Mourinho in the first leg of the semi-finals Champions and subsequent words in a press conference on the referees and Unicef, mainly caused UEFA have been punished severely luso, although it was softened by the conversation between Florentino Perez and Platini.

Still, Real Madrid announced it will appeal the fine and plans to exhaust all possible avenues to defend their coach, considering that the penalty imposed by the European Portuguese coach is excessive.

To make matters worse, the rapprochement between Real Madrid and UEFA over the appeal sent by the white club with pictures of the lack of Pepe on Dani Alves, have served to decrease the European body and the punishment of the central only to punish a party.

also has left UEFA Champions League final with Jose Manuel Pinto, to be penalized three games after being ejected at halftime of the first leg of the semis. Thus, the goal Barcelona deputy may not be present at Wembley.

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The Scrooge begin takeoff .... Forum

U.S.: The economy created 244,000 jobs and beat all forecasts

05/06/2011 - 14:33

The U.S. economy created 244,000 jobs in April, a figure that far exceeds the 185,000 expected empelo in consensus by analysts, according to report just now the Department of Commerce.

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in the spotlight .... We

After 5 years after surgery
Forum The affected ready to go to the European Courts
In bankruptcy have only recovered 10%. Criminal proceedings are very slow.

07/05/2011 - 08:00
Forum The affected ready to go to the European Courts
Five years after surgery, bankruptcy with only 10% recovered . Criminal proceedings are very slow. And leaving them appeal to the Supreme or demand on the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The consequences of the intervention of Philatelic Forum have not yet been resolved. Neither seems to be doing, at least in the short term. Five years after the National Police agreed to the headquarters of the company by court order, investors and savers who were unexpectedly caught in that operation, are waiting for their money. Although most still hoped to recover at least part of their investments, including recourse to the European court, if in Spain found no solutions.

And, the alleged Ponzi scheme that was based on the stamp business has opened numerous judicial fronts, most still have not closed down. The first was the bankruptcy process, in which the victims were recovered, in the best case, up to 10% of amounts invested over the years. That money came mainly from the money found in accounts of the company.

instruction is also in criminal proceedings, in which one of the main accused, and not just the subject but also by others as the case Malaya, José Manuel Carlos Yerco, is fleeing from justice.

"Management's Responsibility?

But the way in which those affected Forum Philatelic expect to be able to compensate for the blockade of their money invested is the possible liability of the state administration in this operation. So far the results have not been successful, because the High Court has denied any liability to the State in this matter. "It's an issue that is resolved in just a month when it will normally take three to four years, "explains Antonio Cuartero, president of the Association of People Affected by the Madrid Forum.

The next step involves going to the Supreme Court, but only those affected can make over 150,000 euros. "And here, most had spent only 20,000 or 30,000 euros," says Cuartero. "Only a complaint to the Supreme 10% of savers," says the president of the organization.

therefore a last resort hoping to qualify is to go to the Court of Justice of the European Union, located in Luxembourg. "At the time of surgery, had a mandatory European directives transposed into English law, "said Antonio Cuartero. For the president of the Association of People Affected in Madrid, "it was a financial activity that would force the English State to respond." And if it was not a financial service, "then the Administration will have to take a wrong action in the company, as stated in his time," says Cuartero.

Few investors can remember that first Tuesday in May 2006, when the insured returns offered in companies, Forum, through investment in stamps, be blocked and no one could have saved money for many years.

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was a star athlete y. ....

A man of integrity.

Golf/Ballesteros.- Severiano Ballesteros, the genesis of modern golf

The world of golf today with great sadness goodbye to English Severiano Ballesteros, one of his biggest and historical players, with a track record full of records, qualifications and achievements and with which this sport has given a new impetus.

Golf has lost one of their number ones from the 80s and one of the modern players of the old continent's most successful in the majors, exceeded only by the Englishman Nick Faldo, with six 'big' and as the highest number of wins on the European Tour has, grazing fifty, most recently in 1995 by Open of Spain, for a total of 87 victories.

"With Ballesteros was the genesis of modern golf, made the ball 'talk'," he said during the presentation of the autobiography of journalist Michael Robinson Spaniard, born in Britain, a country that has always professed from all levels of an immense admiration for 'Seve'.

probably because Pedreña, which ruled the tough world of rowing where his father was a prominent figure Baldomero signed Islands memorable performances, as his three British Opens (1979, 1984 and 1988), or their exploits in the Ryder Cup, a tournament much appreciated by the British. Therefore

also decided there in Carnoustie (Scotland) 2007, edition of 'British' in which Sergio Garcia came very close to inherit his victory and on the course where he played his first British Open at age 18, announce golf left, "the toughest decision" of his life, months after trying the adventure of the Champions Tour, the American circuit for veterans because he wanted to "keep fighting."

A struggle started since childhood, encouraged by his uncle, Ramon Sota, a leading player in the 60's and family's main stronghold golf, and supported by innate qualities. Exploded in the mid 70's when the game was a thing of whites, and in 1976 at Royal Birkdale dazzled, leading the 'major' UK for three days, but finishing second tied with a legend like Arnold Palmer.

There, he began his love affair with the 'British' which was not completed until three years later when he won the youngest so far to do so and when it was enshrined in the Old Continent, with three of his six Order of Merit to his credit (1976-77-78).

A year later expanded his resume with his first 'green jacket' in Augusta, the first European to slip into this garment, that dress again in 1983 when he was seen by many as the number one. Spain, however, hardly knew the figure of this Cantabrian it took to find his country's appreciation for his person and golf. In 1984 and 1988, joined the other two British Opens and in 1989 received the Award Prince of Asturias Sports.


'Seve' was also one of the great leaders of the Ryder Cup, a tournament where he holds several records. Thus, Europe is the fourth player to have played more games (37) and to have won more points (22.5), with a winning percentage of nearly 60 percent. With his leadership and presence, Europe won the 1985, 1987, 1989 (I favored the tie) and 1995, and his record in the competition helped him to be captain of the 1997 edition, which brought the course at Valderrama in Cadiz victory of the Old Continent. He was also the patron of Madrid's bid for the Ryder Cup 2018, whose headquarters were elected on 17 May.

And that worked Pedreña always try to return to golf what it had given him. With the sport established in Spain, and the emergence of new figures (Manuel Piñero, José Maria Cañizares and Jose Maria Olazabal), began to use its prestige and appears to extend the sport for the English territory. He also created the Seve Trophy, which mimics the Ryder model with clashes between British and European.

