Thursday, December 23, 2010

What To Write In A Sister Wedding Card

27/12 to 02/01/2011 # 474 from 20/12 to 26/12/2010

provide an opportunity I want a happy holiday in the company their families and loved ones. Hoping that next year will open your consciousness to a greater good.
Many have the custom of making an assessment of what was once the year ends, this may be disappointing, according to the criteria they use but if you use a broader perspective could be beneficial.
I give another alternative to make an assessment. First
assessments are subject to the criteria used, the measurement is supported by the facts but also the views which have evaluated the accuracy could never be exact because it involves several factors that can be argued. First
reassesses the purposes you did this year. Ask yourself what aspects were based on the feasibility and your intention to carry them out. Second
make a retrospective of the events that occurred that you consider outstanding. You can focus on general or specific areas. After
is like a summation. As you expected, it raised the previous year, what happened, you draw a conclusion.
The difference here is that when you do this you will be using a different perspective.
buy a car Year 2009 Year 2010
not buy it.
Conclusion: No resources met.
New Perspective: I was not sure what wanted to do and no specific term.
Proposal for 2011: Draft savings by taking this action to buy the car.
What is the difference that your proposal is that the goals are going to set you to achieve your purpose.
Suppose this is not something that you set out on last year.
How was this year in the sentimental aspect: There was a breakdown in the relationship
Conclusion: I was depressed, I never want to have another relationship, I still have not resolved the situation.
New Perspective: I was depressed. The breakup schemes mean a break in my life. A situation that went beyond was dragging. I'm in the process of learning and reflection through the relationship I have with the person who broke it. I take this opportunity to realize something in my projected in the other person and finally release and attract relationships that are in another level of frequency.
Obviously here is a different interpretation of the facts, learning occurs and a change of vibrational frequency diagrams and all.
It is ultimately the decision of each one that is tempered by the awareness that everyone has at this time.

HOROSCOPE # 474 from 20/12 to 26/12/2010 Period
where elements to be alone produces an internal decision-making product of circumstances in conflict and where there is no order. This takes you to start a new period in your life. The lunar eclipse affects your emotional life to an internalization of what you are living to be conscious. TAURUS

moments where you are about to leave the state of stagnation and that's because you finally get tired and take charge of something. This opens a completely new landscape that is characterized by a journey to uncharted territory. The eclipse affects you with exploration new things. GEMINI

situation that connects you with the relations from a perspective that makes your life and leads you to evaluate in general from areas where you are and what you feel. Availest you to situations that were limiting and now you put the rules. The eclipse affects you in your mind when you order generarte much disturbance. CANCER

Still on the expectation of what you want to happen and what they promise. Despite that reality is still very different from this. The transformations have been growing in you and make you look drop initially. The lunar eclipse affects you in the fall of veils that you have to realize. LEO

You are at the peak of the ferris wheel and from there you feel you have a command of everything. You should also take into account these evaluations only one perspective and that reality is changing strategy would therefore be able to see also other scenarios. The lunar eclipse affects you in a fight to stay. VIRGO

are clinging to something that you drop from your hands. This represents the beginning of a power through a talent that is triggered in you to connect from another alternative. You will be experiencing different possibilities until you find something you connect to you. The lunar eclipse affects you in the back of a situation. LIBRA

confluence several things were driving and you can be confusing. Follow your instincts and finally break up with something that has been limited this year. Developing a strong intuition. The lunar eclipse affects you with a capacity to come on to the future. SCORPIO

Great moment for you where the opportunities you give yourself. You take out things you've been looking for. Conditions are provided for wherever you go. Suddenly everything has another vision. The eclipse affects you in power. SAGITTARIUS

State of disappointment will be the end of a stage where the union to realize the most important thing have. Create strategies to address a situation that is temporary. The eclipse affects you with abandon. CAPRICORN

Remodeling environments. Removals. Situations characterized by improving or seeking comfort. Vences circumstances with people close to you. The eclipse affects you with the balance of opposites and legal status. AQUARIUS

total renovation of your ideas. Triumph of the new over the old. Reassessment to establish criteria. All things that cross towards the same destination. The eclipse affects you with magnetism. PISCES

discomfort, anger, suppressed emotions. Other projects in your responsibilities. Decision postponed for a long time it takes to quickly take action on anything in particular. The eclipse affects you in a relationship.


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