Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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Matthew Shipp - Nu Bop Live (2004; ed. 2009)

I owe an apology to the album.

Matthew Shipp is one of the musicians who still fairly absolute and remove what they put on the market, try me with it soon.
heard Nu Bop Live part when I bought it and I was struck, making it directly had an insignificant (which is unusual with these issues Rai Trade) and a minor work in the career of Shipp .

The album, as its title suggests, is a direct tour Nu Bop, a very interesting album released by Thirsty Ear . The group is incontestable: Shipp, William Parker , William E. Brown and the great Daniel Carter . Nothing to say, all first class.

Reescuchándolo I have now discovered a great album and a live vibrant documents and complements an important project Shipp. The pieces are strong, that opens the concert, "Nu Bop", and 25 minutes of "Nu Abstract" in which the group is currently reeling really good.

Interspersed among these issues is some solos of one or another member, between which we must mention "From The Otherside Of Anywhere", a real tour de force of Brown in skillfully blending loops battery and electronics.

A good album, there was no other choice. I should not doubt him.


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