Monday, March 28, 2011

Master Cleanse Sea Salt

Kaulakau - Bernoiver (2007)

Extracted from my review for Tomajazz :

"(...) on this record there is folklore and jazz, as there are medieval music, experimentation and dozens of nuances that enrich every second of recording. Nor do I give the wrong impression, presenting Bernoiver trends as a jumble of haphazardly. On the contrary, the music featured here is worthy of being among the best recent recordings that combine jazz with any world's folklore. "

"On the other hand, Jordi Molina is a virtuoso of the tenor (instrument Traditional Catalan with a sound close to the oboe, but with a more serious record), who used to improvise some chilling alone. Listening one can not help thinking that if Coltrane was still alive, after hearing this Bernoiver , would poach one tenora soon. "

can read the full review by clicking HERE.


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