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How To Testjeep Relays


ALL times were better ....
Once, there are two people waiting in a clinic room to meet with a seer. It was late that day and the seeing was very exhausted. The two passed, which left them very astonished and said to them, continually do different things in my work and today I decided that although not known, I'll do an experiment with you. I'll do a consultation where I will say the same for both, as an experiment, I will not charge. Then you come in a year and tell me the truth of the facts that I am going to say.
He began his inquiry, without paying much attention to the beaming faces of the people, did a personality profile, described behaviors, then talked about possible events, starting as follows, more or less.
Within the next twelve months, their lives will be very blurred. Have a radical change in its activities initially will be traumatic, it will take to break relations have maintained for decades. Fall into a depression so strong that will make a dent in their private lives and end up breaking their relationship. After ten months will see light again and start a new life that is characterized by owning their destinations. Might even get lucky on the random and recover all lost at that time.
When he finished, the men are still stunned, they say, but as you say the same for both if we are different.
The seer just said, this is an experiment, so I can not tell you more thing, if you want to come back in a year. They left there confused and made no effort to meet, but everyone kept going.
Thus passed the first ten months, and actually both lived similar situations. He who had claimed, quickly succumbed to his fate, ended a relationship than twenty years, grabbed the alcohol, and after the year was to play a lottery to remember what he said the seer, and won, but ended up losing everything in alcohol.
The other, did not lose their jobs, the company for which they worked went bankrupt ten months decided to form a company and applied for credit, the company had absorbed a year customers had the other so that their growth was rapid . Not won any lottery.
the end of that year they were available in the office of the seer, and told them the events of that year. And deaths of curiosity asked what was the experiment.
The seer says: I was always amazed at my ability to predict and see people who do not know, as people usually do not tell me or does not return, the concern was really predict whether an event was an absolute status. And you have shown me that life is very curious, because it really puts you circumstances but each person decides how to experience them.
The most amazing man did not understand why the experiment, and this finally said, the day they came in a query I made to a person before you saw that in three years the world would end, although there are still two years now I have the certainty that everyone can contribute to the circumstances are different.
hope that the stories they like, as all, I tacking at the same time I start writing because I visualize in my mind, so I tell it myself at that time.
The moral of the story, what I can do to change the fate of what happens in the world and what you can do ...?



a week where everything starts moving very slowly. Resolve past differences and return to a space that bereavement. Others may be very emotionally stirred and put off things to do. Something that follows its natural course. TAURUS

probably are not very objective and you're now seeing things from a victim stance. Although this is a momentary period will generate a lot of uncertainty at the time to act. The positive is that you let your emotions aside and act. Past situations that are repeated. GEMINI

There is pressure by the media to participate in situations that you do not agree. But you may not see now but later convenience. In another aspect, the routine has become tedious and requires you to make a change in your thoughts to adapt them to your reality. Projected changes after December. CANCER

regarding regulatory reform or policy to do something. Think that this new mechanism will only lead to further delays in the process will agree. There are situations that take you deeper into your thoughts and want to seek a change but not very fast. LEO

Repeating patterns. Lack of concentration to do routine activities. You need to set guidelines and parameters in your life just for you. There claim would represent situations where it has been largely underestimated but you contribute. VIRGO

After a long process of maturation through experiences and decisions have reached the point where they implement a new vision that will show the changes gestated within. Development of ideas elsewhere. LIBRA

immediate changes on the fly. Unexpected situations. Broadcast media. Do not wait for an answer go look and if necessary, he insists. Enjoy your special day in resort. SCORPIO

You channel information for others. Succumb to external pressures. No need to believe what you see because you are at a point where you can set your own beliefs and experience them. SAGITTARIUS

much physical discomfort, but it seems that these somatizing situations that come dragging. There is an improvement in one aspect of your relationships. Think that everything will run its course and it is. Reconciliation with people who moved away a year ago. CAPRICORN

interesting proposal that changes the outlook about your activities. Amendments to documents at the last minute. It should establish guidelines before finalizing. Removal is delayed. AQUARIUS

You receive an award dedicated to your efforts. Mature project that has worked throughout this year. Come to light old legal disputes. Predominates Your impulsive nature when you make decisions and then retract. PISCES

acknowledge your actions and this will be the starting point for reconciliation. Spacing your circle of relationships. I made back in a signed contract. Development of circumstances related to legal issues.


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