Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ski-doo Mxz Wont Start

Noah Preminger - Before The Rain (2011)

The first album Noah Preminger, Dry Bridge Road, caused some sensation in the underground scene New York, making a few eyes on the young saxophonist.

a couple of months ago has emerged the second recording Preminger, this time in the Palmetto and seal with a side of luxury. Frank Kimbrough (a pianist too little recognized for how good it is) and John Hebert already in Dry Bridge Road, but this time is the impressive battery Matt Wilson.

With a rhythmic and there are only two possibilities: cum up or fade with companions like that. A Preminger, however, did not pass any of them or, in any case, the first.

saxophonist is true that fails to take off so overwhelming, but it is also true that holding up smoothly. Moreover, if something can be out of style Preminger is the maturity that seems to have, with knowledge of tradition, a contemporary sound and a good intention of getting out of the pot.

Before The Rain is not a " ballad album, although there are times when it does. The relaxed atmosphere and air of the recording sounds seem to point to the nocturnal and quiet moments, even if no voltage on several tracks on the album.

twenties lads future values \u200b\u200bthat seem to exist, and many. But Noah Preminger has something that is lacking in many, that seems to have arrived at a place other on the horizon only. We'll see.


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