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11/04 to 17/04/2011 # 488 from 04/04 10/04/2011 HOROSCOPE

Neglect is the sense of closeness and connection injured. Injury to the sense of closeness in age is going to take shape very early due to a pattern of neglect.
Abandonment occurs when you generate a mental and emotional disconnection to someone or something.
The feeling of abandonment, the person perceives as a rejection of the same or a rejection of it to another person or circumstance, but is the same, the person with the pattern of neglect is the tendency to experience it as only of her.
The impact of neglect has different consequences for different stages of development in which the individual is situated, but from a spiritual standpoint, is born and brought cessation programs because they are the soul programs that are generated in other processes of experience.
Abandonment during pregnancy will make you shoot in the future child, energies of fear, rejection, intolerance, lack of faith and trust, among others.
In the first fifteen months of life of growth and development to determine their physical, emotional, affective, activates other secondary patterns of rejection, fear of life, illness, abuse, health, rabies, it could rouse the child with throat problems or nervous.
In the first three years would continue to reinforce the patterns previously have been activated, and generate other, the chakras are still in a formative stage will present distortions, it may be that the child is sick, or may be a victim of abuse or accidental situations circumstantial, causal discordant energies that are active in the aural field.
In the first seven years of presenting everything that has been expressed, one of the basic limitations has to do with the formation of self-image.
In adolescence will influence the state of belonging and how it integrates with the spaces.
In adulthood is reinforced and sustained patterns of children are brought by a person not feel satisfied with what is taking it around to become isolated, to feel rejected and rejected.
This profile has to experience a vicious cycle of suffering of self and others.
The collective aspect, corresponds to a disconnected society together, not sensitized to her about, drowning in consumer behavior to fill the emotional void left by their dissatisfactions.
As you can see, the closure is a major program because it brings teachers from conception.
After spending the last seven years researching masters programs in myself and others, I can conclude that these are octaves learning for the soul and the ultimate goal is our spiritual growth and development or ascension for our souls.
From the spiritual point of view, the programs are set by the schemes with which we interpret our experiences so even though we are all subject to the same experiences, we do not all the same interpretations.
point of view with which we analyze our experience is vital for creating them. It's a cycle, then I think success or success and then I think? The
make continuous assessments of attitudes, can recognize them.
The development of consciousness, it is important to the viewer, not observed because we observed is determined entirely by who looks at it.
I know it is deep, but it is a universal truth.

HOROSCOPE # 488 from 04/04 to 10/04/2011

ARIES project delays. Doubts and uncertainty to run. Projects: Lost proposal. Communication: A dramatic change. Requirements of a woman. Rapid conquests. Glare father figure. Outputs that will generate enthusiasm. Constant solutions. Disclaimer. Updating documents. Irregular situation. Problems you think. TAURUS
sudden change. Proposition that opens others. You talk to a woman to reach an agreement. Fear of insecurity. Temporary conquests. Disappointment of a man. Development of a friendship. To the extent you control your nerves are balanced health. Doubts closer. Coldness in a relationship. Lose importance to the lake. Do not be victimized. GEMINI
Rules are broken. Development of a proposal. Constant bickering. Early resolution of conflicts. Relationship that motivates you to improve yourself. Do not allow yourself to handle the family. Lies of someone who appears to be helpful. Doubts continue treatment. Recovery of something lost. Difficulties are overcome. Analyzed a decision. CANCER
Association. Control recent situations. Jobs you generate results. Think formalize the relationship. Infidelities are discovered. Emotional confusion. Back pain. Immaturity. Do not give up. State of exhaustion. Crisis fights and disruptions occur. Think maliciously. LEO
Signing of Agreement. Underestimate the value of something. Determined attitude to man. Housing credit approval. Start relationship. Cruelty. Your life needs parameters. Knee problems. Lack of concern. Someone looking for and you want. Trust begins at home. VIRGO
Distrust toward someone who does not give you information. Off again although with obstacles. Verify information. Difficulty for a group to agree because a person is an element of disturbance. Overcome conflicts and improve conditions. Close new ties. High expectations by one person. Medical findings that a need to change a pattern. Dislikes not outwardly. Leave something for later. Injury in a foot. Do not argue for any reason. LIBRA
Concern that do not give you answers. Rapid evolution than you think. You think you are deceiving. He falls in business for legal separation. Balance in the relationship apart. Family conflict. Constant fluctuation of mood. Balance. Interaction with women. Someone very close to you is hiding something. Act with maturity. SCORPIO
Insecurity in responding. Tension and nerves. Positive agreements. Save, gather some money. Subjectivity in assessing the situation. Misunderstandings. Get advice. You recover soon. Do not know what to do. Study document. Loose pressure. Everything flows quickly. SAGITTARIUS
Booking your decisions and you go. Proposed study trip. Malice must observe. Prosperity. You will feel pressured by a third party in the relationship. Respect your life. Put an end to past situation. Fear of becoming ill. Looking for a balance between your work and personal life. Sort your thoughts. Always expects the best. CAPRICORN
sudden situations that block your development. News about project approved, but with modifications. Need to point out the conditions. Meeting to establish your winnings. Stabilized with the person you today. You listen and you will agree with decisions. Want stability, but you are still adrift. Allergies. Fleeting passion. You can decide in an instant by something and then you give back. Prioritize your goals. AQUARIUS
I will decide in the course of activities. Evaluate the timing of situations. Woman who makes you do his will. Formal partnerships. Feel that your partner dominates. Sibling Support. Disagreement with a person who criticizes you. Ear discomfort. Precipitation events. Quick decisions. Doubt of your responsibilities. PISCES
unfair dismissal. Discomfort. State anxiety insecurity to the new. Necessarily give a solution to something that worries you. Advancement of the detainee. Travel program. Want to let go of the old and can not. Announces the arrival of true emotions. Nervous breakdown. Lead your life with wisdom. One day you'll be in one place and another elsewhere. It's okay to listen to others, but make your decision.


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