Friday, March 18, 2011

White Blister On My Gum And It Is Receading

Paal Nilssen-Love / Ken Vandermark - Chicago Volume (2007; ed. 2009)

As much as I like (much), when a new disc to Duo Ken Vandermark and Paal Nilssen-Love , I tend to think that I will face more of the same. Great, yes, but no surprises. Just over

one year there were two new albums as a duo of these two giants of improvisation: Volume Milwaukee and Chicago this Volume . Like Seven and two volumes of Dual Pleasure , were released by Smalltown Superjazz .

With only three tracks recorded live at the Hideout of Chicago, this album confirms that what we do together Vandermark and Nilssen-Love is pure magic. Over sixty minutes of high intensity maximum creativity speaks for itself.

I said, moving away may seem like you're going to find business as usual with this couple, but once they start playing, it's as if for the first time.
them come all the necessary components.

Note: Clicking on the cover can, and should, play the disc in Spotify (by country of residence).


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