Friday, May 6, 2011

Two Year Olds With Diabetes

Rosca - UCR - De Narvaez:" It is nonsense that tramples on the flags radical "Impulse

The leader of the UCR Capital, Marcelo Montero, described as "nonsense that tramples flags radical" a possible agreement between the UCR and Francisco De Narváez.

Montero said, "I am determined and I work for the reelection of President Cristina F. Kirchner. I do so with the conviction that there is still the right way for the country is booming and people enjoy all the rights "leaders praised as" the Planning Minister Julio De Vido, who called it "one of the leading manufacturers of model .
Montero was asked what he thought about a possible agreement between the UCR and Francisco De Narvaez, and said: "It's nonsense, it tramples on the historic flags of the UCR."

"This game nation fighting for the rights of the dispossessed, pitted the conservative power, fought against the corporations, and now these doodles which are driving radical tricks of shameless way to De Narvaez and that package will end up with the Federal Peronism and macrismo "he said.

Montero said that "many mayors, councilors, legislators from the provinces, there are many leaders in recent days and recent weeks have been reported, we have spoken, and is giving a supportive climate in this national government radical and popular head of the President. "

"I feel identified with this government. I feel that there are people working very well such as Planning Minister Julio De Vido. In this area looks after a very long time that it is managed seriously, we think that the only way to continue a growing country is to give more and more infrastructure. In this country there were decades where homes were not built properly, and this administration works hard to meet debt are building roads, is being access to digital television communication in all directions, is created a sound energy policy ", listed and said:" I feel proud because I see a serious plan medium and long term. That speaks to we have several years ahead of where the country will continue to grow. "


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