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Casillas and Ronaldo, the next to be punished by UEFA after Mourinho and Pepe

Sports José Mourinho tax. The Portuguese coach was banned for five matches, an exemplary punishment, even though there was talk of a temporary ban of up to six months finally was in limbo.
Now's the turn of the captain of Real Madrid and its big star. Iker Casillas and Cristiano Ronaldo, almost certainly, will also be punished by UEFA. The European body thinks not tolerate words and actions of both players, a case study on Friday.

Casillas's case may be more severe. In addition to his statements in which he complained bitterly about the refereeing decisions during the second leg of semi-final he was seen repeatedly beating his face as he exclaimed "What a face you have!".

As for Ronaldo, UEFA will consider only his words about the members, and no gestures, similar to Mourinho, with which stated that Real Madrid had won the match. The European body not deemed to have occurred outside the rectangle of the game.

Three parties to a Pinto and Pepe
The expulsion of Mourinho in the first leg of the semi-finals Champions and subsequent words in a press conference on the referees and Unicef, mainly caused UEFA have been punished severely luso, although it was softened by the conversation between Florentino Perez and Platini.

Still, Real Madrid announced it will appeal the fine and plans to exhaust all possible avenues to defend their coach, considering that the penalty imposed by the European Portuguese coach is excessive.

To make matters worse, the rapprochement between Real Madrid and UEFA over the appeal sent by the white club with pictures of the lack of Pepe on Dani Alves, have served to decrease the European body and the punishment of the central only to punish a party.

also has left UEFA Champions League final with Jose Manuel Pinto, to be penalized three games after being ejected at halftime of the first leg of the semis. Thus, the goal Barcelona deputy may not be present at Wembley.


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