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06/03/2011 HOROSCOPE 21/02 # 483 OF THE HOROSCOPE

When I started working in libraries that promote the self, I knew the existence of the road to Santiago and at that time caught my attention. I started looking for answers transcendental at an early age to live with high ESP I generated a lot of disturbance since age five.
When I heard that there was a trip that made people with a spiritual end I was very anxious to experience it, but my resources were far from being able to take at some point so I kept quiet.
After that time when I had the shocks and sought answers to think back on the road to Santiago de Compostela and the possibility of finding solutions to the disturbances which suffered from very young.
Reflecting on the changes that have given my circumstances over the past three months, I thought again on the road to Compostela, but in a different way led me to write this article.
I've already walked the path but here in Venezuela and many people. The path of the pilgrimage begins when you start looking.
I began to seek answers to what happened to me at age 14. Dam suffered intensely for feeling in a world that he saw me and antagonistic to me like an extraterrestrial being who did not belong to that world.
When you're young it's easy to understand these arguments, but when you're young and you hear voices, see things that others do not, there are dimensional connections, perceive thoughts and emotions of others and predicts the future, adolescence becomes a mess. After adult
not understand why for so long I was in a psychiatric consultation determined that while not a mental disorder not responded to my concerns and fears as different. Now you have gone through my way to Santiago, I understand that was a way of sharing with someone but did not think helped to drain all that knowledge.
Twelve years ago I decided to do this activity at the time was a leap in all aspects, how to hold me, how to hold my responsibilities, what about my plan to arrive at a management, which others think of me. I spent five years without pay and that was the greatest proof that there was a force that would provide me with everything. Now thanks to the forces that made me feel pressured to do so. Finally I stopped being ashamed of being me and accept my status as a gift that comes to sharing.
The strength of a person is learning the skills but the underlying qualities within.
all have or are going through our own way to Santiago de Compostela, and I stopped looking and I'm finally letting go. I stopped arguing with this force that brings me, brings me a site, puts me in other places people in front of me and circumstances.
Where am I do not know at all. I know that when you get there, I know it is there where I wanted to go.
Maybe not everyone hears these voices, but I know that everyone can feel the strength of his heart. Do not struggle with yourself and let that guide you inner strength. HOROSCOPE
21/02 # 483 OF THE ARIES 27/02/2011
Days decisions, and decisions had to be taken and the delay. Dislikes be reflected in others but is yourself. Mature and relationships that lead to a change in the way you look at people. Resume objectives that were once your priority. TAURUS

It's time to assume a role of authority to which you fear or do not want to feel responsible. This authority relates to lead others to be guided without being responsible for them. There are also sentimental things in life that take a new turn to appear on stage situations that were frozen. GEMINI

Finally you realize that everything depended on you but that understanding is to act on that understanding. You reconcile with others and will be the consequence of acceptance of your own inner qualities. Your limitation is not as limited but you do not accept that you are also what limits you. CANCER

The money can now be your greatest concern but does not mean that the main reason for your concern but you're projecting economic circumstances. Search realize that these reflect on your shortcomings and see what your true lack. Here then is the source of your abundance, the connection with yourself. LEO
I filled occupations and evade your responsibility in what is the real reason for your circumstances. Although this attitude is part of learning about yourself leads you to search without answers. Ask yourself if you are building castles in the air. VIRGO

Last only represents an experience that gave you a lesson at that time. Anything that has elapsed since it was only part of the time. Now we must keep this point are the lessons and experiences encountered as these will form part of your memory forever. LIBRA

These entangled in your own world of thoughts. The positive is that you constantly think, maybe now things seem tangled, but the solutions are at the moment you decide to consciously look for them. You make concessions where others take responsibility for you and that is what will generate disorders. SCORPIO

process changes on the fly that have been experienced for some time. These changes represent the start and end time. See consistency of the situations when they start to manifest. Now you will feel an energy that takes you without realizing it. SAGITTARIUS

The true source of your material resources is the degree of connection with yourself. To the extent that you connect you can tell if your words are in tune with your actions. Reflect what people think and feel and not what they seem. Measure your success by the amount of satisfaction you get in your experiences. CAPRICORN

A journey that will change a destination. Sum of crossover events that lead to start a new path unknown to the person. Renewal of your thoughts that will align with the circumstances that you have been happening. Encounter with the past that represents cycles have closed. AQUARIUS

extreme fear that panic generate what is happening around you. These fears represent your resistance towards the changes already occurring and non-acceptance of reality that was already there. Regardless of this attitude, the changes are implemented quickly without pause to let you accept them. PISCES

circumstances are a result of past actions. There is no karma, but to assume the responsibilities. When you accept this, things will be easier to maintain and quit situations that make you constantly complain to see you as a victim of circumstances.


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