Thursday, May 5, 2011

Signs Of Senetory Disposal

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EURO President of the company, Jean Claude Trichet said the ECB will follow the price developments "very closely" instead of "surveillance", the term usually anticipate a rate hike.

In this regard, Trichet said the institution "will raise rates when it sees fit." Last April, the ECB held its first rise in interest rates since 2008 with the aim of controlling inflation after rates have been maintained over a long period of time at a record low to try to boost growth.

The ECB sees signs of medium-term inflationary risks, why rose moderately the price of money in April and which will justify the next increase, expected by experts.
Neither the rescue of Portugal, or the risk that Greece has to restructure its debt to the ECB seem to remove its mandate to ensure price stability, which means achieving an inflation rate close to but always below 2% medium term.

The rate of inflation in the euro zone rose in April to 2.8%, by what has passed for the fifth consecutive month the ECB's target.

council ECB Governing met in Helsinki because it celebrates two of its monetary policy meetings outside its headquarters in Frankfurt.

For its part, the Bank of England also left interest rates unchanged at record low 0.5%, considering that the British economy is not yet ready to bear a higher cost of money.


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