Sunday, February 27, 2011

Can I Give A Pine Tree Bark To My Rabbit

The Wave Pictures - Susan Rode The Cyclone (2010)

Extracted from my article for the Wall of Sound , Music blog :

" The Wave Pictures are so good that must be stopped as soon as possible we steal the the trendiest and modern (and are already on it.) Because they sound raw and authentic, because they make music because they have no complexes and really good songs.

Susan Rode The Cyclon and is not as good as the impressive Instant Coffee Baby , but far better than their previous album, If You Leave It Alone .

After more ten years between do it yourself and promotion underground step by step, the band sounds stimulating and different, with hints of influences as diverse as the Smiths , Jonathan Richman, the first Violent Femmes, Dire Straits or Townes Van Zandt .

That what you read out there do not be confused
: these guys are for real. And David Tattersall certainly is one of the best and most original guitarists who have appeared in time. "

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