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AL # 487 27/03 to 02/04/2011 HOROSCOPE


responsibility represent the beginning of any action that may lead to personal fulfillment and start this article with the word.

In the long process of spiritual and personal development since 96 undertook concluded in this new stage of my growth with the completion of a technique that allows a person to receive counseling herself its decision to initiate a process of personal, spiritual, conscience, etc..

This paper has several antecedents. The first appears in 2002 through a tarot manual focusing as a tool for self-help and I started doing in 2001. Subsequently, between the years 2002-2004 made a proposal called "how to make a life plan based on the development of emotional competence" that integrates personal growth tools and strategies implemented in the organization. This proposal included a guide to emotional competencies for a proposed recruitment and selection I made in an MNC in the year 99 while working there.

from 2003 to acquire another business tool that I practiced before me two years until another colleague asked me to show you how to use the pendulum. From then start applying Spiritual Response Therapy (ERT) with others. After two years working with therapy, a patient started a research on how to better work with the pendulum. Initially the intention was to create a methodology for people who made them therapy that would allow them to be in harmony without having to depend on me continuously but yet we use it only between us.

it lasted all through the year 2004 to 2007, the year which had already changed my method of working with the TRE but using the same graphics. Between 2007 and 2009 I was experiencing the reactions to the process that opened during all these years of working with me. Although in 2009 I had an emotional breakdown which led me to think that maybe it was time to quit this job, it was not until late this year again I returned to take the decision to continue and to continue to update.

Pass all of 2009 by reformulating the I did the first manual in 2001 of Tarot as a Tool for Self Help and rename it to Tarot as a tool for self-realization because I think the tarot is in many things a tool for initiation of processes of consciousness. I decided to open a first course in order to test the response in people and their effectiveness before starting to teach it in various ways including online.

This year I took two more on learning tools that apply the pendulum which were very effective but kept working with my own methodology.

same earlier this year began to gather all the information they had researched and worked since 2002 when I start using the TRE in me and create a technique that summarizes the work I've done over the years.

I have to say that the work I have investigated and down through the pipes only 20% have applied to others, otherwise I only have applied to myself, considering the magnitude of the processes experienced only ends should be carried by the person directly.

The intention of this technique was to improve my own work and suit my needs in my work and personal work that applied to those who ask me to start the healing process was in May after a trip abroad I decided to spread the technique and teach those who want to learn.

end this little retrospective of my personal work with a confession:

I invite you to learn the art of self healing aware

* Upcoming courses in April and May

I opened another blog, the intention is to share my experiences with high ESP. I hope that in this way can give me full acceptance of this ability and let whatever has to happen.

HOROSCOPE # 487 27/03 to 02/04/2011


these days feel that race against time. Do not worry so much and stop to watch. Hear things that are not true and your challenge will be to discern between truth and what is not . Face your greatest fears and feel that everything will be easier.


fight with something you can not stop. This struggle is not new but now what will happen is inevitable. Give yourself the confidence of those who hoped that the good is a premise of the universe. You feel released into the air without having control but control is what you have to drop. GEMINI

Difficulties in undertaking new tasks. The reason is that lack definition where you want to go. Not everyone around you agree and this is favorable if you learn to handle it. Environment that supports you to break up with preset patterns.


you afraid of change. Fear is a way to enter land you do not know how to manage to learn to handle them. At this point the relationships that support you in making sure you're not wanting to take on alone. Position leadership that looks like it will be a source of conflict.


It requires much strength to do what you do. Recognize your strengths so you can accept yourself and others will accept you. There are changes in the environment while not directly affect you if you could move your foundation for your insecurities.


The moment you tell yourself that you launch into the adventure. Adventure tells you to assume risks that are out of the ordinary and it is here that strangely get what you want. Health needs to be appropriate and well put visit the doctor need to ask that reflex through those states.


let you influence by third parties that are mostly intended that claudiques. Take the opportunity to bring the things that generate insecurity to finally expire. Believe in yourself primarily and supports your views but then check your assertiveness. Is on trial and error is your growth.


the pain you feel is the fear of experiencing love. The fear of experiencing love is in memory of the past. These reports even though they shoot your biggest fears are also healing because it's time.


Behind your quiet hide your true demons. These demons are known only by you and if you think that if anyone knows what gives you peace of mind, the truth is that everyone lives with leading inside and the other to a greater or lesser extent engaged in the same measure that may be affected by what happens to you.


Let the source of knowledge will reveal what it is trying to tell over that reflex. Looking for answers and not finding them frustrates you and it turns out continuously within your reach. Handle the possibility of opening new expectations based on new possibilities.


The confusion does not lie in not knowing what to choose is that nothing is there you want more. You're not being true to yourself and believe others do not. If you connect with your inner certainty begins to recognize your decisions so far and the consequences.


maturity comes from the hand of situations where you start to close cycles to open new ones. You will feel a slow but this will be a factor in development representing consciousnesses will you finally let mistakes.


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