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IAG, ready to take flight
The company resulting from the merger of British Airways Iberia , IAG, is ready to resume the flight on the floor. The accumulated value down 13.2% since Jan. 24, when started trading under the new name.

"While it is true that in 2010, before integration, Iberia had traded in positive all the benefits of integration (ended with a rise of 68.2% that year) and needed a break," said Alberto Roldan of Inverseguros. Now the company is quoting a 21.16% below its target price given by the experts polled by Factset.

"In recent weeks he has penalized the escalation of oil (Brent scores a 15% this year, up to $ 109) but has an attractive business model and its accounts showed yesterday in the first quarter (see page . 4) and with strong growth potential that will highlight the short term, "said Pedro Cubillo, M & G Securities. IAG believes that Banco Sabadell could save $ 400 million in synergies from the merger within five years provided by the company. Estimated to be worth 19.6% climb medium term.
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Telefónica Telefónica will begin its climb
made history in 2010 to a profit of 10.167 million euros, the largest ever for a English company that allows you to dream of ousting the top European income Deutsche Telekom. These results support the smooth running of the company on the floor, according to experts. "Their strong market position in Latin America, particularly in Brazil, suggests that these benefits remain succulent," says Pedro Cubillo, M & G Securities.

economic recovery, which began to be felt in countries like Britain and Germany, also hold the smooth running of the company. Therefore, Telefónica is still one of the most attractive stocks in the Ibex. In fact, maintaining a 15.5% upside potential and more than 57% of analysts surveyed by Bloomberg consensus recommends the purchase of shares.

Its high dividend yield of 9.09% for 2011, is one of the highest values \u200b\u200bof India and is one of the tricks that will keep climbing in the park. The operator gained a slight 0.88% in 2011 and BBVA Bolsa believes it could reach up to 24 euros.
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Amadeus, Amadeus
reason to climb, a technology provider leader in the tourism sector faces the coming months with optimism. The gradual recovery in tourism, good data reflected in the hotel occupancy last Easter (it was 90%), opens a horizon of trust for all companies involved in the sector. Over 90% of analysts polled by Bloomberg agreed to recommend the purchase of shares in Amadeus.

Yet their titles give 11% in 2011 and is the penalty value of India in the year. The company returned to the park on 28 April last year after five years out of the stock market, and in 2010 amounted to 42%. Experts believe that after the break in recent months, it's up to trace.

The Amadeus yielded good results in 2010 (its net profit rose by 24% compared to 2009) and the contracts announced in recent months, with the Cuban company Havanatur Turkish and Turkish Airlines, suggest that the company will give joy on Monday, its first-quarter accounts. Amadeus titles could overturn a 20.28%, according to the consensus of analysts Factset. Sponsored Link

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