Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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Billy Bang Quintet - Invitation (1982)

I heard today the death of Billy Bang . He was only 63 years.

Bang was one of the greatest violinists of art with Leroy Jenkins, who was a student in the 70's. Born in Alabama, raised in the Bronx and English Harlem and spent some time in the Vietnam War, an experience that forever mark the violinist.

His sound surly staff is deeply rooted in the blues with a carnal and aggressive play seems inspired by masters such as Ray Nance or Stuff Smith. Many remember

Bang for records with String Trio of New York , which was a founding member, and little gems like Valve No.10, Live At Carlos 1 to this Invitation .

about respect for tradition, and does so from a free approach without losing the classical touch. The standard of Bronislaw Kaper and the classic "Loverman" get personal treatment, as well as original violinist.

The group is a fabulous all-stars the forefront less visible. Charles Tyler the high and baritone, Curtis Clark on piano, and the perfect rhythm Wilber Morris and Dennis Charles . These collaborators can not go wrong thing and, honestly, the thing sounds as good as it looks.

death of Billy Bang spend more unnoticed than others for different reasons and unfair. Serve this post as a tribute and also to push'll know who did not discover this great musician.


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