"What being an elite sport has passed into history. It is the third sport in our country and the most lucrative, and it is so great future. Should be the most supported because it gives the most money, is an industry. Attracts tourism, foreign exchange, brings how many football? "Said Ballesteros in 2006.

All of this leaves this great player as one of the largest in the history of golf as well said another myth of the sport, Arnold Palmer in 'Severiano Ballesteros. Autobiography' ('Her place among the best of all time is assured').

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ange From George Lopez

Mou played Madrid ..... the sink?

Champions League - UEFA will stick a 'little hand' Mourinho

Fri 06 May 15:31 : 00 2011

The UEFA disciplinary committee had no mercy with the Portuguese coach after his meeting and will miss five games. From Real Madrid, is intended to appeal this decision.

addition, the white set will have to pay 50,000 euros in fines, in addition to the 215,000 already had to pay after the 'scandal' red card forced into the group stage, also Champions League against FC Barcelona. On that occasion, the club was fined 120,000 euros and 40,000 to Mourinho.

Pepe, a party

The other punishment that has been confirmed is that of Pepe, also expelled a red card at that same meeting. The plant has been punished with a party, which met in the round, so unless new, will be available for the first match of the Madrid Champions League next season. UEFA has not been interpreted to exist in the play hardball with Alves, which might have brought up three games.

Having officially sanction through Madrid's own website, there are still some fronts open. The first, if there is also punishment for Casillas and Cristiano, following the gestures of both on the day of the second leg at Camp Nou. And second, wait for a response from UEFA to resources that present the target set to reduce retaliation.

Incest How It Happens

"I'm bringing radicals to join the project of the President," said Montero (UCR), who also praised De Vido

Federal Capital
- The leader of the UCR Capital, Marcelo Montero, said that "for a while we are working hard with different leaders of the UCR for the purpose of adding to the project that leads wills President Cristina F. Kirchner, who lives with Planning Minister Julio De Vido as one of its key senior. "

Baires Impulse Montero confirmed that "we are accelerating our steps, and in recent weeks we have been in contact with many mayors, councilors, legislators, but also concerning the UCR intermediate whose perception that the current national model, led by President Cristina F. Kirchner, flying many flags historical radicalism. "

added that "in this context I think also in the building that makes a daily effort to Planning Minister Julio De Vido, who does constant gestures be an important tool for those who feel affinity with the current model of income also to star. "

Montero added in this regard that "there is national leadership of the Radical Party which took him straight into the arms of corporate economic and media power. To me very ashamed to see how, at the direction of these powers, it is catch the water with oil. Radicalism can not be with the conservative right, now referenced in Francisco De Narvaez Mauricio Macri. "

Acrylic Difference Between Polyester Hats

Impulse Baires - Ricardo and Francisco have a plan: Sum climate of uncertainty over the alliance between Alfonsin and de Narváez Impulse

Capital Federal - While radical presidential candidate, Congressman Ricardo Alfonsin, were detained until Sunday at an Adventist entrerriano to quit smoking, there are few swords UCR maintaining the agreement with Deputy Francisco De Narváez. Only operator Aires, Miguel Bazza, and Senator Gerardo Morales is trying to convince the "troops" Alfonsin about "good business" is De Narváez. Silence and frustration in middle management. Meanwhile, K radicals accelerate and the City campaign Buenos Aires is papered.

Alfonsin is being held through Sunday at the Adventist Center Fitness, Entre Rios in the town of Puiggari, in order to try to quit smoking permanently.

Meanwhile, in Buenos Aires, its direct operations, such as the head of the committee Aires, Miguel Bazza, and the senator from Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, try to "measure the temperature" in favor and convince tweens not to be thrown out before the eventual agreement with Francisco De Narváez.

The strong rebuff to him by the Gen and socialism Buenos Aires to the idea of \u200b\u200bAlfonsin, is crippling the campaign The son of former President Raul Alfonsin was doing around the country.

Meanwhile, in cities were suspended activities, events and tours, and there is a kind of "deliberative state."

Alfonsin's idea to agree with De Narváez may fall because there is no consensus in the UCR to consummate. A proof of this is that no leader of weight came to support it, and neither did the bishops of Alfonsin, beyond the masterminds behind this idea: Morales and Bazza.

Stolbizer before yesterday and the Socialists took a picture of Buenos Aires was that it was a stab in the heart radical. They ratified their agreement progressive and said they want nothing to do with de Narváez. In a photo and a couple of paragraph summarizing the meeting on Tuesday had its own Stolbizer with Alfonsin, in the latter's office in Buenos Aires Santa Fe Avenue

By this time, the agreement with De Narváez not bought or radical mayors let alone the non-government leaders in their districts. "Neither can we vote for a radical conservative Peronist governor, neither Peronist Alfonsin will vote for him as president. This is bad, we turn red. We will troop to Elisa Carrio or Stolbizer Margarita ", reason in the districts.

Anyway, in the plenary of the Alfonsin "Bazzista" for example, is crushed with the supposed benefits of the agreement "is the way we win," he said over and over again. Alarm

Meanwhile, the governor of Santa Fe, the socialist Hermes Binner, also noted in those who do not want anything to do with arming with de Narváez. That fact led to next week hold a meeting with the radical leadership, and hence depend much of the electoral arrangements for this year. K Radicals

Meanwhile, in recent weeks accelerated speed assembly K of the radicals. In case the leader of Buenos Aires Marcelo Montero, Minister of arrival Planning Julio De Vido, made a giant sticker on the City of Buenos Aires where sending a clear message appears "conciliatory" and a phrase directed at their domestic opponents in the UCR: "No employee of the month or corporations ".

addition, scores of mayors of Cordoba, like that of Villa Dolores, Juan Manuel Pereyra, FPV will work with the province, and the reappointment of Craig F. Kirchner. They also have a bridge with De Vido, as some like Paul Guacone Buenos Aires, San Pedro, and Raul Iribarne, Monte.

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Baires - Distress in the statements of Alfonsin Binner Impulse

Federal Capital - The threat of the governor of Santa Fe, the socialist Hermes Binner, get away from the UCR if progress is made in an agreement with Francisco De Narvaez in the province of Buenos Aires, today caused "upset and concern" within the Alfonsin. Bazza

Miguel, president of the UCR Buenos Aires and one of the main players Ricardo Alfonsin, called it "a mistake" and insisted Binner warning that, if specific terms with De Narvaez was sent "only to Buenos Aires province. "

"I think we are wrong terms. We are building a national assembly that Alfonsin Binner and if the presidential ticket, would guarantee the implementation of the agreement programmatic and De Narvaez and other expressions are linked to provincial matters, "said Telam To Bazza, the fact that De Narvaez accompanying Alfonsin's presidential candidacy" should not jeopardize "the alliance built with the radicalism of Margaret GEN Stolbizer and socialism.

