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How Fast Can You Recover From A Mild Stroke

DEL 03/01 # 476 # 475 AL09/01/2011

Happy New Year. Life can seem like an obstacle course but we can beat them, hopefully this year our hopes were not surrender, faith and love will be strengthened to expand this year to achieve our goals.
Without any intention of wanting to offend anyone, I want to talk about a subject that concerns many.
When we refer to the level of insecurity in the cities our comments are based on descriptions and arguments based on personal experiences, or opinions from other media, yet we seldom stop to think or analyze what really exists behind this situation. Why
crime exists, what factors influence how offenders are formed, what drives a person to commit a crime and what is the responsibility of society. Surely
dealing with security area know these answers, but I dare to give my point of view.
I think the existence of the crime is circumstantial but there are many factors that cause but that the principal is the dynamic that determines the life in society.
I believe that the offender is a victim of this dynamic but also think it's his choice. Among the factors that determine the trend crime is family dysfunction, behavioral problems, socioeconomic problems, biology, personal conflicts, etc.
What role society plays in this situation. The system of laws explicitly defines the rules to be observed, when we assign the name and registered at us, although we are small we are accepting these standards as well. Despite this set of rules that eventually grows, structures and institutions that preserve them, crime is growing, moreover, it has become necessary to establish new rules to standardize the new shares that are considered a crime .
Security expenditures of states tends to grow We also clear that the population grows, but also crime, unfortunately, in some cities in proportion to population growth.
The theme is very broad, has multiple points of view according to who is asking or listening, all in some form and degree have been exposed to this situation and most importantly, what we see as a problem state.
heard a man whose job is to defend the rights of those deprived of liberty. Just coming of age committed a crime for which he was given 14 years in prison. His behavior earned him a reprieve to the years of his sentence. During his time in jail made radical changes in his life, completed his studies and decided to promote the sport within the prison where he was held and became a sort of leader to promote sporting activities among the prisons. Said in the interview that when he made assessments to determine if they gave him a pardon, the psychologist asked him why he thought he deserved, he said he wanted to study law to defend the rights of prisoners and she failed by deluded. He was given a pardon, he graduated as a lawyer, worked in the prison system and the various positions, he was head of the psychologist who failed, not succeeded in changing the prison system but keep trying.
What struck me about this interview were three things he said, the first when traveling to other countries visit the prisons and on the basis of this makes proposal on how to improve in the country, which continually is disqualified and takes this as evidence that is heard, which has taken their children to prison. And the other thing that struck me and that was said, his deep faith in the system even though they know him, his ability to persevere and their sensitivity to a situation where we all want to pretend does not exist or is someone else's problem.
not know but I'm sure from the beginning to change the lives of many people, I am also sure has made many achievements and others are being developed but are not yet and am convinced that it will achieve.
What he may not know is that the circumstances that led to jail was because he had to do all this.
I am part of society, you are part of society, I can still disqualifying the system, the criminals, who are responsible for the issue with arguments fully supported and justified but I can assume my responsibility in living with others . Which side I want to be.
Who is the victim and who the victimizer ...
HOROSCOPE # 476 OF AL09/01/2011

As always the beginning of a year brings renewed energy and be in good spirits this month. You're not sure about a decision but will be forced to take it even if it means you have to take actions that are contrary to your will. Receive a favorable response as a result. TAURUS

This month is the continuation of last month. You feel tired and you're managing several things and it is best to keep that relaxed attitude you have. It opens up many opportunities and you start to reap the benefits of something you've worked for long. GEMINI

This month we face situations that come dragging. The past is still predominant in your life challenges that have not passed yet. Things that need time to develop largely depends on your actions and you have the opportunity to initiate a change in that aspect. CANCER

The month of January may indicate a light on the path for you through various opportunities that are not exactly like that but deep down they are. The situations feel very slow and will have the opportunity to deep thought about your future. We present a short trip. LEO

This month will be positive. You'll reach an agreement through communication in your relationships which end up benefiting more than one. You will do as a gathering where different people are involved in different circumstances. Although patience is your challenge is to master the trend overcoming situations emotional states. VIRGO

The vision of your event will generate what you experience and this will be the conclusion you arrive. Wow, you're definitely making a change of consciousness but the experience will determine your circumstances, this change in your attitude as you change the way the facing. LIBRA

is a month that emphasizes family situations or group that you get to solve. If have not been very responsible will assume all the responsibilities that have not hitherto assumed. In another aspect presents a breakdown by individual interests to the collective move. You definitely can detach from a situation. SCORPIO

year still has the same characteristic of the previous month and your prosperity is increasing. On several occasions you get to make a change of plans for contingencies to be positive. Many start independent activity is very profitable and rapid growth of which could be considered. By factors related to a situation on the balance beam as a function of all investment. SAGITTARIUS

This month may represent the end of conflict situations that require you leave your position of isolation, this is not me, and assume. In the process you will experience your greatest limitations that have to do to drop but this will help break dependence structures that will ultimately lead you to achieve inner peace. CAPRICORN

This month presents new situations that will test not only your skills but your wits. Required to choose your best strategies for dealing with situations that are in the environment. Feel some insecurity, but the circumstances may be favorable depending on how you assume. AQUARIUS
This month can
be reached depending on how you look. From the beginning we have many situations where your challenge is to see what is behind it. One of the factors that determined this year to focus on you all see like a mirage and you get to discover what is behind. It might be difficult but if you manage to find what you're looking for and we'll find where you least expect. PISCES

situations that relate to the living environment. Aspects that require you to adhere to commitments made or not. Situations that break your monotony of everyday life. Changes and transformations that impact throughout the year. Require you make a fresh start.


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