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28/11/2010 HOROSCOPE # 471 from 15/11 to 21/11/2010 HOROSCOPE


Humanity is torn between fighting for individual interests and collective needs between the current regional characterized by a radical differentiation and the overall direction of society for human evolution.
Spiritual understanding is presented as a trend that integrates the individual from the condition of child, youth, adult, elderly, men, women, different roles they play and the environment where it interacts with the aim of claiming all the factors influencing health status and lead to the person to experience peace and better adapted to everyday life, enabling you to perform your responsibilities and challenges as an individual.

divided Traditional Medicine and Alternative Therapies Complementary Therapies are a number of different systems, practices, products and natural elements based on improving the health of body, mind and spirit through the search for the origin of diseases.
Complementary Medicine is one that is used in conjunction with conventional medicine and alternative therapies are the methods used as substitutes for some conventional health treatments.

comprise a wide spectrum of disciplines and schools of thought. Holistic is based on because it has a way of seeing things whole, whole, whole, in its complexity, allow to appreciate the interactions, characteristics and processes that would be due if observed separately.

From this perspective, we define health as a state of reasoning, interpretation, biological, social, singular and interdependent that involves a man with society, culture, politics, economics, history, environment, etc. with the purpose of providing a state of wellness and disease as part of the dynamics of life experience because it is the physical expression of the polarity that exists in humans, which manifests itself through physical symptoms, emotional, mental, social economic, relational, etc. So no we can separate the health of the disease.

The use of traditional medicine is diverse and its application dates back thousands of years. Currently there are methods that have proven effective in treating a wide range of ailments according to research done in various countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada and the United States.

Criticism of alternative medicine are many, because not all branches are adequately controlled and there are no accurate statistics that express how many experiments were controlled. It would need to have access to government health systems to collect these statistics required regulation.
In many countries, Traditional medicine has only achieved a degree of coexistence with conventional medicine from a well-established legal framework, which has allowed some level of integration into the formal health system.
In a study done between March and December 98 in order to know the status of the regulation of traditional medicine in nine countries of America and the Caribbean found that the regulation of traditional medicine is done by applying a body of law. The applications of these instruments showed poor accuracy due to the lack of capacity of public institutions to implement a control limiting the creation of a legal framework.
In Venezuela in 2001 through an opinion of the president, called for the establishment of a regulation. It created the National Commission on Complementary Therapies for advising the Ministry of Health and Social Development in the analysis, review, elaboration and implementation of a regulation, and regulation, supervision, teaching and research in this area but so far there has been more progress.

regulation of traditional medicine and complementary treatment options there is a complex process. First, because many therapists do not have training or recognized and standardized training, formal recognition requires defining more precise criteria, including aspects such as experience and evaluation of service users. The second is the broad spectrum of disciplines which means there is a difficulty to assess their technical implementation and effectiveness.

regulation can not be addressed under the assumption that health is an option only, but as a demand for techniques and systems that have been practiced for centuries.
is necessary to recognize the importance of regulation to control the exercise and training of professionals to ensure the quality of services rendered and which is incorporated into the Health Act to form part of the government health system, and allow these therapies are covered by health plans, to finance research projects on the topic and create at the School of Higher Education to study these disciplines.

Given this scenario, it becomes an urgent need for regular treatment options that are included within the formal health systems, focusing on a universal vision of who we are that we integrate from all aspects.

HOROSCOPE # 471 from 15/11 to 21/11/2010
Fight for control. You let yourself be carried away by temperament. Violent or decisions taken by force. Group that is kept isolated by conflict interpersonal. Setting boundaries in relationships. TAURUS

Small movements although there is some drawbacks that go driving. Approach to man that opens doors. Feel that handle situations and that something is handled for you. GEMINI

You put an end to a period of conflict. Approach then definitely stay away from a situation. Development of ideals that go according to your thinking. Lack of maturity to handle relationships. CANCER
things at home. Intimate moments with someone close. I want to move but yet nothing in particular. Seek peace within yourself to clarify thoughts and take a safe direction. LEO

shaky ground. It requires some thought the situation for further action. We call for greater commitment and your lack of security will not let you. Families that need your support. You lose something in your home. Distrust towards the couple. VIRGO

negotiations to bear fruit. More effort is required for several projects but of those who are with you. Do not assume other responsibilities. Let everyone express their views. 're Upset about the situation. LIBRA

Some things need more perseverance and consistency. Castles in the air. Something that falls under its own weight. Woman who requires dinero. Incongruencia en lo que te dicen y no crees porque son muchas excusas. Discusión fuerte que sirve para que las cosas se aclaren y cerrar un ciclo.
Solidez en lo que haces aunque no te ves muy seguro. Puedes sentir que caminas a ciegas pero es una fuerza superior quien te guía. Es importante que refuerces tu fe en ti mismo evitando pensamientos que te descalifican.
Momento de desarrollo porque al no ver oportunidades esto se convierte en tu verdadera oportunidad. Lamentas tener que dejar algo que te está produciendo un perjuicio. Sigue tu línea de dirección y verás cambios en tus actividades.
Lentitud en desarrollo de nuevos projects. Is weighted based on descriptions that are not accurate. Expectations are not realized. Take the lead and the others were waiting for you to. AQUARIUS

more mature in your actions. Vas closed cycles and open new options. Travel is not defined yet but to be concrete. Much effort and it's hard to get things done. Looking for a change but there is no correspondence in stock. PISCES

There is a synchronicity between you and what you are. Assume greater authority on proposals where you have the highest percentage. You must be objective in relationships and put aside old grudges if you decide to reactivate relationship.


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