"The national program is guaranteed if we get the government," he said, stressing that remains "optimistic" that there is a break in the front that comprise the UCR, Socialism and GEN.
asked Bazza "not sectarian" and explained that radicalism "has not received any explicit conditions of allies. "

Alfonsin himself received with concern Binner said from a hospital in Entre Rios where he was admitted Sunday to smoking cessation treatment, party officials said.

In this sense, the presidential candidate next week ordered trip to Santa Fe a delegation led by Senator Gerardo Morales to talk with Binner on the future of progressive front.

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Baires - "Macri is cornered and he knows it loses in any scenario," says Montero

Federal Capital - "The Head of Government Mauricio Macri is cornered and he knows it loses in any scenario. If Nation will spend newsprint, and if he stays in the City, as finally decided, will have to sweat much and yet end up defeated, I have no doubt, "said Marcelo Montero radical, who decided some time to work in harmony with the national project led by President Cristina F. Kirchner, and believes: "Many radical we identify with this model, there officers as the Minister Julio De Vido who have demonstrated breadth and generosity so that we can be anywhere."

Montero said "Macri spent four years making the plate, and its status as vague, mixed by their contempt for the interests of locals, led him to be the worst head of government in years."

Asked why other radicals like him are participating in the model that leads the current president, said: "There are several historical flags of our party who are hoisted aloft by the current administration. The universal child allowance, policies for older adults, the concept of strong state corporations will not let us manage the lives of everyone, and many other things make it easy for us listed in the column "and added:" Besides the We talked to many mayors and councilors, and leaders who have management and feel welcomed by officials as Planning Minister Julio De Vido, who makes strenuous efforts to contain, and is a key element in this political cycle is so important for the country. "

In that regard, said that "while the radical leadership is to the right and strikes a deal with Francisco De Narvaez, Federal Peronism and Mauricio Macri, we are still in the national and popular, and today show it with force" .

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radical impulse Baires - Energy: "The ghost train which carried former officials still can not accept their own failures, "he said Montero

Capital Federal - Radical leader Marcelo Montero, referred to a document endorsed by former secretaries of energy where the government challenged the policies for the sector.

himself signed former officials Emilio Apud, Julio Cesar Araoz, Enrique Devoto, Roberto Echarte, Alieto Guadagni, Jorge Laperriere, Daniel and Raul Montamat Olocco, was described by Montero as "a pattern of a group of losers who meet occasionally for social as well to leave well-established and functional duties economic and media corporations. "

"The fact that this group of leaders who have failed in the public do not represent anyone, and do not want to understand that through this political cycle has achieved an economic consolidation where for the first time there are sound public policy . Today we can speak with certainty on energy, the search steady stream of new technologies, greater investment in infrastructure, and supported the management framework that Planning Minister Julio De Vido, saying that "with effort causes the growth of the economy has the infrastructure to support it deserves ".

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Rosca - UCR - De Narvaez:" It is nonsense that tramples on the flags radical "Impulse

The leader of the UCR Capital, Marcelo Montero, described as "nonsense that tramples flags radical" a possible agreement between the UCR and Francisco De Narváez.

Montero said, "I am determined and I work for the reelection of President Cristina F. Kirchner. I do so with the conviction that there is still the right way for the country is booming and people enjoy all the rights "leaders praised as" the Planning Minister Julio De Vido, who called it "one of the leading manufacturers of model .
Montero was asked what he thought about a possible agreement between the UCR and Francisco De Narvaez, and said: "It's nonsense, it tramples on the historic flags of the UCR."

"This game nation fighting for the rights of the dispossessed, pitted the conservative power, fought against the corporations, and now these doodles which are driving radical tricks of shameless way to De Narvaez and that package will end up with the Federal Peronism and macrismo "he said.

Montero said that "many mayors, councilors, legislators from the provinces, there are many leaders in recent days and recent weeks have been reported, we have spoken, and is giving a supportive climate in this national government radical and popular head of the President. "

"I feel identified with this government. I feel that there are people working very well such as Planning Minister Julio De Vido. In this area looks after a very long time that it is managed seriously, we think that the only way to continue a growing country is to give more and more infrastructure. In this country there were decades where homes were not built properly, and this administration works hard to meet debt are building roads, is being access to digital television communication in all directions, is created a sound energy policy ", listed and said:" I feel proud because I see a serious plan medium and long term. That speaks to we have several years ahead of where the country will continue to grow. "

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Mou ..... will hit. Skype

Champions League - Being the most expensive comes to controversial

Mou Thu 05 May 2011 19:08:00

UEFA punished on Friday the Portuguese after their statements after the Real Madrid-Barcelona. You can now start preparing the portfolio, because the various bodies that have passed since the Portuguese coach who is very well have scratched his pocket. Mourinho

Besides the match ban, a constant in his career and in this season, catches the attention of the large number of punishments received when he was coach of Chelsea and Inter Milan. If we add all the euros Mourinho has had to pay to UEFA, the Italian Federation or the English FA, it is clear that having the title of most controversial coach in the world and say what they think, is going very expensive to Portuguese.

Before disclosing the total amount, it is best to remember the most talked about by the sanctions that Jose Mourinho has had to pay:

March 2005 - 5000 lbs after a tie against Manchester United in Carling Cup, Ferguson accused of "cheaters."

June 2005 - £ 200,000 harsh penalty for having held a secret meeting Ashley Cole, when the side was still an Arsenal player. UEFA punished

Friday the Portuguese after their statements after the Real Madrid-Barcelona. You can now start preparing the portfolio. - March 2, 2009 - criticized the referee after a tie between Inter and Roma: 10,000 euros.

September 2009 - also asked the referee why he had not expelled a rival for a ticket on Balotelli. One-match ban and 15,000 euros for a repeat offender.

December 2009 - 13,000 euros for insulting a journalist after a match between Inter and Atalanta.

February 2010 - 40,000 euros for making a gesture of being handcuffed after his expulsion for an Inter-Sampdoria. It was his most severe punishment in Italy. UEFA punished

Friday the Portuguese after their statements after the Real Madrid-Barcelona. You can now start preparing the portfolio. - 3 December 2010 - 10,000 euros and a game after having ordered Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso to provoke his third yellow card in the match against Ajax.

