Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Everybody Hates Chris Cutting School

Kenny Barron and Ted Dunbar - In Tandem (1975)

duo piano and guitar is not even remotely, in my favorite courses. Yes, of all the discs in that format, it is without doubt one of my favorites.

Recorded live in 1975 at Rutgers University (where both musicians taught), In Tandem shows a plethora Barron and the great Texas guitarist Ted Dunbar showing his rough style and exciting with touches of Wes Montgomery .

In fact, the code consists of two issues a duet and two solo, one for each of the instrumentalists.

The duets are a stunning version of "Summertime" and an original called "Aruba" built on the classic tune of the "Rhythm Changes". Among the issues alone should be pointed out a "Here Is That Rainy Day" for piano solo in which Barron shows that, in the form, you can go to Art Tatum if he sees the need.

swear that the disk is not reissued on CD, but the search for the original LP Muse worthwhile and should not be too expensive.

Note: I have not found a cover image on the network, so the other day I took a picture home to my copy, which is illustrating the post. I am not a photographer. It does what it can.


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