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How To Make A Jon Boat

Gallego Blanco, sings ..... Real Estate

La Liga - "They are soiling the image of Madrid"

Ricardo Gallego, one of the exponents of the golden era of Real Madrid in the eighties, lamented during a chat with netizens of the change has taken place in the team Chamartin then to the present in terms of values \u200b\u200bwith Florentino Perez.

"It is clear that when it comes to madrismo speaking of honesty, humility, labor and equipment. Right now, precisely, these attitudes are not, quite the contrary. Over time, hopefully not we miss . The truth is that it has lost much of what is meant by Real Madrid. The values \u200b\u200bof Madrid, since it came Florentino, have been decreasing. The image of the out of doors Madrid is dirty, "said the former player.

planning on white set in recent years, Gallego said that "it is normal that each season has a coach. It difficult to work so hard for a coach and the players know what to do to the point that five or six players are changed per season. In three seasons, we have a new template. That gives insecurity and unrest, you lose the common goal and I personally think. "Mourinho Doubts

Looking ahead, Gallego is not sure Jose Mourinho continued:" if it's statistics, the number of likely to leave the club is very high knowing the history of Florentine. Another thing is that Mourinho would dare to do so because he has given all that has refused to give other coaches. "

precisely for Gallego, one of men capable of directing the Real Madrid coach is the current branch, Alberto Toril, "came the time when we were going to the quarry. Then we realized the values \u200b\u200bthat could be transmitted to Real Madrid. Conditions have more than enough to train Real Madrid now I can not believe that the current situation one can think that may become first team coach. " Palos Ricargo
Gallego has entered assess the performance of Pepe in the leg, who he said "must be smarter and not get carried away by impulses. In football, everyone is responsible what it does and can affect teammates. If so, it is difficult to finish the game and creates a reputation. "

time also spoke of how Cristiano Ronaldo:" It is true that Ronaldo does not create superiority in their game, no one practically overflowing in recent days and is a ballast that allows the opponent to recover the ball. In any case, I think that is their problem, not the gameplay. Madrid has played well almost all year and if we see videos of early season, neither did.


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