Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dull Throbbing Pain Shoulder Blade Heart


There is a light within our minds that we call consciousness, this inner consciousness is the foundation of everything we think, feel and do.
memory and learning occur when a behavior is repeated often enough to create new neural pathways.
The perception of ourselves is built on the basis of these mental structures. New experiences
not be treated easily if there is a similar internal model. The mind automatically filters it can not understand and discard it.
Our experience of reality can not be separated from the beliefs, thoughts and perceptions of the mind. The main function of the mind is to create what she believes to be reality. The mind is like a mirror, so you never experience the reality of something, only its resonance with the beliefs, judgments and internal programs.
the naming occurs when the mind organizes perceptions and creates an object and assigns it a meaning.
What we define as problems only temporary perception we have of a circumstance or situation, a situational difficulty, inherent to learning that these beating at the moment. Problems with putting
a name, need to be raised according to different priorities you have in your life.
You do a detachment of the situation in its essential elements, identify the level of difficulty of each element, the various possibilities plants have to face them.
You list what you have for and against the situation.
Establish strategies to continue to develop the situation and the actions that must follow. Ask yourself
concrete situations feasible, realistic and time specific.
any circumstances, experiences, etc. there is a favorable solution for you, just depends on the vision you have of it.
For any event, raises your consciousness, you see the different viewpoints that exist in the event, and what is its weakest point, ie where you were given your understanding.
Those circumstances that are directly dependent on other people, do the same approach, but where are the difficulties you need to know what kind of relationship with another person and the degree of communication, where responsibility is shared, determine the extent interest of the person to cooperate with you and need you have with respect to elements in common with the person.
not withhold your projects, ideas, actions, other people, accept their views to expand your focus, but you should always be you, who makes the final decision.
Never situations arise in other opportunities have postponed, first analyzes the causes that make put off, and if you decide that this time you do, make a statement by any, because you may have strength and not know it.
What we do not decide to do, do not plant until such time as you choose, not to avoid frustration. Let
signs to guide you, listen to what your emotions say, do not say anything until you do not have the first floor and you started it.
All are perfect, this moment is perfect, all we need to recognize the truth.
A particle penetrates deeper order of creation. All leads to good, keep this thought leads us to experience it.
All in its deepest essence we are a spark of the divine flame.
should not accept what I say blindly accept the philosophy of others is the way to perpetuate the state solidly victim consciousness, study your mind and your experiences, comes to the ascent of the direct experience.

HOROSCOPE # 479 24/01 to 30/01/2011
Slow processes that match your hesitation to do something now or maybe later. Rules that cause some alarm around you handle things objectively but giving a greater aptitude for handling situations.
change decisions to the extent that they advance the circumstances. This change in approach will allow the end of the week to reach an agreement with a man. Guidelines new agreements that may not agree but you will make time. GEMINI

rapid and substantial responses. Situation where it has bad intentions, but despite that something can befriend. Your character will be a little shy and do not dare to confront things directly. Fears that are activated. CANCER

The days without much novelty. You can have a change at the end of the week for sentimental reasons but it basically will be more of what you've been living. You must decide if you stop having expectations and assume the circumstances are. LEO

Management helps you. Enlargement of an area to improve living conditions. Finance company where there is a conflict of interests among people with family ties. You'll be something suspicious at the end of the week and could stop something. VIRGO

feel you work hard but does not see cheese toast. You just go with a misunderstanding of another who wants to get involved in their situations. Round trip the same day. Thoughts that were activated in your mind the last year. LIBRA

Discussion workplace. Conflict for lack of recognition. Proposal to reject you. Looking for the move but these stopped. Litigation process to go through its worst moment until things are clarified and is coming out a solution. SCORPIO

Your strength gives the character that you need now. Bring your circumstances projecting things from a different consciousness. Development of idea that you can do it from another perspective by not getting the results you expect now. Many things lead to a chain of events that take you to ascend. SAGITTARIUS

situation that limits you. Fear of making decisions and change. Loss of confidence in the situation. Where nagging feed continue your self-limitations. Definitely something that is broken and you out of a stalemate. CAPRICORN

These concentrate on other issues. Signature of what may take you by surprise. Development of a situation that has a lot of time and arrive at an agreement between the parties. Travel overseas person to sign documents. AQUARIUS

changes favor you now but also require you to organize your ideas in a certain order of consistency. Financial difficulties. Decisions that you have stalled the area of \u200b\u200bmoney. Finalizing a contract that will be beneficial for you because you break up with commitments. PISCES

you are lying and the final because you realize you continually make excuses. Process lengthens. Decision that can change the course of your circumstances. Vicious cycle. Relationships where you are the victim of manipulation of your environment.


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