Sunday, April 17, 2011

How Many Watts Are Led Flashlights

& Bunky Green - Apex (2010)

Extracted from my review for Notebooks Jazz :

"Listening Time Capsule, one of the great Elvin Jones albums he recorded for the Vanguard label in the 70, it is easy to repair in a voice that is original and challenging hike: the saxophonist Bunky Green . He had just returned to the studios a few months before (after ten years without recording) and its style was unusual and attractive. Not enough to cause a revolution and create followers, but to call the attention of musicians and fans.

Years later, Steve Coleman and Greg Osby, two of the most important saxophonists of the 80 and 90, would claim him as one of his main influences. No wonder: Green is present in the discourse of two saxophonists, including establishing a single connection


" both saxophone style is different, though complementary, Green sounds more mature, how could it be otherwise, and Mahanthappa is at a full boil, attacking ideas from different perspectives. Apex is a work around, full of relationships and encounters. "

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