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Lemons Bad For Rabbits

22/11 # 472 OF THE


High ESP is a quality with which certain people are born to them allows capacity to predict the future, connect with the emotions of others, see parallel worlds and interact with them, see or communicate with people who have died, have insight, to receive messages from higher beings, move objects and a wide range of capabilities.

What many do not realize is what it means for people to live with these talents. While this can be very helpful, especially when you have a mastery of the skill, the reality is that people are subjected to a lot of energy by metabolizing energy centers (chakras) in people generating altered states of continuous physical level awareness and may even produce somatoforms.

The psychological aspect, the lack of understanding or management, the environment where the person grows and its acceptance will strictly moderate their behavior toward these talents creating multiple conflicts and behavioral problems, fears, rejection of the spiritual, environmental isolation, failure to thrive in other aspects of life, suffering and emotional pain, mental and physical.

living together for a long time with these capabilities in the person generates a total rejection of his spiritual condition, God, other people and finally a temporary or permanent denial of a lock as well as recognition possibility of developing in the body that create diseases and ailments of various natures and intensities.

The reasons why many people have these talents are still unknown but many manage to transcend the era in which birth and create things that are changing the world.

Despite all the information explosion today, yet it is difficult for these people to find places where they can feel fully integrated and accepted without having to hide their abilities.

am a person who was born with this condition, I have lived much internal suffering over thirty years. This reason led me to get an idea about God and religion in a very practical aspect and the other with little or no conviction. Although in the past twelve years has dramatically improved my attitude toward my powers, these remain a serious cause disturbance.

The main reason for the work I do today is the determination to find answers to my shocks. Parallel to find, I have also helped other people in my condition to improve their acceptance towards integrating themselves into society and the environments in which they were born, which took me twenty years.

I give this information to people who are around people with these powers can understand. We tend to be taciturn, we isolate ourselves from time by a strong need for solitude and silence. Contemplation is one of our greatest pleasures making large and excellent observers. We can experience extreme changes in behavior as the vibrations that we are connecting and are very sensitive to what happens around us. It can be difficult to understand the vision we have of things, creating conflicts of communication with people around us. Although there are times where we have more disruption this is moderated by that we use our capabilities. Each person is different but in general disturbances characterize them all.

I tell people this happens they are not alone, there are many people who are in this condition and that soon we will know exactly the main reason for the condition with which we were born.

In future times we will feel like a fish in water while those who never lived with this condition have difficulty managing the level of energy that exist.

I want to thank the people who are close to me to tolerate.

HOROSCOPE # 472 THE 22/11 TO 28/11/2010


not accept stagnation reality. Continuous game where you repeat the same situation. Although there have been difficulties in the development of economic projects these will be resolved promptly and within the expectations you have. The family requires an analysis of their values.


decisions which radically affect your current situation. Unexpected trip you should do because it will bring fundamental changes in your life by opening new opportunities to other lands. Many internal pressure which represents the changes that are giving internally. Safety Tips for the future actions will determine which rules are implemented that will give your life what you need.


period where everything is continuously moving. touches you do a thorough analysis of the situations around you and interpersonal relations. Crash on startup that has not permitted you pass the first phase of the situations. Nuisance connection with person from whom you distances. Repeat the past.



short-term thinking. Several projects related to the professional. Assume a new status within an environment where there will be plenty of competition. Celebration in family entertainment.


Circumstances moving economic environment. Alliances and agreements that will be a benefit but also a source of conflict. Friendships need to set limits. Fixed terms and conditions in negotiations with precision. You stand out in a medium of communication.


Lack of concentration and dispersion. Emotions riots. Inconsistent communications. The lack of solidarity is a factor that will influence categorically in a relationship. Insecurity to act. Dimes and direct work environment.


You are locked in your own views. You question when taking action. Continually postponing a situation that will bring a change. Fear of the future is reflected in the circumstances you live. Changes in daily life.


situations are defined in the affected area. Approach Moving to another country that will not be realized immediately. Many things revolve around you and you'll be on the lips of many. Improve your physical appearance. Makeover. Rejuvenation. Mature in the professional aspects where you will be making several changes.


Reunion with people in the past. Then leave you in a situation where others do not take responsibility fully. Tangled domestic situations. Lack of support. Worried about current economic situation. Something at the last minute to postpone due to lack of consensus.


something that falls under its own weight. Leave behind the circumstances which have represented a limitation be afraid to release them though. Two roads where you must decide for one. Do not fear the future because this will be different. Start working in an area that is totally different.


legal decision where you will not be favored. You need to know how to stick to the circumstances and how they can succeed independently. Romantic matters are clarified. Children with difficulties in school.


Still flowing between expectations and why things do not materialize. Business group meeting where there was a proposal that will have high expectations but there is nothing in particular. Claim by a woman. Open new doors.


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