Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laser Sailboat Versus Impulse Sailboat

14/03 # 485 OF THE

to 2012
is hard to ignore those who inhabit this planet are experiencing directly and indirectly. In my personal opinion I think that impacts both the force that can take from nature because I'm going to school, I learned that this planet has gone through many natural changes before humanity existed, so I think that if it happens something that changes would occur again normal.
Now in my case, what struck me most is to observe how nature is shaped the identity of the man and how a parent who corrects without whip, when it occurs, shows its power and helpless we can be at this.
definitely convinced me that the world can change, that there are forces greater than ourselves that determine our existence and that each one is conditioned to it often without awareness of reality.
This has led me to wonder, what many are asking for all the information there about what would happen in 2012.
"Then, I took my tool and started to wonder.
"The world will disappear in 2012
" No
"Humanity will disappear in 2012
-natural phenomena will occur that will change the geography
" If
"This is what the man will experience
this is not there something else that will transform the man
-is related to their spiritual condition
" If
"This change has happened before
" The man is ready
-Man This change will take
-How do you take
" With a change in its nature to take you to wake up and see how it is.
"This would generate in a person
" A crisis
"This crisis will generate
" The change of consciousness to the extent that it assimilates or pain in different dimensions
"How can a person do to cope
-Starting to loose your mind assuming your reality is intangible and it is she who believed that their reality is a perspective from their point of view.
-does this mean
-do not all you see is true
not understand much, but I realized that I was not really what I believed 16 years ago and start a process of change. I'm not sure how to assume this change but I am sure my mind is open to accept other possibilities. I was almost 10 years unlearning what I had learned and I'm starting to learn again, the funny thing is that every day I find that unless the previous day.

HOROSCOPE # 485 THE 14/03 TO 20/03/2011
situation that is disruptive. Discover deception. Something that can hurt you if you keep allowing it. Conversation where you can clearly see the other point of view. These between good and evil. The bad can be good and vice versa.
control situation. You get what you have sown. Peace of mind for action. Development of new ideas that are implemented quickly. Although everything is under control, always has a plan b. do not make decisions by others or assume responsibilities that you are responsible.
Something about long-term. Conflict management. You'll be waiting about something is about to happen. Has long been separated from something and you finally realize. Continue with your project.
solutions that come just in time. Move to time something is bothering you. Sales of debt rather onerous. Anything related to finances well aspected. Make sure you can have a greater benefit before making the risk decision involves negotiation.
The family is a fundamental factor now. You might take a break in the company of loved ones. On the other hand, believes that events are circumstantial and that is something that daily lives and are looking to change the perspective.
can be in the midst of a major crisis that is unexpected but despite that there are factors that determined the past. Situation where there has been no real consciousness even though you did promise to make a change. The question is to ask what is the lesson.
New approaches, new roads, new circumstances, change of mindset. Rethinking situations this may be from a change you decide. Involves taking risks because you have all variables controlled.
Not everything is as it looks but you have already checked in your own experience. Perhaps the experience will be repeated again and you are like the first time it happened. Solutions coming from the hand of women. Someone who looks insistently.
need be firm about your intentions and approaches. Are opportunities that open a path to financial stability but also represent a choice between the past and the future.
Much clutter in your subconscious. This leaves room for disharmony is the one that dominates the situation. Even if you have handled it very well right now is definitely important to eradicate them. Put final order to your life.
Many dispersion. Going from one place to another and would not be so difficult but your mind is in constant motion without setting an idea. It may be that in this condition find the explanation of what happens to you. Consultation for orientation.
Often these focus on the details of the situation rather than what is actually happening in the situation that might arise when you miss things. Lets then what is elemental and ends to take a reality that has been avoided.


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