Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Calculating Tax On Used Cars


under this title beginning this article. Recently while working partner relationships with a girl come to a conclusion, who's afraid to love, insecurity of wanting to live with someone.
Apparently not got no reason hampering their relationship. In the past I had two relationships which came to live partly in one and the other completely without making formal commitments.
The relations were good in his view, however, in his opinion, the love is gone in a very fast and in the other life projects did not match, but everything was amicable.
After taking six months working on the issue, looking at experiences in other lives, in their family system and established a consensus that that is going to therapy, take it to understand that it is concerned and what it would do to face it, this is something very special because it depends on the limits of each person that only provides the person, the therapist listens and questions without being involved in personal judgments.
In one session I can think to ask about basic things to live together, sharing the room, closet, bathroom, where to go on trips together, how to set priorities in favor of the relationship.
We were at the party spoke of the closet, just trying to recreate a situation, when she jumps up and says, "I need a big space for my things" I was thinking, and just continue giving examples of social situations, she returned to insisting "I have no desire of putting priorities other than mine "I started taking this into account, until he finally said" I do not think you have problems with love or be loved, is that I'm not sure I wanted to live with someone. "
And I said, Eureka, that's it. Simple. So I thought as I listened, and if all deep feel the same. Perhaps many do not conclude so fast but most of the problems that arise in relationships are in coexistence. Why is this
. I can say that principles are territorial, defending our space, in another aspect, I can also say that we are so attached to abandon the comfort can represent for many a panic depending where to look and finally, we have relationships based on where our parents or couples we know, spent a lifetime together, but being extremely unhappy.
might then, thinking resulting in a relationship where we will live with someone finally make us react in the depths of our being to fear of losing independence and the ground gained by us until then.
We have to take into account that both men and women have demolished old cliché schemes and what they should be or should do, then we see men and women raising children by working with heavy machinery.
Now the question would be, then why continue to insist to seek partners. It will be for the simple need for a safe sex, someone to share when you can or just stay tuned with me and I him.
I think the bottom line here is not why we partner but understand, as did my patient, what kind of relationship do we need and project that.
Cohabitation is a way of experiencing relationships, real relationships are based on consensus between two people, therefore it is they who will determine what kind of relationship they want to experience.


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