Friday, May 6, 2011

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Baires - "Macri is cornered and he knows it loses in any scenario," says Montero

Federal Capital - "The Head of Government Mauricio Macri is cornered and he knows it loses in any scenario. If Nation will spend newsprint, and if he stays in the City, as finally decided, will have to sweat much and yet end up defeated, I have no doubt, "said Marcelo Montero radical, who decided some time to work in harmony with the national project led by President Cristina F. Kirchner, and believes: "Many radical we identify with this model, there officers as the Minister Julio De Vido who have demonstrated breadth and generosity so that we can be anywhere."

Montero said "Macri spent four years making the plate, and its status as vague, mixed by their contempt for the interests of locals, led him to be the worst head of government in years."

Asked why other radicals like him are participating in the model that leads the current president, said: "There are several historical flags of our party who are hoisted aloft by the current administration. The universal child allowance, policies for older adults, the concept of strong state corporations will not let us manage the lives of everyone, and many other things make it easy for us listed in the column "and added:" Besides the We talked to many mayors and councilors, and leaders who have management and feel welcomed by officials as Planning Minister Julio De Vido, who makes strenuous efforts to contain, and is a key element in this political cycle is so important for the country. "

In that regard, said that "while the radical leadership is to the right and strikes a deal with Francisco De Narvaez, Federal Peronism and Mauricio Macri, we are still in the national and popular, and today show it with force" .


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