Monday, January 31, 2011

Smokie First Time Audition

# 480 of 31/01 / at 06/01/2011 HOROSCOPE

One morning as either a woman faces the everyday ordinariness of life and breath thinks his life is tedious and boring . Every breath emitting was an appeal to Heaven "God please get me outta here" but nothing happened. Night came and with it all the obligations to continue the next day. But that particular day, it seems that their pleas were able to answer. He felt a voice inside said, "every day I give a signal" it looked to all sides, as she was alone. He thought: I have not seen yet. Then the voice said last time: "Every time your heart beats I'm giving you a chance"
These words made her first feel embarrassed and then got the urge to mourn because he had forgotten the value of be alive.
This happens every day to us all. The day becomes a routine, becomes routine weeks, months and routine and the year unfolds. It may appear that nothing happens differently and more importantly, this is not what we're waiting, but that's not the truth.
Every day something else happens, we are so absorbed in our own thoughts, our conflicts and dissatisfactions that we perceive and we lose the true meaning of living each day, the experience of existence, to feel your heart beating and you may want.
something to learn from those with a terminal illness goes through a traumatic experience, or something that breaks their schemes is the value to life. I think we need not wait a moment to become aware.
Everyone has a situation right now is important, regardless of this, the experience of being alive is beyond the fact it is ultimately what keeps us in the circumstances.
Let the substance of which are made to fill your life now, breathe the opportunity to experience that is in every breath. Connect with a real sense of your experience here and now, which is simply being alive to experience. Today
do not lament, do not complain, tolerant, forgiving, reaches consensus.
have many things but most important is always the chance of being alive.
HOROSCOPE # 480 of 31/01 / to 06/01/2011
These days may be turbulent. Situations around you that can break your schemes especially if you're not coping. I want out of a commitment but you did. Agreement between two parties but will not become effective until the middle of next month for various reasons. TAURUS

These days you will be very moved especially because there are things that were arrested and begin to move. New proposals can go to take you to consider things that are asked so far. Love will be a feature of your current circumstances. GEMINI

These days are discoveries. Comes to light things hidden. You may know the person in whom you trusted has not been very honest with you. All this will help you understand you've been in a fictional reality and make you break up with false beliefs that hold you back. CANCER

Your mind will not help things get better even if there will be an improvement in your situation. All things will go as you planned. Now you have to wonder if that's really what you want because you have many fears and expect otherwise. LEO

These warrior, fighting with everyone. Not everything is as you see and you will realize this. Success based on the amount of satisfaction you get and not for the struggles you fight. There is a situation where sometimes not, but you have a success because it will achieve that harmony is reached but not what you want. VIRGO

situations you produce internal suffering. Something where you feel adrift. Feelings of loss. Strong connection with things that you underestimate and hinder your spiritual development. Conflict in an environment of power struggle. LIBRA

influencing legislation processes and this can get you out of your mind. Now the control is in the hands of another person but maybe it suits you because it allows you to loosen responsibilities. Situations the others may have a profound effect on how you're on. SCORPIO

Someone comes to you with information that will be very convenient for you. Processes are accelerated suddenly. Something with media. Irregularities in documents but do not say it's your turn. The money starts flowing back into rhythm. SAGITTARIUS

at family situations that need resolution. The solution is in the hands of all but is likely to touch you assume a leadership role in this. The affair has been claiming their space and you do not you may have noticed it yet. CAPRICORN

Signing the contract. Renewal of contract. Application is accepted. It reinforces a situation that has been working. Everything will be at your convenience and is important to let other processes involved. AQUARIUS

You assume responsibilities to a new environment where circumstances have greater autonomy to make decisions and change what you want. There will be a meeting where they make an announcement. In another sentimental aspect there are situations that cause you great distress and fear that require address it. PISCES

situation where there are lies that are discovered. Something that even though you have time can also be counterproductive for you. Insecurity to act that is based on stagnation or unresolved situations. You have to take a chance to exit gracefully.


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