Friday, May 6, 2011

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Mou played Madrid ..... the sink?

Champions League - UEFA will stick a 'little hand' Mourinho

Fri 06 May 15:31 : 00 2011

The UEFA disciplinary committee had no mercy with the Portuguese coach after his meeting and will miss five games. From Real Madrid, is intended to appeal this decision.

addition, the white set will have to pay 50,000 euros in fines, in addition to the 215,000 already had to pay after the 'scandal' red card forced into the group stage, also Champions League against FC Barcelona. On that occasion, the club was fined 120,000 euros and 40,000 to Mourinho.

Pepe, a party

The other punishment that has been confirmed is that of Pepe, also expelled a red card at that same meeting. The plant has been punished with a party, which met in the round, so unless new, will be available for the first match of the Madrid Champions League next season. UEFA has not been interpreted to exist in the play hardball with Alves, which might have brought up three games.

Having officially sanction through Madrid's own website, there are still some fronts open. The first, if there is also punishment for Casillas and Cristiano, following the gestures of both on the day of the second leg at Camp Nou. And second, wait for a response from UEFA to resources that present the target set to reduce retaliation.


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