Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gradutation Centerpieces

Baires - "Macri broke up the control system of particular works of the City and live unfortunate tragedy," complained Montero

Radical leader Buenos Aires, Marcelo Montero, was asked about the collapse at the construction site of slaughterhouses, where one person was killed and said: "These tragic events are issues directly related to the dismantling did Mauricio Macri of the control areas of the City."

"When there is a wall collapses, is an electrified Chapon, when that is not flying banners are terrible days of storm and wind, and when not, are the roofs of the nightlife, or mezzanines , which put people in check. These issues are directly related to the lack of control there by the City to the particular works, or places of public gathering " Montero said.

added that "what happens is that the government chief comptroller used these sites to give you an answer" political "groups that have accompanied it, even for hooligans linked to leaders of their environment or their legislators sector. This question is responsible for these tragic situations. "

City Vision

Retrieved on overview of the City, said: "I think the problem is that Mauricio Macri mother failed to manage it to meet the needs of your group of friends, and give the City. That's why in almost four years not planned, not built underground laying had been promised, sinks were not cleaned so there are 38 thousand mouths without proper cleaning and every time it rains we suffer the consequences. But neither was looking for investments beyond that there is a national climate that encourages, and over the head of government was a constant traveler around the world. And here, the issue is not making no sense flying hours, but make it to bring investments to the locals. "

leader added that "we also see a very fragmented City, with a south left to their fate, with the communes without giving it the attention it deserves, and it shows in the quality of life for people here we live. "

"I do not understand how Macri did not use the momentum of the country, sought to articulate policies together with the Nation and so achieve benefits for all who live here," he said.

concluded, "Macri thought yellow paint could cover up the problems, and a good marketing provide answers, but found that the City is falling apart, and the answers do not appear because they simply never had."


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