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National Express was the cosmos to 'seal' their support

Miguel Angel Gaviria

7:30 - 05.06.2011

Group CEO, Dean Finch, revealed yesterday that executives of the group traveled to Madrid on Tuesday to meet with the cosmos and, although no final decision taken, took an impression for London and expect support family tacit Asturian (already ahead elEconomista) is definitely on the board rubrique.

Finch stressed he did not believe that there were differences between them and the cosmos in the strategy. Approach to Elliott

parallel to contacts with the English business saga, the direction of the group works on another front because he wants to be calming the waters with Elliott Advisors.

Thus, Finch took advantage of the presentation of results of the first quarter of 2011 to announce that they have admitted to one of three candidates proposed by Elliott Advisors with the intention of entering a short list of six names from which a new member will board. Chris is Muntwyler. The other candidates (English Javier Alarcon and Marc Meyohas) have been rejected.

Consideration of National Express is very far from Elliott's request and commented that he wanted the three seats on the board - but is certainly a close after the tensions of recent weeks. Finch himself claimed yesterday that "I do not think we are at war ... They (referring to U.S. hedge fund) have a large proportion of shares in the company and I think that gives them a legitimate voice. "

first quarter results have also served to ease tensions, as the benefit of National Express increased by 30% helped in part by the departure of English business, led by Alsa.


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