Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Baires - Montero (UCR):" The conflict in Santa Cruz was fugoneado by Narvaez and his circle "shot

Federal Capital - "The oil shock of Santa Cruz is fueled by the misguided opposition National Government. The union of the Federation of Oil & Gas Aregentina meets Alberto Roberti who acknowledges Francisco De Narváez and his political boss, fired last night Marcelo Montero, radical leader of Buenos Aires. (Photo: Francisco De Narvaez and Alberto Roberti)

"The chances the remains of the Federal Peronism only enhance the hand of potential social conflicts, as there are none, it is necessary to inflate any dispute through contacts available, "he said.

" Roberti is the pair of Monica Lopez, seeks its place in the province of Buenos Aires as a candidate for mayor of Avellaneda or mate of the "red." The future of these figures is played in the short term, but to think about their individual adventures are merely demonstrate his total lack of national project. In this regard, Minister De Vido Roberti called the rationality and asked to assist in the internal union nomalización Private Tanker in the province. A De Narváez not know him any energy project, on the contrary, in the pursuit of immediate electoral arrangements add confusion prefer betting on the useless prolongation of internal dissent among the Patagonian oil. Monica Lopez, whose face papered all Avellaneda, wanted to make a good hand and hand Roberti muddied the field of discussion Joint extending unemployment uan week, "he said in a bitter criticism.


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