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Gift For Friends Announcing They Having A Baby

20/03/2011 HOROSCOPE 28/02 # 484 OF THE


A partner is someone with whom we are fully identified at all levels. Although different from us. Which gives us the opportunity to grow individually and carry out our mission in life because it represents a supplement.

The relationship is intended to ensure that its members transcend through love and the merging of their bodies and souls, their own personality.

This relationship allows us to learn about ourselves and develop our potential.

Love allows us to improve our quality of life, and is a catalyst that heals wounds through forgiveness. If you can not heal, not love.

emotional deficiencies cause confusion, creating false expectations of the people who are on our side.

A relationship is an energy around it, contributing to strengthening the individuals comprising it, leading to realize their individual and collective projects, and expanding everything that is created within it.

The relationships lead us to experience different roles. Involves relationships of friendship, fellowship, family, marriage, etc.

In life we \u200b\u200bhave patterned several relationships, and in each we're going to find features that will have our match.

separations generated by the need to project on people our own shortcomings, schemes and stereotypes for the environment, and by the end of the cycle of the relationship or individual.

The relationship involves to an engagement capability that includes any adversity that may arise during the duration of the relationship.

Life is a temporary measure whose moments are common elements of space, time and all represent a continuous learning process.

Transience generates cycles, which are levels of consciousness that will eventually produce a full understanding of the moment that we are experiencing.

Continued choices made through thought, emotion and action, be aware or unconscious, make possible this time or cycles.

The circumstances that bind two people in a given moment, unstoppable, are changing and everyone is going to be assimilated as their own perspective, if these changes leads to internal changes, resulting in change its current view on this relationship, is likely to emerge that separate elements, changing the expectations we have of the relationship or themselves. This is where it requires sincerity and honesty to face this reality and not evade it through another relationship, or different poses.

have to do a thorough analysis of the relationship and assess whether there are elements that can provide continuity to it.

relationship is continually renewed because its members are mature, although individual cycles are not equal, is that matured enough to understand each other and trying to overcome all times.

is far from reality, believe it will last until the death with someone since you are young. End beliefs influence the ways in which each person relates to others. Without ceasing to be unstable emotionally, it is imperative that each person herself and is known know what are the values \u200b\u200bthat she needs in a relationship.

Love is one, just in a range where each state is experienced and expressed differently.

Compréndete yourself and be understanding to others.

HOROSCOPE # 484 THE 28/02 TO 06/03/2011


There is much confusion in your environment. This can generarte some instabilities deciding to do something or not. Chocking proposal but will be temporarily. It is important to keep your base fairly stable so it does not lose the thread of what you do.


These focus on productivity. This is good because it makes being in the here and now and focus you energy on an issue which you are working. In another aspect it is important to reflect on the benefit to you in whatever you do, it does not get frustrated or feel a victim of the situation.


Changes and changes around you. Complaints about things that have no justification. Uncertainty to determine what you want in the medium to long term. This situation is continually fluctuating. You let yourself be guided by what others believe.


Still a line of ideas that will pay off but sometimes are not very consistent with your goals. Lack of real intention in what you decide to do and it is likely that the limitations here. People who commit you and your commitment level is not the same as yours.


The family is an aspect that needs work. It is healthy to postpone situations that are important but can be put aside while or a time for you to devote to family. On the other hand there is someone who needs your assistance.


These bound by your own thoughts. They connect you to situations that have expired long ago. Anger and disappointment that have a motive but may be exaggerated for reasons. Situation that allows you to rest well.


Time to renew

. Accept the situation and find a real change. Many situations are generated from the changes that are created at the last minute. Journey to develop events that connect you to a future expansion.


abandon a state where the other brought some ownership in your events. New opportunities through someone coming back to your life and gives a twist to your projects. Accept things as they are unfolding.


Your decision is critical at the time of forming new aspect in your life. Those in search of that change but you realize you're still sustaining and nurturing old patterns. Remember that everything is a learning and you are your own experiment.


Emergence of a new development model. This holds in particular opportunities that are based on what you're doing. Associations will not be advantageous to you to determine the critical points which should be based.


discomfort, malaise, listlessness, apathy. Nothing connects you to the world. It's just a moment but can be very unpleasant. It is recommended that you take decisions and would need to take a temporary break or walk away from daily life. Things are changing and even now is not soon see.


Finally, everything starts to starts. Solutions to arrive but are conditional upon closing cycles. So if this will get money to solvents commitments. Doors open but to let all settled. The reason is that it is a change that will last all year in that process.


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