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How Long Are Your Tonsils Swollen With Mono


Marco Antonio is a boy who came into the world surrounded by celebrations of his birth. Before birth, his parents and family, had made at least three celebrations. His arrival brought much joy to the world around them and by their parents, luck as well. It was the first in everything and the only subsequent circumstances and also grew surrounded by pampering and care.
is not known if both the child care or because they have a deficiency, he began to walk late, talk later, but when he did, did not stop to sleep and take a nap. As a child
nature endowed with a beauty, had a knack for all you give, and not his birthday.
However, life changes from one moment to another, and soon after birth his parents separated, even in times of diapers. Marco Antonio's mother went to work in another city, not far, but it is worth to stay all week and saw the weekends. The boy began to suffer from tonsillitis acute and obesity was also smiling character spoiled but became sullen and bitter.
Her mother not to lose contact with the child who was very small and could not explain what was happening, began to tell stories that were traditional but included messages for him to understand things that her mother could not explain further.
This produced a series of weekly stories during the five years they were separated, the mother of Mark Antony had her little to keep communication with the child.
had a town glad that every year celebrating Christmas from the first day of December.
Together they disagreed to make preparations for Christmas and New Year. Sought in the pine forest taller and leafy, which placed in the main square, where each family contributed to the decorations that would place the pine.
groups were formed to be responsible for the various activities to be carried out on those dates. There was also a choir composed of children who gathered in the church and carousing and singing carols.
In this choir was a very special child, who was called pedrito. Pedrito was nine years, despite his young age and composed songs organized groups. You could say that pedrito was the soul of the holidays.
One day before Christmas, pedrito felt bad, he tried to ignore his discomfort to participate in the festivities, but was gradually drawn. Came to feel so bad I could not leave his house, but continued to organize the choir from there.
That Christmas was one of the best despite pedrito unable to leave home. The villagers felt bad to feel so happy knowing that pedrito could not participate in games and food that were made.
Passing the holidays to pedrito diagnosed with a terminal illness and dies shortly later.
The village used to be happy was plunged into sadness and for five years did not come to celebrate any holidays because it brought back painful memories about the boy who became the life of the party.
A year before December, arrived in town a young man, brought little baggage. As in any small town, causing curiosity. On his own initiative began to encourage the villagers to organize Christmas but they paid little attention.
The man without being deterred by this, was brought to a pine forest and beautiful as never before seen. She placed in the main square and lit. He gathered a group of children and formed a choir, which sang Christmas carols and carousing in the square every afternoon.
On Christmas day in the church, the young man sang, and everyone is shocked because her voice reminded him of the voice of that child who died in the past.
All left the church and went home and brought tables, chairs, food and shared by all. The man was gone and I went to look at the house where he had come to realize that he had gone, never heard of this man.
spent three weeks in the village and changed the attitude of all the people who decided to honor the memory of that child who had died in the past celebrating Christmas. Thus was born the legend the boy who invented Christmas.

"The year of Marco Antonio's mother told the story, was the last year they were separated, his mom finally got one of his biggest dreams, to be with your child. When that time arrived, the baby was now nearly nine years, and his mother touched him undertake the task of teaching as if the three years I had when I stopped living together. "
this child's mother me, and thanks to He took the momentum for 16 years to heal my life.

HOROSCOPE # 473 of 13/12 to ARIES
tendency to leave everything to the last minute. You let yourself be influenced by someone who can make you change your mood. There are delays in travel, but all will go as expected. Auditors who change intention. You'll be a little depressed and doubtful. TAURUS

seems that plans change. But you probably do not plan to end up doing anything and everything. Receive many invitations but you'd prefer to stay to sort things for the past year. A last minute change of mind about something and the year begins with great promise. GEMINI

These days you shall make an effort to not spend a lot or at least as accurate. But things will be difficult because you undertake. There is a place that you avoid going but end up with a group going. Be reasonable in your view because not everyone has the same opinion. The family is your weak point. CANCER

Things are quiet but feel concern for solution you have to have at the beginning of the year. We present two ways in which you have to take one. You let yourself be manipulated by someone close to you look for in a mean-spirited that you desist to stay with what you do. LEO

end of the year will be a little peculiar. You may experience a loss that will be a surprise for everyone. In another aspect touches you find a solution to your employment and financial situations in a decisive way. Many dislike injustice. VIRGO

are in a time of change. In one aspect pick the fruits sown this year. You will make specific changes on decisions you made, but to streamline processes. On an emotional level situations occur which conclude and start giving them to others that require greater maturity and organization if you want to experiment. LIBRA

discussions are presented in a changing environment you had scheduled. Trip does not convince you and where you spend upset in a transit. Take care of your luggage. Separation becomes more apparent these days and what comes to light hidden public. SCORPIO

You make a balance of the year will be fruitful for you. At the end of the year to improve things were detained or standing. You get a surprise call. You find out or confirm things you knew. Intuition is heightened to channel what you want. SAGITTARIUS

'll be busy until the last day. Wanted to do a little break and this trip was postponed to the first day of the month. Could be a little sad but at the end of the week all improvement. Deal with your circumstances in a proactive and give you a better view of reality.
'll be something alone these days and if it were not so you feel alone. Feel nostalgia for something that you lived this year and let you dial. Leave behind stage and the beginning of the year brings new perspectives in various fields. Possible move. AQUARIUS

take risks
situation where you start seeing results but spent a shock because you thought would not happen. You make arrangements for something to be channeled through another person, but maybe it's important to follow your instincts and tell people who are not so close to you. PISCES

heavy because it will be days you can not make demands comply fully. In another aspect of family conflict occurs because you decide to do something and not to participate. You need to rethink your situation for next year and especially the way you make decisions.


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