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One time a woman is in the office and tells me he wants to work their relationships but in a very specific way.
want to have a relationship, decided she's ready, he also wants to have kids but ... will continue in his profession, a husband does not want to interfere in its decisions, which have their own income and be independent because at this point is not very good willingness to want to share their efforts with a man.
heard only, I did quite a few questions other specific issues and then left. This was long ago and at that moment I thought that was what I wanted to. Three years later I thought, I have to wait for something to be a certain way because I experience what I draw from a few months ago I just want to experience.
We live in a world that has grown dramatically over the past three decades. Those who already had babies do not see or imagine what is now within our grasp. In other areas there have been many changes in different areas, these changes have also caused a change in interactions, making them more ephemeral, or perhaps less deep or maybe there is proximity without intimacy.
So we are surrounded by many people, at different times of the year, times how are you, and we feel alone, and we feel empty, and we feel we lack something, and start looking for answers, and avoid situations with others, and many justifications.
What is proximity without intimacy. According to Dante, hell. But in another aspect represents a world in which we relate to interact physically but emotionally, so we remove our clothes.
I think it may be an allegory of purgatory or hell too but from another perspective, indicates that live isolated in a world of millions of people, avoiding contact to not feel vulnerable or charades devoid of images we take, or simply to avoid commitment.
most surreal thing is that it only happens with people who have nothing to do with us, but with family, partners, parents, friends, colleagues and countless other cases. Then we go to vent our sorrows, our expectations, our desires, what we really are people who do not have anything to do with us because we feel confident in our world.
How this can influence our lives in the world within us. How much it costs, cost each country or the world.
's just a theme for thought and reflection.
'S HOROSCOPE # 475 27/12 to 02/01/2011

The end of the year is presented with some unexpected and last minute changes. You may be upset about something but you will make a final agreement. Going to a place where you will feel very comfortable and can generarte bad mood. Avoid excesses. TAURUS

This end of year can be productive and get some money you did not expect. Stress offset by others. Breaking barriers. Beginning the year you take a new authority. GEMINI

This new year will face a decision. You'll find two ways. Different perspectives that gives you a vision different from the situation. Public event where you get a surprise. You can receive a proposal on the last day of the year. CANCER

This end of the year will make arrangements for your home. You'll be surrounded by family and friends these days. A conflict may arise sentimental level that will keep you depressed and not say anything until you decide to release it. LEO

Your emotions may be riots and feel offended easily. Slowness in place for what you need to arm yourself with patience and wait for the authorities to resolve. It is good time to start back thoughts of the accused projects and next year. VIRGO

This end of year is a trip where there may be an encounter with someone with whom you have something to do. Processes are activated arrested and something that was stuck is reactivated. Your turn impose your will on a matter in which others claim the opposite. LIBRA

is important that you handle your emotions these days. Deposit occurs in a group clash. See something in a public place that causes you great surprise. You have some stomach discomfort or excess food product that. SCORPIO

determining which generates a drastic change in the situation. Encounter with a past situation where things were pending clarification. Closes a cycle You can open another in the same circumstances. SAGITTARIUS

These days you get to fix things at the last minute. Meeting in a group where you participate to integrate other things. Solidifies a society in which you participate. Project starts beginning of the year. Let things flow as they may at the last moment there is a change in plans. CAPRICORN

Ends the year thinking about the past. News breaking them, giving peace of mind insecurity. Agreements with the man who is strict. Beware of what you say in where you say it. Stomach problems and nervous system. AQUARIUS

These days you'll feel a little lonely despite being surrounded by many people. Something will generate both a joy and great sadness. Decision you have to take starting the year will cause much anxiety. Conflicts with people close to generate confusion and perhaps the search for external intervention. PISCES

hope reborn in this new year for you. Safely return to attitudes that were normal on you after a long time. Sales of a state of isolation and the year starts with good energy. Thanks.


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