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23/01/2011 HOROSCOPE # from 10/01 to 16/01/2011 HOROSCOPE

comes a young man from west to east looking for a city of wisdom. Perhaps he thought that just come find her, so I traveled a great distance until he found an old man as he was a great sage. To get where was this man, had great expectations on the lessons to receive from him, so when I saw him he felt a great emotion but also a great deal of confusion because the person does not reflect what he expected.
That first day there was no communication, the man saw him and kept going, he thought, that the scholars were so. Then the second day went more or less similar, and so it took many days. With the passage of time, man was disappointed and frustrated and trying to find an explanation was invented a lot of justifications as the wise course never said anything. About a month
be living among the inhabitants of this place, decided to take the initiative and ask the man what he came to learn.
approached him and tried to be understood from what little he had learned of their language, that I observed, continued to smoke his pipe and smiled, while he got up and left.
The re-emphasized as the third day, the man who had the same gesture, asks: What you come to look at each other's language perfectly, he puzzled says: Well, teacher, want to learn about its wisdom. The other answers: What do you know. He was upset and said: It is assumed that you are a teacher and I am a student who wants to learn.
The wise course smoked his pipe, smiled and said: You did not come so far to know what you already know, look what you've done, ask yourself if you've ever wanted to do and do what you have to do to achieve . And it was.
The man took a great rage, spent days victimized and feeling miserable, interpreted things in many ways, until he decided to leave.
When you return to your life, then, was all in disorder, without realizing it began to implement these three tips which gave the sage and his life slowly began to fall into place again and then have another meaning.
took nearly two decades and he had this as a story, concluding: In the past I believed that something was missing, I took a trip to find it again and I thought it was a failure, I decided to live the life I had, I realized I had what I needed, I could live without what I thought I needed and my learning was discovered that was what I wanted.

This story just invented to explain what I mean, living one day at a time, I've said in many ways, not to go uphill and find answers deep someone tells you that looked, everything is easy, too, which is complicated because it appears to not be so simple. Ask yourself
short steps, then you've walked these, others, well you've come a very long way without realizing it and in nice shape.
Just one day at a time, and when the road is uphill then, you said, just today, tomorrow and really, do not have to think about what has happened, what you can not even influence, or what occurs and can not take action. Decided under the circumstances to develop, always expecting the best and broadening your perspective to see the true meaning.

HOROSCOPE # 477 from 10/01 to 16/01/2011
week of initiation. Things that have been developed in a few days ago materialize or there is a change. Development of ideas in order to find a new approach to a situation. Conversation which defines something that will happen this year. Words with a woman but not transcendent. TAURUS

negotiations is one week. You reach a financial settlement. In principle will not agree but will handle things from different perspectives. Resources that radically change the situation. Let something be presented alone and you will see immediate responses. Handling situations where a group is involved.
Indecision to start. Reinforce situations that sustain patterns of behavior that you stagnate. Disturbance by external pressure. Conflict with something that is not given on time and sabotage over time. This month you close a cycle that affects the whole year. CANCER

is a week is unusual. Can I touch you solve something that comes at the last minute. Will generate some disorder, but at the end of the week and have dominated the situation. To act insecurity generated by not having full capacity. The activities can be arrested yet. LEO

decision partially changes the picture. Changing situations because of new regulations. Situations are continually changing. Developing your leadership potential. Summary of the situation during a period. VIRGO

This week marks the beginning of developing a long term project. Your turn to deal with strong emotions that challenge you to not let yourself be manipulated by them. Something that is very appropriate if you notice in time. Presents the possibility of submitting a proposal. LIBRA

These days will be conducive to close negotiations, sign contracts. Something that develops positively and reach an agreement by the end of the week. Traveling for business or productive work. Presents the possibility that the future make a change of position.
These days will be of profound analysis. Things I've been thinking, and they represent the beginning of momentous changes in your life. Surprise call from abroad. Change of plans at the last minute. Items marked are defined by the target. SAGITTARIUS

This week will be reunions. Advances something for the next few weeks. Events that unfold as the days go. Anxiety about something that has continuously made and here you get to be precise in finding the solution. Group makes you proposed. CAPRICORN

Raisins discomfort. Sleep difficulties. Need to find a more firm in what you expect if you want a definitive solution. Searching for spiritual guidance. New sources of revenue that will be very productive. AQUARIUS

You may feel limited. You have done great expectations for situations that depend on others and hangs up. One of your conclusions is to look directly dependent situations to a greater degree of you. Renewal. PISCES

You can find vicious cycle. Has not assumed your responsibilities with regard to the circumstances you're living. That leads you to experience situations continuously for not having passed yet. This time I'll invest solving things last year or other years.


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