Friday, May 6, 2011

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Baires - Distress in the statements of Alfonsin Binner Impulse

Federal Capital - The threat of the governor of Santa Fe, the socialist Hermes Binner, get away from the UCR if progress is made in an agreement with Francisco De Narvaez in the province of Buenos Aires, today caused "upset and concern" within the Alfonsin. Bazza

Miguel, president of the UCR Buenos Aires and one of the main players Ricardo Alfonsin, called it "a mistake" and insisted Binner warning that, if specific terms with De Narvaez was sent "only to Buenos Aires province. "

"I think we are wrong terms. We are building a national assembly that Alfonsin Binner and if the presidential ticket, would guarantee the implementation of the agreement programmatic and De Narvaez and other expressions are linked to provincial matters, "said Telam To Bazza, the fact that De Narvaez accompanying Alfonsin's presidential candidacy" should not jeopardize "the alliance built with the radicalism of Margaret GEN Stolbizer and socialism.

"The national program is guaranteed if we get the government," he said, stressing that remains "optimistic" that there is a break in the front that comprise the UCR, Socialism and GEN.
asked Bazza "not sectarian" and explained that radicalism "has not received any explicit conditions of allies. "

Alfonsin himself received with concern Binner said from a hospital in Entre Rios where he was admitted Sunday to smoking cessation treatment, party officials said.

In this sense, the presidential candidate next week ordered trip to Santa Fe a delegation led by Senator Gerardo Morales to talk with Binner on the future of progressive front.


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