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Nacho Vegas - La Zona Dirty (2011), by Alvaro Fierro

I return the firms invited to this blog with an atypical album, but with a very interesting signing. To those who read about music acostumbráis I sound, most likely your name. Alvaro Fierro writes regularly on Route 66 and Mondo Sonoro, and is also seen through the pages of Efe Eme or Entzun but where else will see is a foot of the stage, enjoying the music. Álvaro

embodies the figure of the writer who writes with passion and with the same love he professes for music, an endangered species that appear in these cynical times, full of journals and editors partial and delegates. A few more like him we definitely could. Álvaro

Fierro: Nacho Vegas - Dirty Ground (2011)

I'll tell you and me / I'm scared of storms / I know now that is about / that in heaven there will be an earthquake
. So begins "When you get tired of me" and Dirty Zone (Marxophone / I'm an Artist) , the last year of shared catharsis Nacho Vegas. Shared rooms because it fills a divided public joining a priori, stereotyped, which works with that one autoarme of prejudices, which are always fun-and that, therefore, amplifies the effect of surprise.

So you saw the undersigned on Disaster Manifesto (Limbo Starr, 2008) , spring that spurred the investigation of his career, and galvanized in the retina of the person writing these words. Begins and develops as usual, open heart, confessing that admits only muted, raising empathy and hoarse whisper litanies involved in experiences, and vice versa, as embodied in the identifiable "You told me" : "what lag between you and your loneliness / is a distance I can not cover ".

The idiosyncrasies of a voice that he is proud but not in the words of another, these calls would not be credible. One way of singing that seems sometimes to grieve, which is cut the diction of emotion (or so appear, or would like to think), bypassing, however, limits sloppy, without falling into self pity.

A sniper feelings under a fragile personality, a quiet type magnet, honest, who in person, without knowing, seems to fulfill the maxim of André Malraux that the truth of a man resides mainly in he is silent. And the maturity of someone who was born and adult now materializes in ten songs where his patriotic clichés are present (the entries in the initial section and the La Lloc Musel, or the updated version of the traditional song Asturian Taverners) and universal theme of love castrated, omnipresent and powerful.

For the letters come from the bad, old addictions inspiration burning you is collected in "Fire" ( And tell me, love, if you burn / and if I can relieve me ), or surrounding themselves Children's choirs to inject character to the misfortunes story - "Perplexity", "Do They Eat Las Brujas" - although the first target of nonsense rhymes. A dozen songs or nine or eleven, weighing as wisely sadness, still, therefore, wanting more or less.

Alvaro Fierro, 2011

Note: Clicking on the cover You can hear the record in Spotify (by country of residence).


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