Sunday, April 10, 2011

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piano solo - 365 Jazz Bilbao cycle (March 25, 2011)

Extracted from my review for Tomajazz :

"Elegant and casual, almost trendy , Mehldau sat at the piano as he likes, with a mixture of familiarity and esotericism. His approach to the keyboard certainly resembles that of Keith Jarrett, pensive, mystical. Not as fancy but (apparently) already very focused. "

"A piano solo, Mehldau's compositions sound more authentic than some of his recordings, more tight, perhaps, to what the pianist wants to extract from them. Thus, without being a particularly gifted composer, Mehldau also shone at the concert as author, as several issues were among his best of show. "


"The rest, according to the standards of the pianist: tremendous technical independence creepy hands, ostinatos tireless and developments achieved glorious moments and occasionally beyond the limits of reason entering the realm of exhibitionism and self-indulgent. Mehldau is very good, and knows it. For better and for worse. There is no evolution in their music, but is squeezing everything it can. "

can read the full review by clicking HERE.


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