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Perhaps this is the first time you hear talk about implants. Perhaps you are possibly involved in economic issues, love, family, political, social and even religious. These difficulties that affect your busy life, precisely, are called "implants limitation." The aforementioned devices are proposed vibrational barriers to impede your progress in all aspects: physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual.
implants are very similar to computer software, software programs are the machine, and it acts doing what you ask Him done according to the information you have inside. For example, if you do on your computer a sum of two plus two, and as a result throws you five, is because it was set;

implants and devices are barriers limiting vibrational spiritual path of ascension in that block your progress towards full self-realization. These are external control mechanisms keep you in a dual reality. Although there are many types, purposes and causes, all unconscious act as channels of negative energy in your life and represent karmic ties and associations that need to be healed and rectified.

implants represent groups that have karmic patterns been imposed externally by the Dark Forces, in an effort to control the thinking and emotional response of mankind. Throughout the history of this sector of the universe, the dual realities (good and bad) have been many.

implants are received through the subtle bodies and control our access to the higher frequencies.

T ypes of Implants

implants history of the Earth were named based on periods or companies, such as the Lemurian and Atlantis. They also include all forms of self-imposed limitations, impediments magical three-dimensional crystal implants and codes 666 of limitation.

live implants exist in the mental and emotional bodies of their victims and parasites are called mental and emotional body. They can be the spiritual cause of many physical illnesses.

spiritual weapons are a type of psychic weaponry that is manifested in the energy field as a kind of weapon (some of which are exotic). These devices can represent traumas from past lives and body memories of being killed with the weapon or device that is implanted them. They may represent negative vibes sent by another person present to you. May be the causes of chronic pain in the body. The entities are all spirit disembodied any loop or cord that connects with you. These entities may be in your past or present life. You may be haunted by entities in your own past life or past life of another. Implants

Grey alien forces are still active on earth and continue introducing people in the form of psychic attack (N. E: The Grays, who were those who did abductions, are no longer on Earth time). You may feel as headaches, strokes of negative energy or emotions of low vibration moving through you. Cover-ups are

spiritual limitation devices consisting of votes and / or contracts with negative spiritual brotherhoods, unholy alliances or partnerships, whenever we've been without guidance or separated from God. These votes and agreements will affect you until they are waived, because you leave things open to claims of these organizations. They have access to you in the dream state or in the inner planes, and are the leading cause of spiritual interference in your life in the physical and psychic. Those votes may also include vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, etc.

Atlantean Karma plays a fundamental role in all structures in the world today through the burden of suffering it has generated, through the collective and individual ego.
The approximate weight of Atlantean karma is 35% to level of the planet. The set of lives lived in Atlantis represents for many of us between 400 and 500 lives embodied, that is, between a quarter and a third of the total lives of our earthly incarnations. His impact at the wounds and ego is even more important. Plays a role in two thirds of the current collective ego and more than half the current individual ego. This part is, however, varies from one individual to another.
These implants are located in the etheric body under a form of blocking frequently observed at the throat chakra (blockage of the word), at sacred chakra (blocking of fertility and sexual expression, control of emotions ) solar plexus level (mental control). All who have undergone treatments have been clearly identified the reality of these brakes (except for some rare people who have not felt anything.) The number of implants in the population is 3 or 4 from the age of fifteen years for 99.9% of adults. Rare are those who have been freed from these implants. Methods, more or less simple, there.
The Atlantean karma reality shows, very often repetitive motion. The most spectacular examples in the spiritual environment are all forms of disguised pyramids which we have spoken abundantly (circles of wealth, financial systems, circular conical, but in fact structured as a pyramid) but more broadly all abuses of power are closely linked to the Atlantean karma. The emotional wounds Atlanteans are actually very shaken by solar energy liberation from the suffering embedded in the subtle bodies. There are different ways to react to the resurgence of these injuries: the work needed on himself or the denial of reality that helps reproduce Atlantean scenarios karmic lighter while feeding the original karma. This is what we call illusions of light in articles published this year.
The Atlanteans have made the most brutal experience of separation that has existed in the history of mankind. They helped to separate the intellect from the emotions, separating the science of spirituality. This separation helped to move away from the source of life and make us progressively more and more dehumanized beings and suffering.