A lack of knowing what sanction, political parties and economic security, impose Mourinho UEFA on Friday, after adding up all these amounts and have converted their penalties euros pounds while he coached Chelsea, we can say that to be the most controversial for all these years, has cost € 341,000 to Jose Mourinho. A small amount for him compared to its annual tab, but all of a losing record in European football.

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a hottie .... Catfights

The purchase could exceed 2,700 million

Facebook and Skype and Google are struggling to threaten operators

Google and Facebook are struggling for control of Skype, the largest Internet telephony or VoIP. An operation that could exceed 2,700 million euros. With this move, the two Internet giants threaten the traditional leadership in the phone business with operators.

S. Miller / M. Jiménez - Madrid - 06/05/2011
Now the struggle between the two Internet giants promises to be hard. According to Reuters, citing two sources familiar with the negotiations, the process has come to join Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

In principle, integration with Skype would make more strategic sense for the network, since Google already has communication services through the Internet like Google Voice. Now it seems that the search would not be willing to have his rival to remain with a company like Skype that has a large presence throughout the world. In its corporate website, the Internet telephone operator says it has an average of 124 million users online per month (in total has more than 560 million registered customers.) Of these, nearly 8.1 million paying customers were. The company indicates that the first half of 2010, its users consume up to 95,000 million minutes of voice. The operation, in any case, will mean a significant outlay. Specialized media spoke yesterday of a payment of between 3,000 and 4,000 million dollars (between 2,056 and 2.741 million euros). Thus, the sale of Skype to a third party, rather than an IPO, would bring more money to shareholders, led by eBay and Silver Lake.

financial muscle

De entered in an auction for the purchase of Skype, the biggest advantage would be the next Google as it has greater financial muscle than Facebook. The search engine, which is one of the world's richest companies, ended the first quarter with 36,700 million dollars from cash and short-term investments. With the takeover, the most popular search engine would become an operator. Without a doubt, something not at all like the traditional telcos, who have always distrusted the power that is acquiring the U.S. giant. The form could include Skype communications services in its portfolio of offerings and leverage its sales force to promote it.

And is that a hypothetical takeover of Skype would give it to Google, or Facebook, at least 12% of international call traffic, which is the market share attributed consultancy TeleGeography in 2010 at the Internet company . This activity has been growing at over 50% over the past years.

The relevant fact related to its IPO, filed in August, the company said in the first half of 2010 had recorded revenues of $ 406 million, up 25% over the same period last year.
A story with operations millions

Skype's career can be considered very long and despite moving into a fledgling business as the Internet. The company was founded in 2003 by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, creators of Kazaa and two renowned figures of the online world. Later, in 2005, decided to sell the company to eBay for a total U.S. $ 3,100 million, paid partly in shares and partly in cash. However, the results were not provided by the Internet giant. According to some industry experts, eBay was not able to get the most out of Skype, which itself could have done online groups like Yahoo and Google (the latter can now have their chance to get the most juice to the exploitation of the giant VoIP).

In November 2009, eBay sold 70% of Skype by just over 2,000 million dollars to a group of investors led by the firm Silver Lake and also participating, Joltid Limited, the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Andreessen group Horowitz besides the founders, Zennstrom and Friis. However, eBay, he wanted to concentrate on their business e-commerce and online payments, decided not completely out of capital and retain 30%. The company, eBay explained, was valued at 2,750 million.

In August 2010, Skype posted a significant event in the New York Stock Exchange indicating their intention to start trading. In October, the company appointed a new CEO, Tony Bates, a former Cisco vice president, who decided to delay the IPO, initially, in the second half of 2011. Now everything can change. More Actions

Operators also move in reverse. Thus, Telefonica bought Jajah (rival of Skype) in 2009 and in April showed his intention to revolutionize Internet voice calls in the mobile world. Through its subsidiary Jajah announced the launch of its voice communications service through Facebook, the network is now trying to buy Skype for Mobile. With this application, any Facebook user can make free calls to your friends online.

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Colossi, what ....

end up affecting us.

China accuses U.S. of blocking foreign investment to protect their companies

Reuters / EP

05/04/2011 - 7:57 The U.S. Secretary of Commerce Together, Gary Locke, has accused China of discouraging foreign investment to protect their companies, what has been committed to combat these barriers, if the Senate confirms his appointment as ambassador in Beijing.

In a speech at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Locke noted that "often" present U.S. companies in China "are driven out of whole industries and forced to remain outside the circles of information as a condition to continue there ".

specifically noted the "opacity" of China's legislation on issues related to intellectual property rights, as patent registration, or prohibition of any technology transfer, which in practice limits the operations of foreign companies. Sini

however, said that U.S. Chinese companies are seen as "something good", so just put obstacles to the settlement, except for a small number of cases, which are considered a security threat.

"This imbalance of opportunities is a major barrier to further develop the commercial relationship between the U.S. and China," he warned Locke, who has lamented reverse this trend after a "fruitful" period economic liberalization. Commitment

addition, Locke pointed out that the Chinese authorities promised to correct these behaviors in high-level economic forums held over the last two years, especially in markets led by U.S. companies.

These statements come a week before the Treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner, and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, meet with the Chinese authorities under the U.S. Strategic Economic Dialogue, China, celebrated with annually.

For its part, China Geithner reiterated the need to comply with the variables international trade, eliminating protectionist measures, and noted the possibility that the U.S. mimics this behavior, if not corrected eventually.

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the cosmos, in dealing .....

National Express was the cosmos to 'seal' their support

Miguel Angel Gaviria

7:30 - 05.06.2011

Group CEO, Dean Finch, revealed yesterday that executives of the group traveled to Madrid on Tuesday to meet with the cosmos and, although no final decision taken, took an impression for London and expect support family tacit Asturian (already ahead elEconomista) is definitely on the board rubrique.

Finch stressed he did not believe that there were differences between them and the cosmos in the strategy. Approach to Elliott

parallel to contacts with the English business saga, the direction of the group works on another front because he wants to be calming the waters with Elliott Advisors.

Thus, Finch took advantage of the presentation of results of the first quarter of 2011 to announce that they have admitted to one of three candidates proposed by Elliott Advisors with the intention of entering a short list of six names from which a new member will board. Chris is Muntwyler. The other candidates (English Javier Alarcon and Marc Meyohas) have been rejected.

Consideration of National Express is very far from Elliott's request and commented that he wanted the three seats on the board - but is certainly a close after the tensions of recent weeks. Finch himself claimed yesterday that "I do not think we are at war ... They (referring to U.S. hedge fund) have a large proportion of shares in the company and I think that gives them a legitimate voice. "

first quarter results have also served to ease tensions, as the benefit of National Express increased by 30% helped in part by the departure of English business, led by Alsa.

