Thursday, January 20, 2011

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24/01 to 30/01/2011 17/01 # 478 OF THE

The Art of being good with yourself
Being comfortable with yourself is the first responsibility and commitment that everyone has with me.
is an art, since the task is difficult, deep, intense, delicate, meticulous, and any number of adjectives that define this process further.
All those people who have begun the process of self-knowledge, and are still in it, know it is a road that has no end, and where every day there is a discovery that leads him to get through other channels.
When making this decision, it is likely that at first, generate a series of conflicts with people that are around, and you have to make changes to assume control over these innate qualities of each one.
As time has passed, others recognize it as an acquired right and begin to respect the new individuality.
There are several reasons to start on that path, but the first essential is the awareness that each person as an individual has an absolute right to influence their experiences and their experiences impact on the experiences of others, directly or indirectly. And life be a logical process of steps, then the stop leads to arrest some other experiences.
To the extent that everyone is aware of himself, is aware of its expressions, thus helping to improve the collective consciousness. Roadways
to be good about it are many, but the principal will always be an internal decision.
decisions are not a set of meaningful words, are a set of emotions and thoughts that are aligned in the same direction and are expressed through words and actions.
seek safety in all that the external world offers no understand that security is the result of confidence in what is expressed continuously.
expressions of personality beyond a gesture, every circumstance is a vivid expression of that personality and soul beyond.
soul is recognized when it is accepted that is an integral part of that personality, that lives within it, and is expressed in every gesture, action, emotion, event, house or outside.
have much time to devote to this task because he has no time or space, as implied in this life and beyond.
What are the benefits, then, are all peace, harmony is to be in absolute silence and feel that some will cover you and comfort you when you realize, you are yourself.
You are the architect of your life, find your truth, which is always within yourself and what your reflexes. HOROSCOPE

17/01 # 478 OF THE ARIES
delays may occur this week and things will start moving to the other. There are many doubts in circumstances where you have to rely on others. We present emotional state where the picture is getting clearer following that something is revealed. You think everything is against you. TAURUS

hidden situations around you block your circumstances to realize them, giving various obstacles. Change of perspective that you will assume a new reality taking you to break your own paradigms. Emotions to the surface. GEMINI

'll be a bit disorganized. Arrangements of things at home. Difficulties in domestic life. Everything will be clearer after a conversation. Will be a bit depressed but will be somewhat faster. You adapt to new circumstances. CANCER

your actions will be crucial at this time. Important decisions that will shape the course of the year. Manifestation of paranormal phenomena. Everything is related to the view that at some point you have. LEO

Something that flips. Work in improve working conditions around the site. Board meeting which set out new strategies that replace others that were recently implemented. Want to do something arbitrary, but they did not make or conditions to do so. VIRGO

Performing at the sentimental. Give practical conversation which defines new perspectives of the year. Circumstances develop in the real plane and change schemes. Moments of encounter with men where they make peace. LIBRA

Start of new projects. Situations that are characterized by fugases. Quick responses to situations. Feel difficult to get some money but then through someone will get it. Memories. SCORPIO

Maturation of projects. Expansion of circumstances. Social movement that will involve new relationships. Decision that marks your destination. Signing of contract. Removals. Audiviosuales projects. SAGITTARIUS

Travel abroad. Sign that something may change. Rapid movement of things that occur over a period of time. A place where they will make a change in structures. Subject to housing. CAPRICORN

long-term investment. Signs from heaven. Someone who is sick. Sudden death of someone. Unique moments where others are made by circumstances that you have taken forever. AQUARIUS

psychic disturbance. Events that disrupt the day to day. I get high in situations where you are attacked. Mental manipulation. Want to drop a commitment but do not know how. The family will occupy an important priority at this time. PISCES

Crisis. End of situations that are suspended in a while. Drastic situations. Visiting someone in bed. Renewal documents. Proceedings


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