Thursday, May 5, 2011

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Baires - radical uncertainty: the agreement with De Narváez generates skepticism and leakage People

La Plata - Progress toward an agreement with the leader of Union Blue and White, Francisco De Narvaez, uncertainty and skepticism in several radical leaders, especially if the "package" also incorporated Federal Peronist leaders and macrismo . For that reason, several activities were suspended this week at UCR, and Ricardo Alfonsin Member himself will not be in the coming days, but since this sector is said to have planned the visit to a spa entrerriano to treat his addiction to cigarettes.

UCR In Buenos Aires there is silence and uncertainty. The agreement with Francisco De Narváez seems to fit very well, and for that reason, in the final hours of mayors accelerated talks with leaders linked to the national government.

few days ago the news was known village head of San Pedro, Pablo Guacone, who had a good line with the administration of President Cristina F. Kirchner, in particular with the portfolio of planning, leading Julio De Vido.

A similar situation is that of Raul Iribarne, Monte. And these will be adosaría least eight district presidents more, all radical origin, already engaged in dialogues with the government. From radical

K, to Lilith and Margaritos

But there is unease in the intermediate radical leaders, and some prefer silence, others begin to "touch" the prospect of joining the wide variety of alternatives, ranging from K Radicalism, past the Stolbizer Margarita Gene or Carrio Lilita DC.

These days the presidential candidate and current deputy, Ricardo Alfonsin, will take a week off. Entre Rios will be in a spa dedicated to the rehabilitation of smokers. However, this hiatus will also be used by operators Alfonsin to "mediate temperature."

Last night, the radical K, Marcelo Montero, appropriated: "Radical buried conducting historical flags of the UCR. Agreed with the right most recalcitrant and trampled all the principles. By this time the truth is that we are receiving a significant number of leaders from across the country already saturated with the handling supporters. "

That same perception, but the other side of the sidewalk, so do the leaders of the Civic Coalition, and admit that "Lilith is excited because it sees many radical leaders are throwing lines to have points in common" and perhaps for this reason that leaders seek to seduce the electorate of the centenary match away some of the positions that had maintained and characterized it as too center-right.

On the other hand, Margarita Stolbizer Gene, seek to pierce the radical base, because in addition to interim leaders have very good relation with the electorate UCR typical as they come to represent precisely those sectors.

As a result of this situation there are many who already consider to be erroneous by the radical leadership to have taken a step toward an eventual agreement with De Narvaez, and may even begin to recede.


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