GMOs are not revivals but illustrating karmic genetic manipulation carried out by geneticists Atlantis. Same for the cloning and all forms of multinationals working with a living being. Life is discredited and privatized by a form of control, out of a central power that recalls the Atlantean pyramid scheme.
Men are still differentiated, fragmented and in separation. Move towards the unification of the self is the awareness of our brakes, all of our locks and all our wounds. Work on yourself then responds to a deep need to overcome all the traps that we tend.
activation implants create connections with powerful Atlantean egregores generating significant psychological problems. Atlantis suffering manifest in physical parts of the body or bodies. For example, many problems of contractions or pain in jaws with migraines sometimes inexplicable. The ethereal solution helmets allows rapid decline in hard to heal sores ... Certain

throat blockages are linked to the presence of implants of limitations embedded in the horizontal farm. The implant blocks the flow of energy. The same phenomenon is observed in other fields, including particularly the sacred chakra. Pains are also manifested in the left forearm that had a laser to kill. That

keep agreements or contracts for implants are those who hold the implants in place and are making them return to the third dimension if they have not been completely waived. This is the main reason that some release techniques are not successful. Also why it is necessary be conscious participation in the process of liberation.
karmic ties are past-life associations with certain individuals or places that flow through your mind and affect relationships negatively. Conclusion

The manifestation of the ego and the unconscious programming are still conditioned by memories. The alternative is, in all cases, to undertake a deep psychological work and a depth work on itself, beyond the simple treatment protocols or traditional energy.
The end of these implants will be symbolized by the union between science and the heart: spirituality in the service of the Christ consciousness and the unity of being for the liberation of body, mind and soul.

HOROSCOPE # 489 from 11/04 TO 04/17/1911

pride will not let you look objectively. Conflicts are clarified in a conversation. Sales of a deep state of despair. Acknowledge your mistakes after a long time. It emphasizes a conflict over money. In another aspect, receive a proposal which will take effect the next few months. Vences barriers imposed by others. Talks to develop future agreements between two parties. Search for wellness. TAURUS

Things are on track. You let yourself fall in love with someone who has a keen interest for you. Unplanned short trip. Questions that come true. Something that impressed. Disappointment for the family. 're Very aware of the costs and commitments can you moderate. Vacation postponed because things come late. Health concern. GEMINI

auspicious days to be delivered to relax. You will make a short break in your activities. Get something at the last minute that could change your mind. The routine may be negatively affecting the relationship. Others are temporarily away. Looking for a new meeting with a person who left you waiting. Everything falls under its own weight. Get errors that were hidden. Stable health. CANCER

Things are somewhat annoying to you but in the course of the week will improve significantly. May solve a situation where long ago given up hope. The changes in your attitude seems to have positively influenced your disposal. They agree to do something recreational site. Economic stability, although it may be that you are looking for something that costs you so you have to plan it. Holidays. LEO

You assume responsibilities you feel you can not comply. You are as excited about. You become sensitive to a situation where a public road where you meet someone you know. Give you resources you requested does let you manipulate time by someone who does not give the reason. Live on the brink of conflict all the time. Fear and panic. VIRGO

will touch you make a choice between people who are in your trust. Do something that did lay emphasis on. Could these bitter. Power struggle. Change an appointment because you're not very interested but do not say anything. You make sure that things develop as you expected. Investments. Change in policy. Shoulder pain. LIBRA

There are great possibilities to get an answer to your favor. You prepare for this purpose. Family reunion. Even if you are in a group will not feel very integrated. Incidentals. Little discussion because it awarded something that is temporary. Expand the perspectives in your workplace. Inflammation. SCORPIO
shopping. Trip abroad. There are last minute changes in a plan. Your mood may be exacerbated. Increase your public relations. Infatuation in public places. Expansion and development motivated by your profession. All things are in your favor. Sexual problems. SAGITTARIUS

The family has decisions and this will bother you. Removal project. Signing of contract. It costs you recognize what you feel for another person. In a conversation comes up something that was doubtful. Lack of liquidity. Problem to integrate. Know a person traveling and do something together to save. Can you make a great effort but then you lose because you do not ask their opinions before. You speak wisely. Pain in muscles. CAPRICORN

You have to accept that what you are saying is true then it can handle the situation. Arguing with someone without a lot of sense. use as a strategy to attract someone you're interested. Your partner feels that you do not understand enough. Lack of momentum does not let things go or ending time of fruition. Positive purchase. Intermediate conflict. A woman marks her territory. Fears. AQUARIUS

There is a maturation after a time learning which enables you to be clear to make choices for your future. There are plans to seek other venues. Do not let you express yourself as you want. Although you have sought other options have not been able to get away. Absence of activity. Do a little of everything. The environment is strict. Trouble sleeping. PISCES

can leave you another revenue opportunity. Do temporary work. Looking to get some time alone. Strife that had yet solved. Advice that will make a well-recognized. Professional development. Decide to finish some pending. Breast problem.


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