Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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David Murray Cuban Ensemble - Plays Nat King Cole In Spanish (2010)

To make a record like this should be enforced. To do well, I say. I would almost say that to make a record like this, you must be David Murray. And not just because it is one of the best saxophonists alive or because, throughout his career, he has dared to work with very different music, almost always with success. The main reason that Murray to develop concepts as risky (almost delusional) as these and create a great work is that its approach to different styles is always respectful and personal. The result is 100% music Murray, at the same time, honor the origins of the inspiration of the saxophonist.

Plays Nat King Cole In English is signed by the Cuban Ensemble of Murray, a group of musicians that we should mention Bringuez Ariel, Roman Filiú , Pepe Rivero and Elizarde Reiner (all active in the Madrid scene.) The first "Black Nat" and the second in "Cachito" are outstanding solos. Also, do not forget that it is not the first time that Murray works with Filiú and Elizarde , which appeared on albums by the saxophonist and or Waltz Again Now Is Another Time . Precisely

this recording with his Murray Latin Big Band is one of the few precedents that show the saxophonist in a Latino context. Although arrangements at Plays Nat King Cole is not an album as ambitious, mixing Cuban Ensemble with the strings of the Sinfonietta Sines is written with taste and, more importantly, it works.

Another difference is that Now Is Another Time had more soloists (some titans like Hugh Ragin, Craig Harris or Hamiet Bluiett ) that Nat King Cole Plays , which is in Murray its main protagonist. Of course, a protagonist who is perfect in every improvisation. Perfect.

The only thing you can complain that the album is the haunting vocals Argentine Daniel Melingo involved only two subjects. His style and cavernous dragged one of the highlights of recording, their version of "Perhaps, perhaps, one of the themes of the year.

Plays Nat King Cole In English maintains the high level of the career of David Murray not stop recording great albums (something very serious to him as said in the interview published recently in Cuadernos de Jazz ). This in particular is also a multicultural marvel at the technical level, recorded in Buenos Aires and in Sines (Portugal), Paris mixed and mastered in London. The rock is common, but what in jazz? That's taking it very seriously.

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