Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If I Dvr Does The Show Get Ratings

THE HOROSCOPE # 481 from 07/02 to 13/02/2011 HOROSCOPE

There once was a seagull, which like the group they formed, had the same migratory habits. When he was born did not seem to survive and so grew a little abandoned the group, but this was not enough to break the behavior. Continuously
thought why should I make this journey, she did not seem logical because recent winters, almost did not get food and there were fights that often ended with other gulls wounds.
Another thing that also generated disagreement was that he thought it would be like the rest. The point is that every day the gull had more resistance seagulls follow his sisters.
One day, in the time of migration, there is an event that caused the gulls to disperse. Many died and others were lost and perished on too. But the gull I wanted a change, saw an opportunity not to follow the course of all. Advantage of this situation and walked away.
did not know where to go, only knew I wanted to see new things. After many hours flying, overcame fatigue and do not have a route to go.
arrived at a port where there were other birds, as recognized differently, began to attack until it went away. He had little strength because had not eaten anything in hours. Darkened and became a boat. There he found a hiding place for the night. Dropped a big storm.
appears a rat, did not know what animal it was. The rat says, what makes a seagull in these parts. You should run away from your sisters. She recounted what had happened without telling your desires to see different things.
The rat made her feel intimidated. She asked what kind of animal it was. And she said one was a rodent and I could eat but would not.
She did not sleep that night, was on edge. I thought what if I was crazy to challenge nature, which is why all went to the same place each winter. What it would be now. Die unnoticed.
Before the sun reached the rebound, went flying, looking away as possible from that place. He was forty-eight hours without eating and I knew I could not survive another day. Tired, hungry, let your fear of losing, and at that moment came to an island. It was deserted, looking to eat, he heard voices like those of the gulls and believed that his condition made her delirious. He flew across the island and saw other gulls. But did not recognize any accepted. Soon he began to eat and regain strength.
The next day he went and sought out the oldest of the group and told him what happened. She group said it belonged to a species gulls, they migrated within a territory. And she belonged to the species of them, so we always felt different. But what mattered was that its very nature was where I had to go.

HOROSCOPE # 481 from 07/02 to 13/02/2011 ARIES
Days of much confusion. Maybe things have delays. Need tune with the time to have an order from what you do and time. A situation which you are engaged and generates many repressed feelings. TAURUS

change of status. Situations that require you to make a new rearrangement in your situation to adjust to new things that will be appearing. Conquest in a public place that moves your emotions and exalt a limit unexpected. Money given to indecision. GEMINI

plans are continuously changing. Factors but do not depend on you if your attitudes are conditioned by the what you have not yet realized. Difficulties in one direction due to communication problems that may be old. CANCER

Approval of projects. Resources that represent the beginning of a new stage in your life. Finally the door opens so you searched. You require a lot of maturity to handle situations where others have you. Mental maturity based on the acquisition of new skills. LEO

unresolved conflict is causing you all the conditions you have. Even if you disagree you get to come to an agreement where others are majority. Situations that are hidden and can represent to you the end of a period dominated by anarchy. VIRGO

is considerable uncertainty surrounds your life now. Although the situation could be complicated, it is the mind that is looking really well. This makes you not feel safe at what they want and consequently hit upon a blockade. In the beginning you need to collect your thoughts and then put priorities. LIBRA

week that can be decisive in many respects. Although the sentimental no expectations can get that for some the love of his life other improve their interpersonal relationships. Travel defining a situation in the short term but may emerge unexpected changes. SCORPIO

If the economy was slow it's time to pay your commitments because things start to straighten again. But when you say you put an order in this area of \u200b\u200byour life and that you optimize your resources by investing in long-term projects. SAGITTARIUS

Life is a continuous learning and things are progressing the way the are defining. The important thing is that you take things from a better perspective to what you left solvents in the past. Everyone has their challenges and yours are still discovering. CAPRICORN

not fear the future. Your biggest obstacle is in your own limitations. Do not keep stopping the future and moving confidently towards what is moving. Maybe in the beginning you require more certainty or firmness in situations but that's like buying a ticket to be a winner. AQUARIUS

time you focused on your goals. This is generating now you see a result even small accomplishments. Although much still the most important thing would be the approach you have it. A situation where you can gamble what you've achieved so far. PISCES

is a period where if you win to overcome and leave behind what you come dragging but you can still sustain it and continue in the same situations that until now, everything depends on you. In another aspect there are businesses that never quite materialize because of the missing will.


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