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Manualillos for a crisis (3) Raw

I also have periodic reminders ...

Chief Economist at Nomura Europe

Peter Westaway, "The market will pressure on Spain if shifts its way "

Peter Westaway is a best-known economists of the City of London. After 13 years at the Bank of England, was hired in 2009 by Nomura in the process of European expansion of the Japanese bank.

Westaway's view, "it appears that the worst is over in the European sovereign debt crisis," but warns that "there are some unresolved issues that could lead to new episodes of market volatility." The chief economist at Nomura Europe considers that Spain has managed to break away from the fate of Greece, Ireland and Portugal through "a combination of factors: actions taken by the English Government, as the austerity plan, economic reforms and restructuring financial sector, and actions taken at European level, saying he will do whatever it takes to keep the monetary union. "

addition, Westaway, adding that "some investors do not realize that the English economy is more than construction and real estate. Its exports are growing. "

However, the economist at Nomura believes Spain can not afford to save. "One thing we've learned in this crisis is that if the markets lose confidence in a country, a liquidity crisis can become a self fulfilling prophecy. To avoid this risk, the English government is going in the right direction and appears to be broad consensus policy on the measures taken, but a change in this direction could lead to new pressure from the markets. "

What I expected Peter Westaway is a debt restructuring in Greece, but not in Portugal and Ireland. "Greece could buy back the bonds are held by the European Central Bank (ECB). Could be done at a price equivalent to 75% of the nominal value of bonds, and the ECB would not lose money because they bought them the same price. " Puncture

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The change of bias ....

on oil: Texas barrel closes below $ 100

The biggest weekly decline in silver (-28%) since 1975 is one of the greatest exponents of corrective gets all the commodities. Gold $ 1,500 drop in oil and starring in a downward spiral that deflated its price up to 10%, to $ 110 a barrel of Brent below $ 100 a West Texas.
[Photo story]

Brusco prick the oil market. The oil was the biggest loser of the sharp fall of the euro in the currency market and the price on both sides of the Atlantic experienced sharp corrections. The West Texas, the U.S. benchmark, closed down close to $ 10 at $ 99.80. For its part, the European Brent finished with depreciated over 10 dollars, up to $ 110.80. The rebound is resisting, and at the beginning of the last day of the week tnto the West Texas as the Brent price repeated in 99 and 110 dollars respectively.
Oil has distanced itself from its peak in this period. Although the correction is suffering more pronounced as silver. The precious metal is about to close its fall Mayro weekly since 1973. These days it has fallen by 28%.

The price of silver had equaled their record since 1980, on the verge of $ 50 an ounce. The sting is worse today to be below $ 36.

From January to April, silver had soared by 57% since Monday, has accumulated a depreciation of 28%. In these last days has ceased to have the 'support' of the currency market. The messages released today by ECB President deflate the euro to $ 1.45.

The toughening U.S. market conditions for cash required for operations and sales speculative by George Soros have accelerated the correction in silver. Soros said his divestment by lower inflationary pressures.

The descents, in any case, are extendable to the whole market of commodities. Gold, one of the preferred shelter against inflation risks, retreated from its record last Monday of $ 1,577 an ounce, and in his fall lost $ 1,500 today sharply and closed below $ 1,470. Without leaving the metals, copper is experiencing its biggest setback of the year and delete and all the cumulative rise since the beginning of 2011.

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The Portos, quantified .... Portugal

need a bailout de más de 100.000 millones



Lower Back Pain And Cloudy

Manualillos for a crisis (1)

Los tiene bién puestos y mira a....futuro!

Un Modelo a imitar por los españolítos....já,já,já

Menudo estreno ha tenido el portugués más popular de la City londinense, Antonio Horta-Osorio como consejero delegado de Lloyd´s Banking Group. En su primera presentación de resultados ha recibido la embestida más cruel de los mercados: un desplome del 5,52% en la bolsa de Londres y un 7,3% en Nueva York.

No en vano, Horta-Osorio has rolled up to sweep the dust of the balance of Lloyds. A 'broom' of 3,200 million pounds in reserves has led the agency to return to losses of 2,440 million in the first quarter.
But the decision of former golden boy of Santander is more poignant for the City of London if one considers that expectations were best and has been a foreigner who has had to put the knife back in one of the leaders of the UK financial tradition.

analysts London Nail

The controversy is served and among analysts in the British capital is a difference of opinion. On one side are those who supply discounted a considerably lower, given that Citigroup estimated at 4,500 million pounds the cost of poor sale of PPIs for the entire industry.

"Given that Lloyds controls a third of this market, 3,200 million pounds of supplies is in the best, very conservative" say from FT Alphaville.

However, what Horta-Osorio wanted to obviously is throwing away all the ballast resulting from the previous administration. In fact, from The Guardian claim that the losses and provisions are still following the merger with HBOS.

In this sense, the British daily commitment to the direction taken by the newcomer. "Despite the fall in share price today," say industry analysts, referring to "no doubt that today's announcement marks the end of the bad news that has come from the body of HBOS in the past eighteen months."

Last November, Lloyds announced the signing of Antonio Horta-Osorio CEO to be incorporated as of March. Thus, the left bank of Emilio Botin Leon without his man in the UK, the same who had managed to extend the Santander brand throughout the islands.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ejaculation Accident Brazilian Wax

Don Cherry Quintets - Copenhagen Hilversum 1963 & 1966 (ed. 2011)

Taken from my review for Notebooks Jazz :

" You see the material contained in this record and has the feeling of being in a coup. Then, upon hearing it is when the troubles come. The first The most disheartening is the sound. The sources of the recordings included here are tracks recorded radio broadcasts at the time in Denmark and the Netherlands. The first sounds relatively good, but it is not only Cherry Quintet of New York Contemporary Five (which only indicated in the text of the booklet), a group led in any case, by Archie Shepp. Gentlemen, some seriously. "

" Given the time and the musicians involved in the two recordings of this Quintets, it is undeniable that there is material here first, especially in the Danish-session, but it is the feeling of being in scattered pieces of a big puzzle. "Unpublished? Yes Historic? Of course. But with all that is published there, this disc may be an option only for completists and collectors. "

can read the full review by clicking HERE.
Taken from my review

Signs Of Senetory Disposal

Paar Manualillos crisis (2) ex

Oxygen Ball ......

