Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Woodworm Torch Pioneer Vs Profesional

Rosca - In the UCR Capital Giudici would drop to arrange with Macri

The UCR Buenos Aires, with operations being carried out by this time the area led by former Interior Minister Alfonsin, Enrique "Coti" Nosiglia, is dropping its candidate to head of government, deputy Silvana Giudici, for face an electoral agreement with the Mayor Mauricio Macri and thus support his reelection. Impulse

Baires was known that the day's contacts "nosiglismo" were intense in this direction, and thus usher the first step of a framework agreement between the national UCR Pro, a fact that Rep. anticipated Cordoba and candidate for governor of that province, Oscar Aguad, and accepted "reluctantly", the presidential candidate Ricardo Alfonsin.

In this context, the "nosiglismo" Silvana Giudici would drop as a candidate for mayor.
The good relationship between macrismo nosiglismo and is not now but come from long-standing, as well as the lines that once crossed between Nosiglia, Ramon Puerta and Mauricio Macri.

The fact also occurs in moments when Alfonsin himself and the chairman of Buenos Aires, Miguel Bazza, interacted in an office in downtown, and "closed" with Margarita Stolbizer, who try to bring back an ally, then the rift that led to the leader after learning Gen contacts with Francisco De Narváez.

Meanwhile, mayors of Buenos Aires and interior Bazza told that if arranged with De Naváez macrismo or they are free to share.

Other, more advanced and Guacone Pablo San Pedro, Raul and Monte Iribarne, the situation led them to raise their support to President Cristina F. Kirchner by good links with the Ministry of Planning which leads Julio De Vido.

Returning to the city of Buenos Aires, Marcelo Montero radical leader, "flooded" late on the walls with a poster that promotes its renovated space in tune with the national ruling party, and it concluded, "not corporations or employees of the month."


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