Friday, May 6, 2011

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The change of bias ....

on oil: Texas barrel closes below $ 100

The biggest weekly decline in silver (-28%) since 1975 is one of the greatest exponents of corrective gets all the commodities. Gold $ 1,500 drop in oil and starring in a downward spiral that deflated its price up to 10%, to $ 110 a barrel of Brent below $ 100 a West Texas.
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Brusco prick the oil market. The oil was the biggest loser of the sharp fall of the euro in the currency market and the price on both sides of the Atlantic experienced sharp corrections. The West Texas, the U.S. benchmark, closed down close to $ 10 at $ 99.80. For its part, the European Brent finished with depreciated over 10 dollars, up to $ 110.80. The rebound is resisting, and at the beginning of the last day of the week tnto the West Texas as the Brent price repeated in 99 and 110 dollars respectively.
Oil has distanced itself from its peak in this period. Although the correction is suffering more pronounced as silver. The precious metal is about to close its fall Mayro weekly since 1973. These days it has fallen by 28%.

The price of silver had equaled their record since 1980, on the verge of $ 50 an ounce. The sting is worse today to be below $ 36.

From January to April, silver had soared by 57% since Monday, has accumulated a depreciation of 28%. In these last days has ceased to have the 'support' of the currency market. The messages released today by ECB President deflate the euro to $ 1.45.

The toughening U.S. market conditions for cash required for operations and sales speculative by George Soros have accelerated the correction in silver. Soros said his divestment by lower inflationary pressures.

The descents, in any case, are extendable to the whole market of commodities. Gold, one of the preferred shelter against inflation risks, retreated from its record last Monday of $ 1,577 an ounce, and in his fall lost $ 1,500 today sharply and closed below $ 1,470. Without leaving the metals, copper is experiencing its biggest setback of the year and delete and all the cumulative rise since the beginning of 2011.


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