EURO President of the company, Jean Claude Trichet said the ECB will follow the price developments "very closely" instead of "surveillance", the term usually anticipate a rate hike.

In this regard, Trichet said the institution "will raise rates when it sees fit." Last April, the ECB held its first rise in interest rates since 2008 with the aim of controlling inflation after rates have been maintained over a long period of time at a record low to try to boost growth.

The ECB sees signs of medium-term inflationary risks, why rose moderately the price of money in April and which will justify the next increase, expected by experts.
Neither the rescue of Portugal, or the risk that Greece has to restructure its debt to the ECB seem to remove its mandate to ensure price stability, which means achieving an inflation rate close to but always below 2% medium term.

The rate of inflation in the euro zone rose in April to 2.8%, by what has passed for the fifth consecutive month the ECB's target.

council ECB Governing met in Helsinki because it celebrates two of its monetary policy meetings outside its headquarters in Frankfurt.

For its part, the Bank of England also left interest rates unchanged at record low 0.5%, considering that the British economy is not yet ready to bear a higher cost of money.

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Baires - radical uncertainty: the agreement with De Narváez generates skepticism and leakage People

La Plata - Progress toward an agreement with the leader of Union Blue and White, Francisco De Narvaez, uncertainty and skepticism in several radical leaders, especially if the "package" also incorporated Federal Peronist leaders and macrismo . For that reason, several activities were suspended this week at UCR, and Ricardo Alfonsin Member himself will not be in the coming days, but since this sector is said to have planned the visit to a spa entrerriano to treat his addiction to cigarettes.

UCR In Buenos Aires there is silence and uncertainty. The agreement with Francisco De Narváez seems to fit very well, and for that reason, in the final hours of mayors accelerated talks with leaders linked to the national government.

few days ago the news was known village head of San Pedro, Pablo Guacone, who had a good line with the administration of President Cristina F. Kirchner, in particular with the portfolio of planning, leading Julio De Vido.

A similar situation is that of Raul Iribarne, Monte. And these will be adosaría least eight district presidents more, all radical origin, already engaged in dialogues with the government. From radical

K, to Lilith and Margaritos

But there is unease in the intermediate radical leaders, and some prefer silence, others begin to "touch" the prospect of joining the wide variety of alternatives, ranging from K Radicalism, past the Stolbizer Margarita Gene or Carrio Lilita DC.

These days the presidential candidate and current deputy, Ricardo Alfonsin, will take a week off. Entre Rios will be in a spa dedicated to the rehabilitation of smokers. However, this hiatus will also be used by operators Alfonsin to "mediate temperature."

Last night, the radical K, Marcelo Montero, appropriated: "Radical buried conducting historical flags of the UCR. Agreed with the right most recalcitrant and trampled all the principles. By this time the truth is that we are receiving a significant number of leaders from across the country already saturated with the handling supporters. "

That same perception, but the other side of the sidewalk, so do the leaders of the Civic Coalition, and admit that "Lilith is excited because it sees many radical leaders are throwing lines to have points in common" and perhaps for this reason that leaders seek to seduce the electorate of the centenary match away some of the positions that had maintained and characterized it as too center-right.

On the other hand, Margarita Stolbizer Gene, seek to pierce the radical base, because in addition to interim leaders have very good relation with the electorate UCR typical as they come to represent precisely those sectors.

As a result of this situation there are many who already consider to be erroneous by the radical leadership to have taken a step toward an eventual agreement with De Narvaez, and may even begin to recede.

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Gallego Blanco, sings ..... Real Estate

La Liga - "They are soiling the image of Madrid"

Ricardo Gallego, one of the exponents of the golden era of Real Madrid in the eighties, lamented during a chat with netizens of the change has taken place in the team Chamartin then to the present in terms of values \u200b\u200bwith Florentino Perez.

"It is clear that when it comes to madrismo speaking of honesty, humility, labor and equipment. Right now, precisely, these attitudes are not, quite the contrary. Over time, hopefully not we miss . The truth is that it has lost much of what is meant by Real Madrid. The values \u200b\u200bof Madrid, since it came Florentino, have been decreasing. The image of the out of doors Madrid is dirty, "said the former player.

planning on white set in recent years, Gallego said that "it is normal that each season has a coach. It difficult to work so hard for a coach and the players know what to do to the point that five or six players are changed per season. In three seasons, we have a new template. That gives insecurity and unrest, you lose the common goal and I personally think. "Mourinho Doubts

Looking ahead, Gallego is not sure Jose Mourinho continued:" if it's statistics, the number of likely to leave the club is very high knowing the history of Florentine. Another thing is that Mourinho would dare to do so because he has given all that has refused to give other coaches. "

precisely for Gallego, one of men capable of directing the Real Madrid coach is the current branch, Alberto Toril, "came the time when we were going to the quarry. Then we realized the values \u200b\u200bthat could be transmitted to Real Madrid. Conditions have more than enough to train Real Madrid now I can not believe that the current situation one can think that may become first team coach. " Palos Ricargo
Gallego has entered assess the performance of Pepe in the leg, who he said "must be smarter and not get carried away by impulses. In football, everyone is responsible what it does and can affect teammates. If so, it is difficult to finish the game and creates a reputation. "

time also spoke of how Cristiano Ronaldo:" It is true that Ronaldo does not create superiority in their game, no one practically overflowing in recent days and is a ballast that allows the opponent to recover the ball. In any case, I think that is their problem, not the gameplay. Madrid has played well almost all year and if we see videos of early season, neither did.

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Jam .... Millonetís

o. O is cleaned soon .... UGH

manages 10,000 homes are turning to service boxes external to accelerate the sale of their flats
In the race to consolidate creditworthiness, banks and building societies have increased their strategies for the disposal of the large number of properties that accumulate on their balance sheets. After setting up their own systems of home sales, many institutions now choose to delegate this work to professionals. Caja Madrid Caja now joins Spain, Duero and Labor among the clients of real estate service UGH. Juande

Portillo - Madrid - 05/05/2011

If there is a burden that threatens to undermine the solvency of banks and the heavy load of bricks that have accumulated in the wake of the bursting of the housing bubble. This situation has led many financial institutions to open in the real estate front, with the aim of disposal the thousands of properties which have been forced to absorb as a result of unpaid loans that had been bestowed upon them. Ad hoc mortgage, real estate shows, web sites, posters in branches ... Each company has chosen various ways to revive their accounts. Some, however, are beginning to outsource the marketing of the flats, leaving this activity in the hands of professionals. The latest step was to Caja Madrid.

presiding entity uses network Rodrigo Rato launched by UGH (Union Mortgage Management), service to financial institutions specializing in mortgages. In continuous reinvention and taking advantage of niches de negocio que ha ido generando la crisis, UGH puso en marcha, hace ahora un año, un servicio de administración y venta de los activos inmobiliarios de sus clientes.
Fuentes cercanas a esta última entidad señalan, no obstante, que esta misma estrategia será seguida en los próximos meses por Bankia -la fusión liderada por Caja Madrid y Bancaja-, lo que podría raise the figure above the 15,000 buildings.

