Monday, May 2, 2011

Jamacian Traditional Clothing

People BA - Montero harshly questioned the National Committee of the UCR by its clockwise rotation pulse

We support the President, because from the National Committee came the ghost train destin right conservative coup, the radical leader said.
The leader of the UCR Capital, Marcelo Montero, said that "if something was missing Party is this shift to the right. Sharp turn and he does not think or historic interest which he defended the UCR, as are those of Yrigoyenism, nor stops to think about the militant and radical soul is at home or at work. "

"I have no doubt that this Government has succeeded in interpreting the popular feeling, and it remained at the top flags related to the UCR, as the universal child allowance, sovereignty in energy, media law and a number of issues that make it easy our support, "said Montero, thus dismissing the possible alliance between the radical leadership that has been running for Ricardo Alfonsin, and right-wing sectors of Peronism as Francisco De Narváez, or its ally Mauricio Macri.

"Too bad you are doing Ricardo Alfonsin, Ernesto Sanz, Gerardo Morales, Julio Cobos, Oscar Aguad, and other party leaders, to give the radical principles to corporations. The truth we raffled off over a hundred years of radical history, "he said.

"However, there are dozens of mayors, council members, concerning the UCR from around the country that are working for a strong support to the current economic model," he said and praised both the current president as "efforts impeccable nose feel like the mini train REPRESENTED Planning, Julio De Vido.


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