Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Baires - "In public talks between the party leadership and the right have nothing to do. We therefore support the President. "Rosca News

Montero (UCR): "With public speaking between the party leadership and the right have nothing to do. We therefore support the President "

made on the radio this Thursday, the radical leader Marcelo Montero (UCR Capital) was asked about the meeting held yesterday in Cordoba by the province's deputy and candidate for governor, Oscar Aguad (UCR ), and the head of Government of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri (PRO).

In this framework, the official elaborated: "There is the record of what some of us have been saying for months that there is a point of contact between leaders of the UCR, which have higher driving and the recalcitrant right of this country, such as Mauricio Macri, Francisco De Narvaez, and, even if I try to discard, Eduardo Duhalde. In these conversations there are making public contacts with Duhalde. You'll see in so little time. "

Montero added that "this framework, the radical leadership that desperate for a vote gave the soul and supporters on the right principles, makes many of us, we hold banners Yrigoyenist, look more attractive to the proposal of President Cristina F. Kirchner. "

"Radicalism is split ideologically. Are who hold common flags to the people, such as universal child allowance, media law, energy sovereignty policies, among others, and there are those who already agreed with antipueblo sectors, such as the right recalcitrant or even hesitates to destabilize democratic governments, "he reasoned.
added, "you'll see in these days that many radicals are turning to defend the public policies of national officers, and they will do because they are also their flags."

In that sense, he said, "really stands out in this policy framework open and ongoing dialogue of leaders such as Planning Minister Julio De Vido, who made a huge effort to try to contain radical expressions and neighborhood they want to make him so popular national model who heads President Cristina. "


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