The idea is to combine all the supply of housing from financial institutions. UGH markets them through its real estate portal Projects (, and has a physical network in almost all the national territory. The company manages properties in balance, in view of his visit by interested customers, dealing with neighboring communities, or advertising sales.

project provides a specialist service for real estate agents, and advises institutions on the sale value which should lower the property to give outputs depending on the environment. In addition, its agents are trained to offer special conditions that each firm offers on their own assets, which often results in coverage of 100% mortgage on the asset.

"Caja Madrid has been an exception. It has always tried to exclusively handle all their real estate and commercial strategy has been very erratic," states a commercial that manages the sale of homes of other entities. The step taken by this firm is indeed the path that had marked other to outsource sales services.

While some have turned to local real estate offices to teach accumulating property, others have gone to already established internet portals. Nevertheless, most of the entities have begun their own sales channels, in parallel to the external.

is the case of Caja Madrid, which reconciles the external service internal strategy launched in 2009 and 3031 allowed him to sell property in 2010 for 390 million euros. The plan includes the site of Caja Madrid (, a call center that caters to customers interested, and stands in their offices, in proposing a funding advantage over the flats in the pipeline. Idealistic
way the personal banking business
not difficult to confuse some branches of banks and savings banks with real estate offices. Ads imposing houses in the windows of the entities to deposit or savings accounts. The need to dispose of the flats has accumulated even some bank employees have expanded their professional work to the world of housing.

"We formed a team full of banks and to learn the keys to selling real estate," explains Fernando Encinar, responsible studies. The portal manages some 30,000 properties of dozens of different entities, and has become one of the most frequent routes used by banks to publicize their stories. "We explain how to deal with interested customers, and we have given up photography courses for the web appear the best pictures of homes that sold, "says Enciso.

In his experience, institutions have adopted three different philosophies," the need to not have its own team and rely on real estate portals such as Idealist, others combine the two ways, and that will be operated with public money, do not bother to move the business, "assumes.

As to who offers the most competitive prices, Encinar argued that the bids are higher in the sites in the branches, where the directors' committee are carried and are less willing to lower the price. "idealist defending Since, moreover, that the prices will drop as banks increase the supply of the property.

Forecasting S & P

Standard & Poor's expects "a prolonged stagnation in the housing market in Spain and although not expected that prices were" great falls "within the next 12 to 18 months, he does believe that it will take more time for the supply and demand back into balance, says in a report. The risk rating agency in Spain insists that "it may take several years to fully absorb the excess demand", recalling that the Bank of Spain estimates that the remaining houses is between 750,000 and one million.

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hidden ....

The flotation of Glencore uncovers the fourth richest English

05.05.2011 London Amparo Polo / Roberto Casado. 1

Daniel Maté, a senior official of the largest commodity in the world, controls 6% of the company. The fortunes of the English is valued at 3,700 million dollars.

Daniel Maté has just become the fourth richest man in Spain thanks to the flotation of Glencore, the commodities company in which the executive controls 6.8% of capital.

Yesterday it was revealed that Maté, a manager totally unknown to the English public who lives in Switzerland, has that participation in Glencore. With the upcoming debut of the company in the London Stock Exchange, shares of Maté will have a market price of about U.S. $ 3,700 million (2,500 million euros), placing it among the wealthiest families in Spain.
The executive is not expected to sell any of its shares in the flotation, although its share drop to 6% to slightly diluted in the operation. Opacity

Glencore, a company characterized by its high opacity, has been forced to undress before the market because of its IPO, which is the highest placement made in the history of the London Stock Exchange. Its market value ranging from the 48,000 and 58,000 million dollars, according to the price range provided by the group. Maté
This makes multi-million dollar fortune Maté in the fourth richest man in Spain after Amancio Ortega, chairman of Inditex, which, according to Forbes magazine, has an endowment of 31,000 million dollars Andic Isaac, owner of Mango, which amounts to 6,100 million fortune, and Rosalia Mera, ex-wife of Ortega and shareholder of Inditex, which has 4,200 million. Maté

ahead in the ranking of Spain's richest entrepreneurs as Manuel Jove, president of Fadesa, or Juan Roig, owner of Mercadona. Yesterday, it was also learned that Ivan Glasenberg, the CEO of Glencore, controls 15.8% of the firm, which evaluates his personal fortune at about 9,600 million dollars. Along with Maté, a manager of the company, Telis Mistakidis, codirector of the same division, also controls an additional 6% of the company.
recently said in an interview with Financial Times, that the intention of the IPO was not to enrich senior executives of the company, although many are going to become billionaires. The manager said he has no intention of retiring and will not sell their shares.

According to the prospectus for the flotation of the company, which has 1,600 pages, company executives may not sell their shares for a period that, in some cases has come to five years.

Glencore was founded in 1974 by Marc Rich, an oil trader who had fled the U.S. for tax evasion. Rich was pardoned by President Bill Clinton, on his last day before leaving the White House. The employer sold the company to its top executives in 1994 for 600 million dollars.

Daniel Maté, the 'Amancio Ortega' in the mining industry
The Glencore IPO promises to change the life of the company and its directors also hitherto unknown people in the business landscape. Daniel Francisco Maté

Bader, 47, is the only English at the top of Glencore. Thanks to the 6% that controls the company also is one of the new billionaires. I killed so far had a modest life in the Swiss town of Baar, near Zurich. Even executives in other raw materials were aware of its power and its latent wealth, valued at about 3,700 million dollars. "I met him at a party years ago, but never thought it was a guy so important ... and so rich, "explained an official at the sector yesterday.

With Amancio Ortega has not only shared his abundant wealth. As happened for years with the owner of Inditex, Maté there is no picture, which promises to increase interest in the executive of Basque origin. Maté

studied law and economics at the University of Deusto (Bilbao) and began working in the Madrid office of Glencore in 1988. There he specialized in metals, mainly in the field of logistics. Three years later, he joined the staff specializing in zinc in Switzerland, which merged with copper in 2002. Since that time, I killed it became mainly responsible for the group's operations in Spain, North Africa and South America. Since 2000, Maté is co-director of the division of zinc, copper and lead. A decade ago, was a counselor in the Asturiana de Zinc mining company, currently owned by Xstrata (firm owned by Glencore 34%).

