Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Rhyme, Cats Invitation

# 490 08/05/2011 25/04 to 01/05/2011

spontaneous reactions

Definitely one does not decide the second before reacting with anger, for example, do so. If so I think there is no planet earth. Now what if it later decides to act in anger, for example, transform. Sadly I have to say also that one does not decide this later, but if you have been lucky in life, you end up doing after twenty years as I, or people I know few days after unfortunately dying or people I met after death, I have to say that my work began around self-help, repenting without doing anything. Why
react how we react. Well, everyone has an explanation here and all are valid but that in a professional and solid patterns of behavior. What has sustained the first time, then how we learned what we learned and then repeating the same up to become solid patterns.
is possible to release this. Well, yes. Beyond that I have ten years working in them, I witnessed firsthand that you can.
Any ordinary person, as they said in college when I gave an example, parakeet downstroke, can. If of course, do not really need a great mind only witness of their own experiences and that everyone has the age she is witnessing.
But where to start. Well, this part of the story is awkward for me yet. First, because if I say I have spent twenty years, told myself I'd rather stay with my imperfections, that's a lot of work.
Now, if you're like me, you reach a corner, then turn right there. Arrived there and ask for direction again until twenty gradually passed years, because the story is short.
Today there is a wildcard that is disturbing to many but if you know how to handle represents a highway to success with one, which is the consciousness that is becoming more involved in the life of man on earth.
not to say that this awareness did not exist before there since before we were a particle in the universe, but are expressed differently.
have always felt that something was pushing me in directions unknown to me. I refused 20 years and the next two have been blind to an inexorable fate. Everyone passes
consciousness according to how you connect with it but the transit. Is likely to make while we started to feel like a domain by forces that are undefinable for us, expressed through a multitude of factors in different categories and dimensions, which some try to define them explanations that may seem little logic.
But I feel that very soon we will know the answer to the question that many of us have done, who am I, what am I doing here, why such a thing.
Now, what I do not know if everyone will be prepared for these responses.
One aspect that highlights the art work or the healing process is to act spontaneously, reacting positively to the circumstances and finally releasing the constraints. No But at first we will run into the obstacle of our desire to not want to let go. Then we will decide to deal with this until you spontaneously stop being reactive and reactivity let go of all accumulated by centuries.

HOROSCOPE # 490 from 25/04 TO 01/05/2011

week of initiation. Where there are clear situations. It is recommended that you make improvements in your physical presentation. Doubts and uncertainty when deciding to do something. Hidden things in the environment that are revealed. Two people making negative comments to yourself. Improvement in your financial position. Constructive ideas to enhance relationships and generate project partner. TAURUS

week ad. About people who moved away. Clarifying questions about the current situation. Your feelings will be on the surface and you can sense the state of others. You work distress situations that can generarte a fear of losing your job. Conflicts in this environment. Be careful when signing the contract, risk of fraud. Throw yourself into the adventure. Love without expecting anything in return. Loose tension. GEMINI

week of much concern. Loose concern and the thing flows. Trouble sleeping. Displease you and you stay silent in a situation that is delicate. Delays with respect to responses of others. News that fail when expected. New challenges in the economy. Investment begins. Think before you act because you'll regret. Manipulation of your environment. Need to express how you are. CANCER

week working hard. Do not fight with fate. Save your energy. Conflicts arise with the family to be a reaction from them. Rise and new opportunities. They make short-term proposal. Aquarius man of character that makes you a proposal. Think too much and not doing anything that generates that procrastinate in life processes. LEO

week a lot of emotion. Look carefully at a situation to act later. It solves a family problem I had you worried. Increased public relations. Promotion. Support you to study. Journey that brings money. Final separations. Profit and loss are discussed. Destabilize you emotionally situations. VIRGO
obligations. Do not fight everything is on track. Stubbornness situations that do not agree. Sadness. Remorse. Success in business. Favorable resolution to a group. New business relationships. Finding peace of mind to find satisfaction. Beware of pregnancy but what you want. Help the family. LIBRA

constructive week. Money that comes as a recognition in a business. These situations should be exploited. Opens prosperity. Relationships that will be very fruitful. Soledad emotional exhaustion causing you a state of dissatisfaction emptiness. Despair at home. SCORPIO

New Opportunities. Conflicts that had so months. Clarifying questions and let you drop veils. Permanent changes in your dynamic day. Mystical experience that unites two people. Dualism. Fear of losing the illusion of necessity. Waste of money than you realize. It is prudent and discreet in relations to disappear uncomfortable situations. Withdrawal from family. SAGITTARIUS

Soledad. Deserved win. You get what you want. Thought I continue meditation. Caution. Disillusionment and apathy toward your activities shown in a rift that makes you distrust in the future. Agreement with Capricorn man of character. Solutions through communication that brings an opening and start of family togetherness. Enable your diplomacy. CAPRICORN

Triumph of the intellect. Family prestige. Friend who trusts you to give you the possibility of financial gain. Serve as a mediator or advisory. We organize the economy. Relationships where there are conflicts. Conversation with someone in authority to solve a legal problem. AQUARIUS

things are defined related to your activities. Abundance. Clarifies circumstances that were tangled in your workplace. Study design and delivery report that assesses the current situation. Effort to obtain relationships where a celebration is talk and put things in order. Invitations to dinner. PISCES

effort that brings achievement at work and very hard. Physical and moral courage to resist making a resurgence and find a solution. Sudden change that makes you desire to flee. Have stability in the relationship but you need to make a transformation so that the joy and faith that will give you spiritual wealth.


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