A high-flying operation

The company Glencore, based in Switzerland, is the leading dedicated the sale and production of raw materials in the world. Placement

Secrecy Glencore has completed its decision to go to the London Stock Exchange, selling shares for 10,000 million dollars.

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The recadítos of the housing crisis ....

The buildings are depreciated banks and 1,500 million per year

05.05.2011 Maria Martinez 3

The mortgage sector is 8,500 million euros in capital to support the credit cost of a housing stock of 70,000 million.

English Banking continues to absorb the impact of the housing crisis, a market with no signs of recovery after four years of adjustment from the peak marked in the middle 2007.

header Real estate major financial institutions lost last year 1.539 million euros as a whole. Their negative result between 409 million Servihabitat owned by La Caixa, and the 127 million Mesena, Banesto (see chart). They are not real red numbers, ie the difference between what the institution has paid for the property and what you've got to sell. Most of these losses are accounting entries reflecting the depreciation of property and the effort made to cover supplies. Double bill

The strong demand for envelopes is one of the major bills to be paid by the sector. Banks and accumulate property by 70,000 million euros as a result of defaults of firms and households. Represent about 2% of its consolidated assets. To cover its decline, the sector has provisioned 17,000 million, equivalent to the benefits of last year.
a piggy bank is insufficient. The reform approved by the Bank of Spain last summer set a coverage of 30% of asset value after two years of its entry into balance. Although this percentage has been reached and even exceeded in many cases, "we all know that further supplies," explains financial sources. An indication of the supervisor. A significant part of the property (mainly ground) will remain in balance for a long time and have to cover the risk of further depreciation. "There are buildings that take to sell up to a decade," match different entities.

The bill provisions is the high capital cost. For the purposes of calculating the solvency ratio, foreclosed or acquired properties have a risk weight of 150%, the same as the bad loans. Considering
principal minimum requirement of 8% of risk assets, the consumption of resources of the property portfolio comes to 8,500 million euros. Banks and 170,000 million of funds have the highest quality (principal).

In practice, therefore, the sector has mortgaged the 5% of its capital to sustain a real estate empire that provides no return. With this capital could finance, for example, large purchases Santander and BBVA have done during the crisis to capture growth plus emerging economies such as Poland or Turkey.
[Photo story]

The impact on profitability is, in fact, another major crisis arising from the estate. The investor seeks to powerful institutions that can endure beyond the needs of the financial business and real estate, power translate their performance.

"Real estate assets are burdening the profitability and in the future will continue to affect the ROE (return on equity) and ROA (return on assets), "he remarked in the sector.

is a handicap to hold the shareholder and to embark on the search for new investors. The bank's ROE in one year has fallen from 9% to 7.9%. The return on assets has declined by 7 basis points to 0.47%, according to the latest Financial Stability Bank of Spain. Provisions for buildings are key to this cut, with funding by loans and the decline in net interest income. Strategy

When releasing ballast, the strategy is clear. "If you sell the property at prices appropriate, for sale. But if there are assets that can generate more value in the future, endure and in the meantime, try to monetize through a rental fleet, "say industry sources.
Overall, banks are selling homes (the soil remains illiquid) with losses of between 20% and 30%, which usually coincides with the provision made.

The opportunity cost is not ignored. "Even if you have capacity, you can not stand it," continuing the same sources. "If you believe that property prices will rise and offset the cost of keeping is maintained. If not, you have to be the first to sell, "they conclude.

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PRISA Downhill ....

Prisa profit plunges by 67% to 11.4 million

05/05/2011 - 09:11

Prisa Group fell 67.7% in its net profit in the first quarter, going from 35.55 million euros, 2010 at 11.47 million from January to March 2011. In a statement to the National Securities Market, Communications Group said today that operating income reached EUR 690 million, down 2.5%, compared with 708.33 million in the first quarter of 2010. The net operating profit also fell and rose from 154.75 million made until March 2010 to 100,430,000 in January-March 2011, which represented a decrease of 35.1%, according to the group.
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Manualillos for a crisis (1)

least create many problems .... Monetary policy

"They endanger the economy the policy differences of the ECB and the Fed? And the divergence
can also disappear if the U.S. economy and the United Kingdom continue to improve in the coming months
05/05/2011 - 08:11 "They endanger the economy the policy differences of the ECB and the Fed?

"The dichotomy between monetary policy in the Eurozone and the United States may undermine the stability monetary? This question is asked by analysts at Franklin Templeton. And while the European Central Bank (ECB) was the first to move interest rates do not appear to have negative effects, especially considering that the lead agency Jean Claude Trichet continues to maintain the quantitative easing policy.

central banks joined together to pursue a similar monetary policy, where the fiscal front was sacrificed. However, experts now advocate a gradual normalization of interest rates. For
Emerging nations like China and India have been tightening monetary policy for some time, like Australia and Norway and other European countries such as Sweden and Poland.

The trend towards tightening interest rates opened in the euro area, when the ECB raised interest rates a quarter point to 1.25% on 7 April, separating itself from the Bank of England and Fed

Franklin Templeton analysts point out that interestingly, the Fed seems to have the same concerns about inflation and the Europeans. The Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, recently showed that the rise in CPI in the U.S. is due to rising energy prices and raw materials and time is largely a reflection of events in the Middle East continued growth in emerging markets, and should not lead to a general inflation problem.

However, the minutes of the March 15 Open Market Committee (FOMC) could not reach unanimity on this point, some members expressed their belief that economic development could justify a shift to less accommodative monetary policy.

In this sense, analysts remain concerned at the apparent divergence in monetary stance, and that could have a destabilizing effect on world economic prospects if it continues. However, according to Franklin Templeton, the divergence may not be as pronounced as it seems at first sight. While the ECB has been the first of the three major central banks to raise interest rates has continued to participate in a quantitative easing
by providing short-term liquidity to banks in the euro area according to their needs.

and the divergence can also disappear if the economies U.S. and the United Kingdom continue to improve in the coming months. In this sense, the end of quantitative easing program of the Fed in June 2011 could be an interesting turning point.

So any attempt by the Fed to reduce its balance-something that could be done in several ways by draining reserves through money market operations, the decision not to reinvest the proceeds of the bonds to maturity, or
even by selling the stock of Treasury bonds purchased as part of the quantitative easing program, could pass an increase in interest rates.